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Found 6 results

  1. easteregg

    Wingnanx 1 - Ret PvP

    Hello everyone,   Some of you might know me already, I'm Wingnanx/Sacjktrinket ingame. I had a video planned for a while but never got to it. Last couple of weeks I have been working on this. Without any experience in video editing it was all new for me but I did the best I could. Unfortunately I lost almost all my previous recordings on other servers (or seasons). Current footage was shot on Atlantiss exclusively. This video contains mainly ret paladin 3v3 gameplay from current season 10, I tried to put the more entertaining clips together. In the future I will most likely add games with skype but for now only games with music are there.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yk0dOeOHyiI If you enjoy the content subscribe or follow me on Twitch (I might stream more often now). Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Easteregg95 Twitch: http://twitch.tv/dateasteregg Tracklist: 1: IllSkillz - Gifts & Curses 2: Pendulum - The Island 3: Sebastian Carter - Angels 4: Hardwell - Spaceman 5: MitiS - Born 6: Feint - One Thousand Dreams [Free EP] 7: Rameses B - Game of Thrones
  2. karolczak3001

    [Answered] Arena issue

    Hello Today i've started playing arenas with my teammate. I have played bout 20 games, but then after joining arena i was teleported to empty arena. I was alone and my teammate was 1v2 with enemies in different phase. It happend twice. Do you know how to fix this ?
  3. Beyler

    Termina la temporada de Arenas.

    Finalmente es el momento de recompensar a los mejores jugadores del PvP por sus actuaciones. El 2 de mayo, las ladders de arenas se guardarán a las 23:59 CEST y las recompensas se darán de acuerdo con estas reglas: La diferencia entre Personal y Puntuación del equipo no puede exceder de 100. (Por ejemplo, la calificación del equipo es 2200, la calificación personal del jugador es 2100 - el jugador recibirá una recompensa). Reglas del equipo: El equipo de la arena debe tener al menos 20 partidos jugados durante toda la temporada. Debe haber por lo menos un jugador en el equipo con al menos el 20% de los partidos del equipo jugado Y él debe aplicar a la condición de la regla de clasificación personal. Los jugadores recibirán sus títulos según las reglas anteriores Y la posición de su equipo en cada Bracket PvP: 2 vs 2 Rank 1: Duelist Rank 2: Rival Ranks 3-5: Challenger 3 vs 3 Rank 1: Ruthless Gladiator Rank 2: Gladiator Ranks 3-5: Duelist Ranks 6-8: Rival Ranks 9-10: Challenger 5 vs 5 & Rated Battleground Sin premios. ----- Información adicional: El 2 de mayo de 2017 a las 23:59 CEST Team, Personal y MatchMaker Ratings serán reajustados, lo que significa el comienzo de la próxima temporada 10. Los jugadores con títulos de Ruthless Gladiator y Gladiator recibirán la montura Ruthless Gladiator's Twilight Drake, que se les enviará a través del correo en el juego. Los títulos de la temporada anterior, como Gladiator, Duelist, Rival y Challenger serán eliminados en el día de dar nuevos títulos para la temporada actual.
  4. Hey guys, I have off this entire week so I am setting my focus on getting 2200 in 2v2 as my rogue and my ret. Below I will provide some information to help you decide if you want to go for it or not! (Please note im looking for an active, experienced, and decently geared player to do this with that is also a good comp). Some things to note about me are that I am not very good at playing with healers because I just have not had the patience to practice it before. In the past when I have gotten into a healer vs healer match I just get tired and stop trying. I would be happy to play with a good healer but please note I will need a couple of days to learn to do it. The next thing is that I am a North American player, since im off this week it really does not effect the time I will be available but it does effect my ping which is always above 150 ms. Below I will be linking my arena statistics and armories for my characters. (I would link my 2.2k and gladiator achievements from my ret on live but my account has not been active for over 3 years so my characters don't show up on Blizzard's website. The general rule is if you cant show it, it did not happen so I understand this. If someone tells me they were a gladiator on live i never believe them.) Sub Rogue 382 Ilevel http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/289200#view-page Statistics: Highest 3 man personal rating 1615 Highest 2 man personal rating 2367 Highest 3 man team rating 1597 Highest 2 man team rating 2376 Ret Paladin 378 Ilevel http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/289482#view-page Statistics: Highest 3 man personal rating 1096 Highest 2 man personal rating 2092 Highest 3 man team rating 1686 Highest 2 man team rating 2096 Edit: Thanks for all of the support and encouragement, I have now gotten 2.2k as rogue and will be shifting my attention to my paladin! ( I am even the rank one rogue in 2v2 other than Qbab who has quite the server)
  5. Hadralt

