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  1. 0:10 best scene in this movie, seems like Jackyy-chan ain't changed at all xD
  2. It's funny how removing best chain lightning spammer eu helped in killing rag hc x) /wave Damian

  3. Not enough hype here, I guess, so I'm gonna bump it (xD) shamelessly (XD) as a proud member of SoW now waiting to getting carried and gratz on the kill (I was to spam you with /clap, but my net has died ;-;) #plzcarryme #damnitimgoingdestronow Oh, and everyone hail to Paradise The Best Destro Lock On ATS o/
  4. Nie zrobisz tych achievów, bo są zbugowane od chuj wie kiedy :C
  5. #gitgud
  6. Note: by going inci build you lose instant Shadow Bolt procs in addition to longer Immolate casts, so if you truly wanna min-max it as much as possible, it's nice to have both builds.
  7. I'd stick to good old Shadow Bolt, unless you've got full fl hc gear & legendary staff, because at that point Incinerate *may* be worth going for. Since Incinerate is faster, you can cast more Incinerates, which may lead to more staff procs and even to reset meta cooldown faster. I haven't myself got full hc gear though, so any input from big dick warlock who tried both builds with such gear would be really appreciated.
  8. OH MAI GAD THAT WAS SO S A V A G E, YOU RLY WON THAT ARGUMENT, GONNA JUMP OFF THE CARPET, BRB ontopic: git gud, I cannot believe it's tank's fault that you suck as healer every time. (Not that it's never tank's fault, this sometimes happens as well)
  9. That signature tho, jew-chan ;_;

    1. Totally Not Mizune

      Totally Not Mizune

      I know, Jackyy-chan ;-; no anime can hide the pain of seeing baguette dead /sob

  10. /wave Wrisa
  11. Actually quite a nice idea, worked fine on my previous server (not gonna tell which one but some may try to guess).
  12. #stupidthreads It wasn't that easy to notice the irony right there, eh? ;-;
  13. Then go and contact the owners of them nicknames because there is no way staff will "free" them. But wait, you can use the special characters in the nickname, maybe not so convenient but at least works well. (And, in my opinion, special characters look cool)
  14. Because he wrote so when Twilight Highlands wasn't scripted at all, so there was pretty much no way one could get DM/WH boots back then.
  15. If you really want to run *whole* dungeons (which is boring unless you go for achievements), then just try harder into forming groups in /world. Or even better, find a guild/ask guildies, chances to get people are bigger. (Or just pray people are willing to do it the way you want, this sometimes works.) Whining on forum is pretty pointless because 1) some people (like me, to be honest) would only react with something like "FK U I WON'T DO WHAT YA TELL ME", and 2) some people don't even visit forum. Also, what if people have the most fun when they complete dungeons as fast as possible? Will you tell them that they, in fact, haven't because you said so? x) Well, *that* was very mean.