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  1. Sir, i request that please do something about Fury Warrior some people like fury very much but its still i think bugged in raids and etc.


  2. Apophis

    game wont save settings

    Hey! Do you still have problems? What client are you using?
  3. M8, can You help me?


    Emailed Ranor as well, but not sure he is active anymore. Forgot my PW on account, can i reset it over email or any other solution?


  4. Apophis

    Hearthstone Tournament.

    I will probably resume the second edition of the tournament if there is interest of at least 12 people.
  5. Apophis

    Forum changelog

    Due to the new reCAPTCHA 2 system which will be implemented soon we are changing the "New Members" group with following settings: Now this group must have 5 posts to become a Member and create content. New Members can vote in polls.
  6. Apophis

    Forum changelog

    Hello peeps! I have changed the promotion from "New Members" to "Members" to require 10 posts.Before it was 20 so we can avoid those spammers/advertisement of other servers and abusing the "Market" section creating multiple accounts.Still the post limit for "New Members" per day is 5, also this group is not able to create any topics.
  7. Hello, I've been told that you're the only one who can help my problem, apparently I can't create any threads or comment in any posts, as for the reason I've no idea why, since I've never broke a forum rule, it just says my account doesn't have the permits to do so, please help.

  8. Apophis


    Your guild topic must contain: - Name and faction of the guild. - [LANGUAGE] and [GUILDTYPE] prefix at the beginning of the topic title. Example: [EN/PvE], [PL/PvP], [FR/RP]. - Link to your guild site or other contact form. Also: - Guild section is a subject to moderation. That means every unnecessary spam or other activity which violates forum rules, will be punished. - Post count incrementation is not enabled. That means posts in this forum won't increase member's cumulative post count. - This section is multinational, so it is allowed to make non english topics.
  9. Apophis

    Market Rules & FAQ - Read before selling/buying

    All topics and posts into Market section which contain "PM me for info", "Whisper me in-game" and etc will be automatically hidden and archived. New Members won't be allowed to post or reply into this section. / 08.09.2017
  10. Apophis

    A few questions

    Hello! 1) Are some new guilds or pugs still raiding the early raids? *Yes, as far as I know they are gathering and doing classic raids for transmogs, achievements and etc. 2) Can one get better gear from heroics than from early raids? *Yes, 85lvl heroics are with better stats than Wotlk since its Cataclysm stats. 3) Faction ratio seems pretty balanced, what about classes? What roles and classes are lacking for dungeons/raids? *I can't say that there are much roles who lack, most of the people play all classes. 4) Building up on question 1) and 2), if you start here and level up, will there be a way to go through the raids as it was still in progressive or will I farm better gear in heroics than from early raids and then have to skip first raids and jump into the last one(s)? *For sure you don't have to do the early raids, just level till 85, complete Heroics and get all items you can get from there so you can start doing 4.2 content raids.Also don't forget to get exalted with some of the reputations, items can be found there too, and you can buy epic items with Valor points too :) Hope this answers your questions, if you have any other you are free to PM me! Cheers
  11. Apophis

    [Answered] Is there only a PvP server?

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the author has been able to solve the problem. Because of this, the support topic has been closed and moved.If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  12. Apophis

    [Answered] Normal Server

    Hello there! I am sorry that you suffer this kind of frustration doing your lore exploration but the current population of Atlantiss can't allow creating a second (PvE) realm.
  13. Hey @HeAdShOtINC, nice to see you in our realms! Straight to the topic > you will find out that the scripts managed from our Developers and Content Fixers are kinda similar to Blizzard ones.The population and the percentage of raiding players are higher than the ones who are fighting for for survival.However you must chose wisely where you will make a camp and rule the sanctuary :)) If you have any other questions you can look up at Guild section for info about our guilds in both factions;Raid and Dungeons where you can see progression from everyone, tips, tricks, many organised public raids and etc. And the last you can always PM the Support staff with any questions you have, but make sure you check the Support section for the answer, you will find that there is a lot of helpful people who can solve your problem =)) Cheers!