    DPS Trinket Exploit/Abuse

    So i was dueling a certain player yesterday and noticed that they had 2 pvp dps trinkets, one was the ruthless gladiator version, the other was the vicious gladiator version. I immediately went and bought the vicious one and equipped it with my ruthless. This player said that they did this in duels but not in arena so i would like to know, is this a bug/exploit? Is this against the rules? Can i use this in arena? When i was testing this out i noticed that it did not share a cool down, instead you just could not have them up at the same time. As a human with Every Man for Himself, Synapsys Springs + 450 in 1 primary stat (Engineering), and both the ruthless and vicious gladiator's dps trinkets, you get a total of 4 trinkets and the burst potential from the 3 dps trinkets is insane. That is 3 consecutive bursts, and by the time you get through them all, the cool downs are almost finished on your other trinkets! Thoughts? P.S. it is worth noting that I am talking about the on use trinket and not the passive with the on use. Now that I have looked in the armory the names of the trinkets are [Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Conquest], and [Vicious Gladiator's Badge of Conquest].
  6. Spentulo

    [Answered] Disable 2v2 Arenas

    What's wrong with 2v2 arenas: - They are the easiest way to get conquest point cap so all players play them instead of other brackets which causes drought in 3v3, 5v5 and rated battlegrounds   - They only require one player to play with you and require little communication so you often end up playing with random players whom you never meet again. In contrast other brackets require much more coordination and you need to know who you're playing with which encourages making more friends in game and makes your game experience better   - Classes in pvp are balanced around 3v3 which results some classes like feral or fire mage being broken in 2v2. This causes frustration and makes the game look unfair   - Also healers are balanced around 3v3 so they are designed to require 2 dps to take down. Because of this there are often boring 40 minutes long matches in 2v2 that nobody likes to play where both teams are dps + healers and cannot take down each other   - You usually face the same 15 comps that you use the same tactics against and there is little room for change. Often classes win instead of skill.   What good will it do: - Players who want to get their pvp gear will have to play 3v3 arenas or other brackets. This will allow for more variety in pvp   - Currently the most prestigous titles in pvp are only for 3v3 arenas. This makes the best players actively play 3v3 for top ranks. However due to low population on private servers there is usually only 2-3 teams competing for top ranks and they usually know each other and dodge their opponents if they are better. As a consequence often a team gets high rank not because they are skilled but because they farmed low rating teams for longer time and dodged their high rated opponents well. If 2v2 are disabled and more people play 3v3 it will cause pvp on the server to be more competitive.   - There is no private server with active 3v3 bracket. If atlantiss becomes such server many pvp players from other servers will come to play here.   - Brackets other than 2v2 are much more fast-paced and exciting for players but often players never get to experience them on private servers. Forcing them to play them will help them realise that their whole wow pvp life was a lie and make them appreciate the game and the server more   Possible negative consequences: - Some players might whine for a few weeks that they can't play the bracket they always used to but they'll probably get used to the new system   - Some may say that this suggestion is not blizzlike. In fact, they couldn't be more wrong. Blizzard is known for making awesome games and since this change could make atlantiss more awesome this change is fully blizzlike.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I hope that administration considers my point before saying "Not blizzlike." and closing the topic.