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  1. Nveri

    nveri's | mevso - fl 7/7 hc

    hi, Every saturday at 1200 server time I am assembling and leading group for FL hc. Although its classic pug - there are plenty of regulars. Currently hold up is raid composition. Last time I had to heal and as many fans below will assure you - that I am even worse as healer than I am as dps. Since people have alts - I am pretty flexible as to whom can get slot. However here are core requirements: - achievement for 6/7 but not 7/7hc - 380+ ilvl - ts, at least ability to hear and understand english. - stable connection - 4 hours to raid. there are plenty boring people for whom something is impossible etc etc. basically they are always the same... you cant kill kael with pug, you cant kill illidari council with pug, you cant do sunwell plateau [...] you cant kill putricide with pug, and definetly you cant kill him on hc with pug... you cant you cant you cant. And they are always wrong. yet I always proved them wrong (and then they swtiched to whining i got boosted, so its expected. As i said - boring people). And since I am sure fans will show up to talk about "can't-ism". Discuss this:
  2. Nveri

    apparatus drop

    apparatus drop was nerfed because few ppl abused bugged pathways. Pathways are now fixed, can you restore apparatus drop rate to blizz values? at this point - after 18 months i seen apparatus drop once (stolen by shaman from shattered moon, who are unquestionably bunnch of faggs). i did 5hc full runs last week, 1 full normal. No single epic item dropped.
  3. Nveri

    [horde] FL HC - nveri - saturday 15:30 server time

    so emm... next saturday we try again. This time - i want to try baleroc and majo on hc.
  4. [ENG] Hi, I am looking for few ppl to whom I can lead to progress FL10HC. Some of you probably already have noticed that I am trying to assemble some raid all day long ;-) I have few regulars - still looking for more. If you like to try with me - please contact one my of my alts: Mevea / Mevso / Meviu If you have ignore - its for ninja / raid quit / BH jockeying I'll require 370 ilvl with 0 resilience for hc. However - i am gonna still lead normals - so - by all means contact me if you are interested. If you fit raid composition, ill take you. Here is screenshot with result of one of my pugs: [PL] czesc, szukam kilku ludzi do progresowania FL10HC. Niektorzy z was juz pewnie zauwazyli ze spamuje o raid cale dnie. Niektorzy nawet moga mnie pamietac ;-) Mam juz kilka osob, ktore pojawiaja sie czesto, nastomiast nadal zbieram grupe. Jak ktos ma ochote to pisac do Mevea / Mevso / Meviu Jesli masz ignore - to za ninja looterstwo, albo opusciles moj raid, albo zmieniales grupy na bh Oczekuje 370 ilvl przy 0 resilience dla grupy hc. Natomiast nadal bede prowadzic normale - wiec pisac z nizszym gearem tez jesli ktos by chcial sie zabrac. Jesli grupa bedzie wystarczacjo silna aby kogos poniesc to pomoge. Taki nostalgiczny screenshot... jest wiecej - ale tego szukalem godzine xD
  5. Nveri

    [Answered] CAN NOT trade loot

    brzmi sensownie, dzieki.
  6. Nveri

    [Answered] CAN NOT trade loot

    Today i lead BH25 raid. usually i loot all items to bag to avoid disapearance in case of dc / mob will stop being lootable, crap like this. today i was able to give items to 3ppl, but with one person trade window was disapering instantly when i put item in trade window. My question is - whether said item can be moved by gm to correct person ? And second question - WTF?