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    Black Market?

    Black Market is a place that you bid for items but not from players but NPCs. Kind of a lottery. You bid on a box/crate and from it you can get ridiculous thing, but sometimes you get well...not what you expect :). In general you may get thing that are no longer in game, others that are horrifically hard to obtain. Pets, mount, armors etc. Hence the name Black Market. My bad, I was almost sure that it was from Cataclysm. Thanks for the information
  2. Tensha

    Black Market?

    It is well known by players that on blizzard WoW servers there is black market in the underbelly of Dalaran. My question is, if or will there ever by a black market on Atlantiss? I don't see myself why a thing like that would be bad for the server or the community, so maybe it's a good thing to consider. I also didn't found a topic about it on the forum so I think it'a a good place to ask here.