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  1. Some bad quality OW :) twitch.tv/int24hltv
    1. SepticFlesh


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mStfIORK4Qo haha
    2. Ððndi


    3. Shisai


      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnaLmRMC2sQ tech n9ne is always on point - can rap fast as hell too
  2. So far so good, but the beer is ending, that is a problem.
    1. IK0Nv2


      Beer or not to beer...
  3. Was wondering...Best raid in your opinion (includes current expansions and the previous ones)?Let see who rules over Old Kingdom.
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    2. Mizune シ

      Mizune シ

      Trial of the Crusader xD
    3. Apophis


      Mine favorite for sure is The Bastion of Twilight.
      I am asking by your choice, whatever is your desired raid to play and had most fun doing it.
    4. Unholyblood


      Karazhan and Zul' Aman
  4. Private Culture HS Tournament.

    Heya! When I have more free time for sure I will resume the tournament!Last time not many people signed due to the different timezones and etc.
  5. EURO'16 is coming up.Which team will you follow?I would be really satisfied to see some action from England :)
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    2. Chvrches


      Yeah, Poland wasn't in back in 2004 either ;) Besides it's just a friendly match, players were rather cautious not to get knocked out just before the proper tournament
    3. Kevmargera
    4. Apophis


      Well I can agree that Belgium and England have fresh and young team this year and it will be great to see them once more in action like previous years when England was dominating.Don't forget the red devils too!
  6. If there were other platform than "Public status updates" would you use it instead and what is the pluses/minuses of it for you?Be specific!
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    2. Sniprep


      Atlantiss forum is slowly getting worst and you know it ancestor!
    3. IK0Nv2


      Public status updates are fine. The only problem with it IMO is forcing ppl to use EN only in their profiles. Wanna ask your nation ONLY about something? Screw you, use english cause kid from other nation want to know what are you talking about! You dont understand that language? Its not for you then. Yes I am complaining lol. :D
    4. Helbringer


      I would love to see dungeon and raid stats ladder for people to compete against eachother. Top 10 fastest heroic of x y and z or fastest ragnerous kill etc. Id love to pve then.
  7. Private Culture HS Tournament.

    Not enough people signed for today's tournament so I will postpone it.
  8. Private Culture HS Tournament.

    3 decks with ban.