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  1. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    But wait, ilvl of DS LFR is 384, while ilvl of FL NM is 378, so obviously DS LFR is more important since dummy raiders can raise their ilvl way easier & faster #alwayslookontheotherside #keepo
  2. Exploration Achievements

    I once managed to get "Explore Durotar" achievement... being in the middle of Dustwallow Marsh. Weird, ain't it? On a side note: while doing my 2nd Explorer achievement, I sometimes happened to discover everything I needed to meet the requirements, but somehow one of the subzones refused to be "explored" (so, no achievement for that), and after relogging I (also somehow) had the respective achievement as though I got it before relogging (so, with no announcement about it, yet the achi was there). Is that the famous Invisible Hand of Free Market Fixing Things Thru Relogging? XD
  3. Does PW:Shield scale with health or lvl? (Baleroc)

    It doesn't, otherwise healing baleroc would be far too easy for priests, ehh
  4. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    Not being a whining baka helps too, I'd like to mention.
  5. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    Very nice to hear the best guild in Alliance is back in business <3 I hope Jackyy the Weeb Teabagger is back too, as well as my Baguette friends (sorry for not mentioning each and everybody, but it would be so tldr, heh.)
  6. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Blackwing League

    Znacie to piękne uczucie, kiedy macie 3 postacie ubrane full bisgodx? Ja też nie, heh #colenzooddajvariablahc
  7. Ragnaros drop chances

    In the meanwhile, our magegodx got another capacitor hc for his sham, heh #notfairatall #gibittome #ineverreallymaineddemolock
  8. [WTB] Legendary caster

    pls someone sell that caster to him before he goes full omae wa mou shindeiru ;_;
  9. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Blackwing League

    Jeśli ktoś się was będzie pytał o prawdziwą M I Ł O Ś Ć to pokażcie mu powyższego skrina. ~jakiś tam fragment Koranu #takbylo
  10. Ragnaros drop chances

    Seen capacitor hc dropping on our 1st hc kill, heh. The thing is, I rarely have seen it even on normals, so it is kinda weird for me too.
  11. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    Oh man, that's a lot of effort here, really love your guide! (Even tho I know nearly everything you included here, it was truly worth reading, and that means a lot, lel)
  12. Wink wink ^^

    1. Mizunegodx


      [Power Word: Wink desu~]

  13. Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

    Playing with valiona trinket brings you closer to fire mages when it comes to RNG x) not rly worth going for tho.
  14. Rag 10 hc (First try , Zero wipes dbm)

    Jelly binders, jelly binders everywhere... #clickersgetallthechicks just a not-so-daily reminder for you all, cheers x)
  15. "Take me down to the Paradise City, where the skills are clicked and recounts are pretty..."