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  1. Rated BG situation

    I don't think I'm special at all. I stopped playing and have no idea about rewards and who else got warning... So yeah, my mistake about that. What I know tho is that my guild didn't wintrade. I'm pretty sure they were not members of Dignity when they played their BGs. If they wintraded, they should be punished, same as everyone else. But as far as I know they did drafts, same as you on Alliance. I know if you don't enter BG that you don't lose rating, and many abused that even before this and nothing happened. It was fun playing with 4 teams, but when you keep talking shit about Horde after the BG, do you really think they will want to play again? I wouldn't call that 'pussied out', people just don't want to play vs you.
  2. Rated BG situation

    I don't remember I ever said that we would beat anyone ez, or claimed to be best pvp guild on horde... I guess I picked wrong time to come back and play on Ats, with all this drama going on, but I'll tell you this, I won't participate in any kind of Rated BGs here. Be it drafts on Horde or vs guild, simply because I don't care. Also, I really don't know why you call my name out when last season we played couple of times vs Alliance and tried to be part of that Rated BGs event as much as possible. I'm against any kind of wintrade, and don't have problems with losing BG to better team/players. We all know who wintraded last season and what guild is responsible for no rewards. Yet I was the only one who got warning points for bringing that on forum. From your pov if guild from Alliance is doing it, it's fine, but if it's from Horde, it's not. I wasn't here and don't know what really happened, but at least Lethis don't have 100% win rate like your Polish friends from last season.
  3. Shill Horde accounts

    Some of us are still reading forums When I faction changed to Horde, at first it was impossible for me to win random bgs, because of Alliance players who que from Horde with their alts. And it's easy for them to do that, especially in morning, when there's not many Horde in que. After 6 months of playing random bgs on Horde I can say that I remember some players that are afk-ing from first day I saw them, and are still without any gear. I don't think there's anything we can do about it, except making your own premades and try to fight them. It's a shame how many Horde players faction changed to Alliance as well, just to win bgs. Well played guys, I am very proud of you!

    I am sorry you got kicked, but there was some polish guild from Alliance that wanted to snipe our event, and gain some free rating (they like to play guild vs randoms), so we basically had to make proper team to beat them. I will send you invite on calendar whenever we do Rated BGs.
  5. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    What is your problem? I see you mentioned my guild twice in your post I don't even understand. We tried to make big event here, Rated BGs every saturday, for both Alliance and Horde to play together, but you refused that, and instead are playing against each other. So while we're getting both wins & losses, you just keep on gaining rating somehow with your 'legit' games. I won't bother with this anymore, if GMs think that you're not wintrading, then ok, who're we to say anything, right? And I really like how we're the ones that are 'spamming' and 'starting war' and will get 'rewarded' while you can freely bash us on your language.
  6. Gdje ste forumaĊĦi, imali li Vas ?

    Vraci se u hordu da gazimo ona govna, smrdo
  7. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    You're seriously comparing guild that isn't even 1 month old with them? They're making 10man premades for like 6 months. They have that 'addon' that shows their awesome win percentage, but when they leave bg, it doesn't count as lose. They upload screenshots (just like you do), to show how good they're with their 10man premades. They win trade rated bgs because they only play against each others. They make new forum accounts to comment how awesome and good their guild is. That tells me all I need to know about them. And about you, because u're supporting them. And yes, I do make 10man premades 'sometimes', because as Horde it is not possible to play otherwise, simply because Alliance have more PvP players, more geared players, and because que on Horde is never more than 10 players, do u know what Alliance is doing? They que with their Horde alts, and afk in Bgs. About that rated bg. As I can see, every player on Alliance side is full ruthless, some even have legendary staff. And it's always same ppl that play rated bgs on Alliance, I played with them too. You're all playing together for like 1 year. While Tona's team is made of random ppl, from world chat, and are much more undergeared, but they still wanted to play, because we created event so everyone can play rated bgs together. But do you think they will play again, when you always take best ppl, and don't care about making 'fair' rated bgs? When they see that u're posting screenshots of ur game on forum? Anyway, I'm out of here now. Enjoy your screenshots, and from now on you will play rated bgs only with Alliance players, because I don't want to have anything with ppl like you.
  8. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    Yup, because in rateds u're getting carried, and u see, I don't have all the tryhards on this server to play with me. I take whoever is online. When I que solo and see that Alliance is doing premades 24/7 ofc I'll leave... But from ur pov, only I make premades. So yeah, as long as i have 9 other players with me I'll que 10man random bgs. 5 heals, 5 dps, that's how we roll. LUL
  9. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    And you're? Elangodx, Elanftw? Better fix ur names, stop spamming emotes and grow up kid. Idk about others, but I see u farmed at graveyard every time, that's why u don't que anymore, right?

    Hey, hey... Those Horde players who don't have their own team but want to play with us this week, feel free to pm me in game and I will invite you to the event.
  11. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    I really don't have a time to argue with kids who don't even have keybinds and think they're good at something. We will que rated bgs on saturday 19:00st. Make a team and que if you think you're good and 'eat' us. Stop barking now, dog.
  12. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    I'm not crying, I just don't see any point in showing those screenshots. You make 10man premade, with 3 healers, and play random bgs. While you can actually join us and play rated bgs every saturday 19:00 st and show your skill when all teams are equal in strength. From those screenshots and your fake bg stats from that addon someone may think that you're good. It's hard to catch you, because what you usually do is leave battleground when losing. Anyway, I'm pretty much done here, have a nice day!
  13. [H][PL/PvP] W A T A H A

    Very impressive... Now, instead of tryharding random bgs, why don't you come and play rated bgs with us and Infected? And btw, those screenshots, I have some too... Shall I post them here to show how good you are?
  14. Addon

    Do you mean NPCScan? If yes, I'm pretty sure it works and you can get it from here: https://www.wowace.com/addons/npcscan/files/37-_npcscan-4-3-0-2/  :)
  15. dali netko igra ovdje?

    Nije se raspalo, ima nas prilicno dosta u Alijansi. :)