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  1. Ussj10

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    Wonder what class is a reason to ban Matrix.
  2. Ussj10

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    My point is that pretty much every caster has some alternative left after that change. I mentioned warrior ret and rogue because warrior and ret benefit from crit and rogue benefits from haste. I didn't mention dk because it's obvious how crit from Cretche is garbage for him same as haste from compass is garbage for other agility classes than rogue. If you want to play in pointing out specs then warrior, dk, hunter and enh have nothing else to benefit from than weapons.
  3. Ussj10

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    I agree with Juicyjay. HC fine, legendaries totally understandable, autodmg trinkets too since melee trinkets are bugged (and used by broken rogues btw.) and Capa/Cunning are quite annoying while shooting from cycloned caster through walls. However disabling Madness weapons will force most of classes to play completly full resilience mode on a server where resilience isn't really as valible as it's meant to be. Another thing that was mentioned above is the insignia thing. Let's face a fact Copass for rogue or Cretche for warrior or ret is nowhere near as powerful trinket as Insignia of Corrupted Mind for almost all the casters. With the current list casters will get advantage when it comes to getting PvE updates to their PvP set. Replacing legendary with a Rathak would already be a drastic nerf for casters anyway but with Insignia that is not going to be disabled they can catch up to the rest of classes. I think that weapons that make you sacrifice like 750 points of secondary stats don't deserve to be blocked as long as you will finally repair rest of remaining bugs on Gurthalak.
  4. Ussj10

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    While only rogues use bonelink at all?
  5. Ussj10


    @Calladin Well it's true. On Remedy that had really good scripts judgement at five stacks and some procs (not all burst cds tho) was critting 20k on full resilience target. @Elann Magnificient job. And great poll as well.
  6. Ussj10


    Ask Thorwall, he was too op to be real 😕
  7. Ussj10


    Brokenshard scripts exposed?
  8. Ussj10

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    @ItsArty WTB clip from your game on Avizura when people thought it was Pyro on rogue XDDDD
  9. Ussj10

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    Just look at them, so innocent calves : ( let them go free, they just wanted eat some grass from Ruins of Lordaeron.
  10. Ussj10

    Cowladin and Cowarrior Best PvP'ers Confirmed?

    if GLADIATOR HADRALT (pogchamp) says so then it has to be the case, these cows are screwed now!
  11. Ussj10

    About PvP or Normal server type

    During leveling every class I haven't met really many 85s ganking low levels. Maybe only in Outland in Hellfire Peninsula because some ppl like to take these bases and kill NPCs in villages. But other than that it's reaaally rare before cataclysm locations. Leveling from 80 to 85 with some deads from stronger players isn't any nightmare, stop making yourself poor victim, sometimes I've gone through that, sometimes I've caused that - usually in a revenge but never thought that it would make the game better to make such actions impossible. You're making world PvP'ers moronic dicks that only camp low lvls as 85s what is incredebly stupid point. I don't take that bullshit with "impossible leveling due to cruel world and bad people around", I see nothing but twitch BabyRage icon in such posts. Most of world pvp is killing raid group in front of instance (hello reckstorm/combustion/metamorphosis), Tol Barad Peninsula (where for example I always enjoyed ganking groups of people while being alone), duel areas so Durotar and Elwynn Forest, daily quests areas in Mount Hyjal, Molten Front, all cata locations due to mats like herbs for example. Even on a low level when I'm leveling another alt, meeting player from opposite faction doing same quests, being on same or similiar level and confronting him makes it much more interesting, lets me to see how much can I do already with character that I made recently, makes oppotunity to finally use more than 4 fucking spells from my bars, gives something fresh because let's be honest - you dont meet them often anyway. As Quodan metioned helping people calling on world chat also is cool element, something unusual and nice. Due to your overreacting about your deaths you're trying to make game more boring, while we can sit in arena que for 30 minutes and in bg que even few hours. Nothing will improve, some players will get bored and again popupation of the server will decrease. Definitive NO from me for that idea.
  12. Ussj10

    About PvP or Normal server type

    I lvled 11 characters. I am dragonslayer as well as pvp player and never even for a half of second thought of such a stupid idea like killing world pvp "because I can't lvl up in peace or do dailies". Without crossfaction bg/cd reset on duel start/arena spectator I already have barely anything to do during a que. Now I shouldn't be even able to kill ppl on daily quests in TB or in front of raid instance or in Durotar? As Quodan says - really sounds like a joke and I had to read it twice to notice it's actually a serious concept.
  13. Ussj10

    [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    The best spectator we could have :D
  14. Ussj10

    The Best Of Each Class

    You almost pretty much copied my list Dimon xD But Balance section destroyed me