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  1. That signature tho, jew-chan ;_;

    1. Totally Not Mizune

      Totally Not Mizune

      I know, Jackyy-chan ;-; no anime can hide the pain of seeing baguette dead /sob

  2. /wave Wrisa
  3. Actually quite a nice idea, worked fine on my previous server (not gonna tell which one but some may try to guess).
  4. #stupidthreads It wasn't that easy to notice the irony right there, eh? ;-;
  5. Then go and contact the owners of them nicknames because there is no way staff will "free" them. But wait, you can use the special characters in the nickname, maybe not so convenient but at least works well. (And, in my opinion, special characters look cool)
  6. Because he wrote so when Twilight Highlands wasn't scripted at all, so there was pretty much no way one could get DM/WH boots back then.
  7. If you really want to run *whole* dungeons (which is boring unless you go for achievements), then just try harder into forming groups in /world. Or even better, find a guild/ask guildies, chances to get people are bigger. (Or just pray people are willing to do it the way you want, this sometimes works.) Whining on forum is pretty pointless because 1) some people (like me, to be honest) would only react with something like "FK U I WON'T DO WHAT YA TELL ME", and 2) some people don't even visit forum. Also, what if people have the most fun when they complete dungeons as fast as possible? Will you tell them that they, in fact, haven't because you said so? x) Well, *that* was very mean.
  8. Once a baguette, always a baguette, eh? Best of luck bois, I'm sure you have what it takes~!
  9. Damn Trollgod, you're so annoying with that SJW shit (but also amusing, keep it going till I eat all my kosher popcorn)
  10. Daily reminder: every thread like this delays DS release by 1 Soon™.
  11. Of course it's frost mage, I've played here for over 2 years and I saw only 1 (one) frost mage that actually did *well* with frost. (He switched to fire/arcane later anyway)
  12. Don't bother with whiners, congrats on the kill guys!
  13. Kurwa, aż mi stulejka spuchła ;-; gratulacje panowie xD
  14. Just came here to lick ass say you won't find better Ulduar 25man runs than this one, if it weren't for my raiding times, I'd go with them every week. And nope, this post ain't sponsored by some crazy Bulgarians, or anything x)
  15. According to some internet surveys, 98% of the internet surveys are taken out of the arse. Just throwing a random reminder to this already derailed topic.