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  1. Clem

    Ninjas Completely Out of Control

    New year and same old bullshit... Dungeon loot drama... I have seen previous posts of yours so I am sure what you saying is true but for 100th time... Its a god damn dungeon you dont even need those Rhot items ("you" as player not specifically you). When people gonna drop that "ninjalooting in dungeon" crying i really do not get it... For FL all you need is JP gear to run normal same is going to be for DS too. Yes those items help you out a bit thats true but reading those stuff over and over again its just sad. Was funny at the beginning but now is just sad. Dungeon items are not worth enough to even spend time on checking who rolls what... Get the jp gear and you are good to go for normal raid runs. And if you set your items properly you can even go FL hc (my feral is 6/7 FLhc wearing 2phc 2pnm T11 gear from pug runs only) Save yourself some nerves and ignore whats going on in dungeons it really doesnt matter if you are at least ok player to carry your own weight in raids.
  2. Clem

    MMORPGs similar to WoW?

    Feels like Rift is even better than WoW. A lot of stuff are close to wow even the same so its easy to get the hang of it but the actual class builds its just amazing. If i had proper PC i would have been playing Rift. (Thats yes if it still exists)
  3. Clem

    Ninja marks

    My boomy still dont have necro focus after close to year of FL hc. I lost it to a frost mage. Maybe I should start crying about it too? :D :D PLEASE stop with that bullshit dungeon loot dramas all you need is fucking JP gear not dungeon gear even with HoT dungeons you still can do FL with just JP gear and blue shoulder/head. Why the hell is that topic still active its completely pointless. "Feels bad to lose item" well grow up being unfair doesnt mean its against any kind of rules. You have keyboards and brain try maybe to talk with people? For example "hey dude could i please get that item because this and that reason" you will be surprised how many ppl actually are nice and would give you what you need just because you act with them properly and friendly. Crying here wont get anyone anywhere. Well it will give me some laughing thats something i guess :D And i said it before @Don_viktorio In raids the loot is distributed specifically because first it is a premade group not just bunch of randoms going there with clicking one button and second because there are pre-raid loot rules set. Thats why the rules in raids are different because they are negotiated before the actual run. Have you ever noticed in dungeons or in outdoor world while you are in a group when you are clother and high quality item drops like mail or plate you just cant press the need button? Just think about that for a second. The system is fine the people are just spoiled kids and greed for items that in reality they dont even fucking need... Holy shit those dungeon loots best in slot items... pls. Drop it already...
  4. Clem

    Ninja marks

    Been like year now and i still dont get why people care about dungeon loot that much? As you stating its daily run. Group loot is group loot me i would always need for OS item in dungeons why not where the hell its written that you HAVE to pass item that it is for your regardless MS or OS? Its one thing too be asshole and roll for items for the sake of someone else not getting them but its totaly different to roll for OS. In raids is different for the pure reason that it is organized. If you organize dungeon runs you can put your own rules on loots and be happy with it. But for random runs you just have no right to blame feral druid rolling for spirit leather item (example). And again.... Dungeon loot... Really....?
  5. Clem

    As a Fire Mage, do you need Cauterize?

    I always felt Caulterize is useless unless you do some cheat death shenanigans with some boss mechanics. For me always felt like if you are bad even caulterize cant save you and if you are good you will never proc it so point is wasted on it.
  6. Clem

    The One That Didn't Get Away

    Dark Herring in the lake in Howling Fjord. For me seems the easiest one kinda got 3-4 of them in hour and a half while farming for turtle. And fishing achieves all of them work. (Yes i have turtle too... Caught in grizzly)
  7. Clem

    Restoration shaman [4.3.4] FL tier

    I am sorry I dont want to bash or something but this here is not guide... You just copied what is written in tauri. You named your guide "FL Tier" and the only thing that makes this "guide" fl tier is that you wrote something about each boss. Based on gear and amount of stats we get for some classes and specs builds in Atlantiss are different than what you would find online for 4.3. There is no variety of talent builds listed by you. No explanation about stats like why you go specific haste cap? Why not mastery or crit? Whats the benefits of those stats? What if I tell you that in my personal opinion about FL tier shamy healing mastery is the lowest stat? In all the fights we have as of now the consistent healing from haste and the rng factor of the crit helps a lot more than mastery since in FL if group is under 50% hp for quite some time that means something really bad is going on. There isnt really any fight that your raid group is kept on lower hp in order for you to benefeit from mastery maaybe and just maybe Beth or Lord but thats it. (Again thats my opinion me aint no shamy main just having thoughts on it). Thats what i expect to see from guides that are based on ATS FL (4.3 classes with 4.2content and gear). Explanation why something works better than other things that are online based on experience in our server not just copied tauri things. I mean no offence with that post. + for the work you put to post this but in my opinion its not even close to be viable sorry.
  8. Clem

