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  1. Krecik

    [Answered] crashin thrashin robot

    Fixed in 5266.
  2. Krecik

    No truesilver anywhere?

    http://www.wowhead.com/object=2047/truesilver-deposit#comments Truesilver Veins can spawn instead of any Mithril veins. This is like a rare spawn among the veins.  
  3. Krecik

    [Answered] Spell queue

    There was update today morning (this update is not mentioned in changelog), please do some testing how spell queue works now, thx.
  4. Krecik

    [Answered] Auto attack!

    Wait for fixes, we know about problem, will investigate it today.
  5. Krecik

    [Answered] server

    Now it is 2650 active connections. Soon as we apply fixes to lower diff queue will accept more players or totally disabled.
  6. Krecik

    [Answered] Stuck at Connected

    Should be now ok, status on website is broken until fixed. Sorry for problems.
  7. Krecik

    [Answered] mobs / npcs patrolling

    Random movement is disabled due to generating to much diff.  It will be enabled when we lower diff to acceptable levels.
  8. Krecik

    [Answered] I am capped for Valor Points at 980

    You can finish 7 heroics per week that gives you valor points, which is equal 7*140 = 980points. other 20 you can get from raids. Also week maximum is 1000 valor points.
  9. Krecik

    [Answered] Test server

    Currently PTR server is offline, we will inform through shoutbox when PTR is back online.
  10. Krecik

    [Answered] PTR

    After latest technical works, we did not setup PTR server yet. We will inform in shoutbox when PTR is back online.
  11. Krecik

    [Answered] Problem with cata quartermasters

    What is your reputation level with those QM? Because as I remember, for items that you do not have required reputation, do not display.
  12. Krecik

    [Answered] Starter Areas

    [quote name="Palpgutz"]I just started on this server, made my first character a Worgen Hunter. Upon logging in there were no Quest givers, a lot of unmoving NPCs, a few hostile Worgen and everything is blocked off. I couldn't find anything else on the forums to explain it. Without being able to do the starting quest chain I can't catch werewolfism or move on to other areas which makes being a Worgen pretty pointless. Everything I read about the server said it had working starter areas. As someone else previously stated this is the first impression of the server people get. Is there a way to actually play a Worgen or do I have to skip it and play another race if I want to be on this server?[/quote] Are you using our exe? You can download it here: [url]http://atlantiss.eu/pages/1[/url]
  13. Krecik

    [Answered] I NEED HELP !

    On Dragonwrath realm there is only one character that is connected to 6anoactivity account and it is on level 1. Squirty character is on another account and it has level 7 and has no guild.
  14. Krecik

    [Answered] Dethrone Guild Master works ?

    I have now very limited time to work on server due to my "real work". If you can provide me some more info about guild dethrone i could finish fixing it. What do i need is what are limits with dethrone, which players can overtake guild, time requirments etc. I'm not sure if client provides all those info. I've read once that even if client's show possibilty to dethrone it was not avabile due some limits from server side.
  15. Krecik

    [solved]Impossible to make worgen characters

    Mostly propably those 132 errors are connected all with vehicle/transport system, on which we are working. I dont know yet how much time it will take, but we doing our best to improve gameplay.