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  1. Aival94

    Mage raiding situation

    Ok. Hope just for fmages to be in the proper dps spot which they were even during retail on 4.3.4(as far as i remember on 5th position of dps ranks in most bosses in ds)
  2. Aival94

    Mage raiding situation

    As far as i know during Cataclysm there were some ignite bugs as well. If i understood correctly what Pelekon did was fixing these bugs that were fixed after Cata in retail. @Pocket Can you tell me if what i say is truth or not as maybe i am wrong.
  3. Aival94

    How to quit Atlantiss with style

    First of all. As far as i saw on first video there were 3 tentacles during an "aoe" situation of PVP. Is 2 % per swing(not per autoattack) which means it can happen to be lucky and get 2 tentacles on 2 swings(is not going like 50 swing for each tentacle as is not how possiblities are working). During retail from what we know there were max 5 tentacles up but i think it got changed to max 3 tentacles after sometime. If you think there is any bug then i will tell you sth which you did not expect. GO TO BUGTRACKER AND REPORT IT PROPERLY. Have fun :)
  4. Aival94

    Mass Loot and Cataclysm

    It will just change in a way that will not be such a difference to feel like you are playing a different patch or expansion like cross-faction will do when get implemented. Custom nerfs or buffs were implemented because the elites of the server that know the developers either because they speak to them more or just because they are old players asked for them and will never be removed even if they said that will be done just because the elites then will just start whining about how easy things are and how good was before. The mass looting if was possible to be implemented/scripted will just help some faster farming of few items like cloths, greenies, gold, rep or quest items and transmog. Is not so bad and will not change anything about classes or mechanics of bosses and PVP. @Pelekon_dev Your answer is really bad compare to what i was expecting. To say sth like that just means that the suggestion forums for you seems like a spot where you do not care what others write. If you said that the implemention of such feature is either impossible or will take too much time to be implemented and will not worth the time(even if this was a lie) it would be much better and at least show that you care about community suggestions and opinions and take them seriously no matter if this member is old or new to server. It just seems you do not really care about such things except what your close "friends" want.
  5. I would like to give it as suggestion and ask the developers about a mechanic that got implemented during mop which was the mass looting. Because you already work on sth non-blizzlike(or better sth from a different expansion than the one we are) which is the cross-faction bgs, would you consider and do you think is possible to implement the mass looting in cataclysm as well? To be honest if is possible i do not think will be extremely bad and will not be such a change to go so far away from your blizzlike rule as will only help players overall without changing so much their gameplay.
  6. Aival94

    XP rate optimization

    What is the reason to make such a realm. Every weekend we have x3 xp rates, there is the raf and also the 70-80% of the server quests are working and are doable which means that everybody that have some time can level up really fast.
  7. You probably do not know but 10 man is always harder than 25 in terms of mechanics. On 25 is hard to gather the ppls :P
  8. then the bug with randomly ignore members inside his Shockwave or stun others outside of it sometimes or when he can be moved to specific locations and be like dummy and moving around like crazy are fixed? Or his 2-shot kills(probably give stack of sunder and then instatly auto) and the turrets not attacking at all the drakes?
  9. There are many many bugs around some bosses. And think that we speak about hc. Is not normal. Now warmaster can one-shot with easy most tanks with cooldowns.. Think it on HC >.>
  10. Firs of all i think there should be fixes on both normal and hc before they even think of buffing it. Now madness is harder or easier than retail without a custom buff because of bug and bug abuses.
  11. As i know 25 raids are not harder but easier in terms of mechanics, dps and such things if you compare them to 10 man..the hard part about that is to gather the 25. Really no point to have realm first for one or the other only. Just have one of 10 and one for 25 so all will be able to race.\ If you put a debuff you should put on both 10 and 25. If you put a debuff only on one of them is unfair to the other.
  12. Aival94

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    Start working on LFR after the HC version. To have lfr will help a lot of ppls and can also be used for possible later expansions you might want to add
  13. Aival94

    About PvP or Normal server type

    If you want to get examples of PVE private servers with high populations i can give you as well. Firestorm servers mostly are PVE and all have good population. Also Wowfreakz was always PVE servers as far as i know. And if you want the biggest example is retail itself that changed most realms to PVE. Ofc what the devs chose to do was best(asking the community) as this will make things more clear(probably) as to what the community of the server want and prefer. First of all. I have leveled as well and sometimes i encountered some PVP players that were ganking and even camping low level players. It did not make me leave the server but was 100% annoyed by that. When i asked for help sometimes some came and some not. This will not change as you cannot turn off/on PVP whenever you want. If you have entered into PVP you need to wait 5 mins if i remember correct to change to PVP off which means a lot of time for someone to come and enjoy "helping" the lowbie. About Tol Barad as we said is a PVP zone. Only if the devs put a custom script the PVP there will end. On PVP zones no matter the realm type you are PVP flagged on. About some Cata zones you can encounter a huge amount of WPVP by some "good" PVP players that know to gank players 5 level less than them and abusing that the guards do not have range abilities, hit like puppies, target wrong player(the one that got attacked and not the one that started the fight), sometimes does not even exist(or some of them are not spawned) or even are friendly to the opposite faction. About the population i cannot be 100% sure if will drop or increase as there are 3 possibilities.. 1. Server population will increase because more players will join and PVP players will stay(or more new players will join than those that left). 2. Server population will decrease because PVP players will leave and no new players will join(or the new members will be less). 3. Server population will stay as it is either because the new members that will join will balance the members that left or nobody will leave or join.
  14. Aival94

    About PvP or Normal server type

    First of all relax as we try to make a conversation here. Everybody have their own opinion and can tell it and you cannot do anything about that. Second. What you say is that you do not care if someone is worthy for a PVP battle or he even care for PVP you will enter a PVP battle with him just to kill him and enjoy. Ok i suppose from your side is funny and might, for some odd reason, also make you feel you are good in PVP but you must also think about the other side who does not care to PVP with you because you felt like. The reason retail changed to so many PVE realms is because they saw that Players that want to PVP can just turn on their PVP flag on, rest are doing what they want. Also believe me PVE players are much more than PVP players which can be good for server. To change to a PVE realm normally and logically means that both PVE players will be ok because nobody will attack them while they are enjoying their leveling,farming or whatever they do and PVP players will enjoy ganking each other and fight a worthy opponent which will make them feel that are good when they will kill someone else who PVP and is prepared.
  15. Aival94

    About PvP or Normal server type

    I cannot understand why some react so much. The differences between a PVP and PVE realm is that on PVE realm only those that want to PVP in world can do it. This does not change that you can always PVP in PVP zones like TB or Wintergrasp and you can always pvp in every zone with any player that have turned on the PVP flag no matter what zone it is. The RBGS and Arenas are totally different story and have nothing to do with the type of realm. Just telling because your arguments are not logically correct.