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  1. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    <3 So proud!
  2. Bugtracker link: https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues/8653 Add legendary fragments to chests' loot: http://pastebin.com/CJv7VtbV Account name: Dziara
  3. How is Pvp in this server ?

    From my perspective, it pops quite too often, but let more people comment. I can also mention, that sometimes AV was drawn although there were no enough people to play it. Once, I've even played two AVs in a row with about 10 players on every side. Both ended after 5 minutes ofc :P
  4. Atlantiss Q&A

      Yeah, definitely this...
  5. Shadowy Apparition

    Thanks guys ;) It's already on BT.
  6. Shadowy Apparition

    Hello, I have few questions to ppl who have played on global during Cataclysm or may have some information about that spell. On Atlantiss, when fighting bosses with some AoE(almost every ;P) those "shadow friends" do little dmg due to dying very often (they have about 200hp and no dmg reductions). So here's the question. Was it happening on retail as well? Or maybe apparitions had some AoE reductions/immunities, or they had much more hp? When I was looking at logs from global, I haven't seen any dmg taken by Shadowy Apparition, while on logs from our server they take AoE dmg, but I would like to make sure if it's a bug by asking you guys. Thx for all answers.