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  1. Panofsky

    Shanro - Survival PvP Movie

    Shanro <3. So basically everyone has left this server.
  2. Panofsky

    Sono nuovo

    Non conosco la situazione in orda ma i Madness (principale gilda italiana lato ally e una delle migliori gilde pve del server) sembrano del tutto inattivi. La gilda formalmente esiste ancora ma è social, non organizza più raid e i principali leader credo siano tutti passati su offy. Non troveresti più di cinque/sei persone online al massimo.
  3. Panofsky

    Gilde Italiane

    Ma i Madness sono definitivamente morti?
  4. Panofsky

    Crossfaction BG's

    I think crossfaction bgs will encourage the organization of premades, in order to minimize the chances to be grouped with players from the other faction. Therefore I think that the faction unbalance will not be solved. It will be interesting to see the effects of this feature.
  5. Panofsky

    THUG requires a high skill cap

    Added to favourite.
  6. Panofsky

    Is it allowed?

    The suggestions which come out after the end of the video (related to the "not allowed" hashtag) are more interesting than the video itself. Btw, welcome to atlantiss wow. You don't even know how many bugs, regarding classes and specs, I've faced in pvp. Maybe with the last update we can have some hope for the future.
  7. Panofsky

    Crossfaction BG's

    Oh, there's no need for those three to join. Alliance is giving its best to loose a ton of bgs lately.
  8. Panofsky

    Crossfaction BG's

    I don't know. I am not an hardcore roleplayer but it would feel strange to play crossfaction bgs in a server like Atlantiss. I mean, it's not a pure pvp istant lvl 85 server with no pve and world content. We would still be hostile to each other in the open world, in tol barad (both the bg and the quest zone). The idea to open crossfaction bgs feels like we are already giving up on the pvp side, even if the population seems to be more active since the release of DS and the new pvp gear/season. And to be honest, few weeks ago the queues were not so slow from the alliance side. Therefore, I voted no but if they decide to introduce the crossfaction bgs I would not leave the server. Quoting Alizabhal "I hate all of you!". Jk, love for everyone.
  9. Panofsky

    What class pick to pvp ?

    Everything but not the warrior. The other classes you have mentioned are all viable, in every spec (with the exception of the protection paladins, they are useless in pvp). But do not play a warrior. Only Nimz is allowed to play arms warrior in cataclysm.
  10. Panofsky


    Braindeadly "Feral pve boss" was true!
  11. Panofsky

    The Best Of Each Class

    When someone can't feel the sarcasm...
  12. Panofsky

    The Best Form of PvP

    But you can't spam your aoe spell there! How can it be fun?
  13. Panofsky


    WTF is going on with bgs? 9 ally - 11 horde today at Twin Peaks. Fix this crap.
  14. Panofsky

    The Best Of Each Class

    Sad but true. I feel like I came too late to the party. The duel zone outside sw feels so empty.
  15. Panofsky

    Fastest way to farm Honor Points

    Don't listen to him. If you play on the horde side feel free to join bgs while being green geared.