    Server Events Discussion

    I like Axelito's suggestion. Even if its not the crypts the idea seems nice. Unused zone put some mobs and bosses with abilities connected to the lore of the place make it hard af with unique rewards just like birthday event. Unobtainable items or some old title or idk something you cant get. And yes to be hard enough to take quite a lot of time for a 5man grp based on difficulty not scale of the instance but still not hard to the point where only a specific group setup is possible to kill it. I mean doable by every group comp class/spec based but not doable by every pugger that wipes on 1v1 open world mobs -_- Might put some kind of time limit also? Not sure how hard is to script something like that. So overal idea (lets go with crypts as an example). Put some mobs there open that door place few bosses with shared loot table (or split the loot based on how hard a boss is) of 10-15-20 unobtainable transmog items make the last boss insanely hard with some old title reward for killing him trash mobs with some low drop chance of more unobtainbale items maybe a pet or two and on top of that throw a time limit on daily basis like not cleared in 30min or 1 hour = get ported out unable to enter again. I think im really up for the idea w/e it is to be challenging but doable. Not like last event where most of it was RNG based. Bosses werent that hard to kill but you needed shit ton of ppl to make them super easy for non to 2 items per boss which is rolled between 20-30ppl. Was fun and stuff but it was grind not challenge. I prefer "work hard to get it" than "be the lucky one in the group". I always hated RNG based stuff when it comes to unique stuff... People here play for years and years every day and some random pleb whos leveling for a week and leaves server after 2 weeks gets something cool because RNG. Its meh... Anyway IF you guys decide to do something whatever it is PLEASE make it hard but worthy not tedious grind.
  9. Clem

    Where to farm Books of Glyph Mastery?

    Its not like you can really farm them out since they are low drop rate as you might know I assume. Back in wrath people were farming them in Sholazar the goblins above "The Suntouched Pillar". You can also try in Icecrown at "The Conflagration" (Fallen Heroes location where people usually farm cloths). Basically any spot with high density of mobs and probably safer if mobs are 75+? (some comments in wowhead saying that dropchance is lower to non existent for lower lvl mobs). If you are into "I will complete the whole game" kinda of stuff just go in Northrend and start doing achieves dungeons quests etc and loot everything. I remember I sold about 6-7 of those just from doing Northrend Loremaster.
  10. Clem

    Heirlooms in the Shop

    P2W is considered getting ingame advantage over other people. Having your very first toon loomed completely is unfair advantage towards people who dont want to or cant afford to spend money for game stuff (again as first toon). Anything that gives you some kind of ingame advantage is considered pay2win its not just endgame pvp or pve gear. You will never see stuff like looms, food, flask, potions, riding skill, gear, whatever custom buffs in cash shop.
  11. Clem

    Heirlooms in the Shop

    Agree. The idea of the cash shop in ATS is for vanity non obtainable items. Pets mounts T3 mogs those kind of stuff.
  12. What i thought i know rings and necks suppose to be 4.3 only but then I saw in wowhead that they were added in 4.2. Weird part is some people have them and even sell them and they are vicious quality not bloodthursty (aka377). Talked with GM or two they said they will look into it so now waitnig for an answer i guess. To your question no you cannot get them as of now.
  13. Clem

    Server population

    Year and 9 months with FL + summer time. Population should go up after a month or two and even more when DS gets released. Thats my prediction
  14. Clem

    Horde or Alliance? Resto Druid PVE

    Both factions have kinda equal amount of pve guilds for everybody's likes. Play what you have fun with and after all faction changes go for 40-50k if you dont like the faction you are in.
  15. Clem

    Holy Paladin PoV in FL heroic!

    That run was 7/7 solo heal xD It was a bit messy on beth and majo but others were ez Anata is a god :P