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  1. Andas

    XP rate optimization

    First of all, yes, I know, this is an old topic, but you'll have to bear with me. <shrug> Secondly, server had the highest population before XP weekends were a thing, and before 4.3 landed, which means, it was at its peak without high rates and other shenanigans. The reasons for population decline are several, but I guess the main reason for that is 4.3 patch itself, which honestly, is probably one of the least enjoyable patches (if not the least enjoyable of all) ever released, and that is Blizzard's fault. What is certain however, is that Atlantiss has a particularly bad issue with population, and I'm afraid nothing will bring more people back to Dragonwrath as it is. When DS HC failed to do that, which was the final bit of meaningful content, you can obviously see my point. All the stuff people talk about, cross-faction bgs, cross-faction dungeon finder, even if cross-faction raiding is allowed, will not fix the problem. It's the matter of time before Dragonwrath fades I'm afraid. I hope it doesn't come to that, I've been here for over 3 years and have over 200 days of played time on my main. I liked Atlantiss, I wouldn't wanna see it fall, but, things are as they are.
  2. Andas

    Faction Balance

    I understand where you come from with the issue you are presenting OP, but the method you suggested is not good. Giving free faction changes is not the solution for many reasons. Who's to guarantee that those who take free faction changes will PvP and contribute towards balance?
  3. Andas

    [Answered] Normal Server

    I agree with the original poster, if there was a vote I'd be voting for Dragonwrath to be a PvE realm instead of PvP one.
  4. Andas

    New Mage questline/ Shop Item

    Azshara's Crater was a good example of a event that could take place on retail. It never has happened in that exact form, but similar things have been done as my friend Clemmy has pointed out. Why was it acceptable: All the rewards were items already existing in game prior, thus, no custom made content by Atlantiss; The location where it was held is not custom made/designed by Atlantiss; (Azshara Crater as a zone was a project made by Blizzard during TBC expansion that was scrapped, it was supposed to be a battleground, but from what I know, Eye of the Storm took its place. Blizzard could at any given time introduce it in the future in some form) So in conclusion, all that Atlantiss did was follow Blizzard's trend to sometimes host one of a kind events, since Atlantiss strives to be blizzlike (a server that basically follows in footsteps of Blizzard), I see no problem there. Atlantiss tried to find the most suitable way to do this and not cross the blizzlike border. Now about your actual suggestion, since Azshara's Crater was not the topic, but I wanted to address it anyway, in short, I am against it. That kind of item you suggested is prime example of custom that is not blizzlike. You'll have to deal with your reagents.