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  1. [PvE] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

    Thanks to this guide, PvP started taking more skill than PvE, doumo arigatou gozaimashita~
  2. Ninja marks

    Make your own dungeon group with your rules if that bothers you that much. People will make advantage of possibility of rolling for offspec no matter how loudly you say it's wrong. Just deal with it.
  3. Ninja marks

    Sadly or not, this won't happen anytime judging by previous threads regarding that "issue"
  4. As a Fire Mage, do you need Cauterize?

    It surely helps if you don't trust your healers for some reason, heh
  5. [Answered] Missions buged

    Bugtracker doesn't bite at all, no one is going to fix it if it's on forum without proofs or anything.
  6. One propose to the team of Atlantis

    Not blizzlike, lul
  7. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Blackwing League

    Nie spodziewaliśmy się, że nadejdzie ta chwila, ale jednak. Curry znany jako Dragonborn zaginął i nie odpowiadał na nasze wezwania eh eh. Oto dowód: Materiał dowodowy dostarczony przez Silnegochlopa ej kej ej Xariesa :3
  8. Best In Each Class (PVE)

    @Piklo oh shit, I knew I've forgot about someone Kappa
  9. Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Colenzo - mage, arms warrior, ele shammy, affli lock, and probably everything he touches, heh Paradise - desu-truction warlock <3 Extint - probably the best healer I've ever seen, also great shadow priest Genoangel - frost mage no kappa Jackyy - teabagging hunter Prophet - retri paladin, quite obvious Sathus - blooddkgodx Currygodny - roguegodx <3
  10. [HORDE][PL/PVE] Blackwing League

    Al-Jazeera Drogomyśl zaprasza wszystkie dzieci na dobranockę Powyższy link jest sponsorowany przez Kebabgodx oraz Xaries no Imouto Co.
  11. 4.3 Rogue Guide

    Naisu jobbu Axelitogodx, I guess I may give more love to my rogue ;3
  12. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    But wait, ilvl of DS LFR is 384, while ilvl of FL NM is 378, so obviously DS LFR is more important since dummy raiders can raise their ilvl way easier & faster #alwayslookontheotherside #keepo
  13. Exploration Achievements

    I once managed to get "Explore Durotar" achievement... being in the middle of Dustwallow Marsh. Weird, ain't it? On a side note: while doing my 2nd Explorer achievement, I sometimes happened to discover everything I needed to meet the requirements, but somehow one of the subzones refused to be "explored" (so, no achievement for that), and after relogging I (also somehow) had the respective achievement as though I got it before relogging (so, with no announcement about it, yet the achi was there). Is that the famous Invisible Hand of Free Market Fixing Things Thru Relogging? XD
  14. Does PW:Shield scale with health or lvl? (Baleroc)

    It doesn't, otherwise healing baleroc would be far too easy for priests, ehh