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  1. How about you just... I dont know get good?
  2. You sure its not because people just dont like you? I mean no offence i dont mind you at all but sometimes i do see your attitude towards other people in global chat or anywhere else and you are not the most friendly person. Maybe thats the reason people dont take you and just use the pvp aspect as an excuse to not offend you since just like Sathus i also havent seen someone being rejected from raid because he is pvp player. Personally i think pvp players have easier time to do their job in raids since pvp-ing is more fast phased than pve and when it comes to reaction times like interupting stuff or moving away or into shit fast pvp players are most of the time better than anyone else. Either way if thats really happening (leaders not taking pvp players because they are pvp) then those leaders are shit and i wouldnt want to raid with them anyway
  3. Im always up for "attunement"s. Even tho yes it is not blizzlike personally i think its really good idea. For organized guilds that doesnt change anything but for pugs yes i prefer to have people in the run that actually did something before going into DS for example. When you are bad player you gonna get stuck in lower tier raids which makes the end raids easier faster and better experience than having someone who just leveled up for very first time in his life does dungeons for a week and then keeps wiping pugs because have no clue what is going on around him. Yes ofc people like that will still exist and get carried to get "attuned" but you got my point. About Sniprepgodx suggestion (to keep rerolling the raids) I am really not a fan of it. After i clear DS and have nothing to do there anymore im switching expansion for sure atlantiss or not depends on what exapnsions server can offer. Yes its fun to progress from begining of expansion but not all the time with same expansion. Thats why i was hyped years ago when someone was working on mop core from atlantiss. Finish DS and sooner or later after that Pandaland comes i keep my character progress and i switch forward to new expansion (assuming they would have opened char transfers from cata to MoP). But then we saw that pandaland was abandoned and they started working on PTE so thats out of the window i guess. Anyway "attunement" yes please for everything. Meaning havent done all dungeons? You not entering in T11 mate. No T11 cleared? Keep dreaming about FL. And so on. Thats my opinion. Ohh and keep it character based not acc for obvious reasons.
  4. You are right im sorry. Me not liking you is not a reason for me to be mean in public chats or forums or w/e. Peace
  5. Ohh really? Im sorry we will stop pointing out mistakes during ongoing fight since its annoying for you... Dopa Dopa stop fucking pointing out mistakes like that pls its so annoying to this guy we dont want to make him feel bad :c
  6. Welcome Janchux. Nice to have you here!
  7. I dont quite get it why people saying hapala is boring? Maybe im butthurt because im playing pally idk. My opinion is that priests are boring. I just dont feel as healer as disct since 70% of "healing" is actually absorbs and you dont really see it on the frames. Druids are fun its a bit different style of healing and pretty much all spells are heal over time which some people really dont like. Shamans ehh... If you feel like spamming healing rain and chain heal for whole expansion (no offence to shammies). Pally is fun for me lots of instant high healing spells lots of cds which you need to react (most of the time) with them depending on situation and being plate to top off everything is just perfect. Play whatever the hell you think is fun everything works everything is good when you put some work into it!!
  8. Those are great news. Hope we can see Hour of Twilight dungeons soon I miss them.
  9. Im just saying different people get it in different way... Besides we dont know if this is the reason for the mute. Maybe he just spammed it all the time who knows.
  10. Just because of the attitude I would mute you... You cant act with disrespect towards others in public channel and expect lollipops and rainbows in return... For the record the jew part you mentioned might be considered as racist thing to say so if that is the reason for mute ye it is justified.
  11. pawn

    My first reaction to this was "What the fuck is pawn stat weights"... Anyway in cataclysm as far as tank goes all you should worry about is something called CTC. Since you said you searched for guides and all that you should have seen what CTC means. There is a /script command which you can make in macro to show you whats your current CTC and what you aiming for as warrior is at least 102.4% which is kinda hard to get with current available gear. The warrior I have is around 378 i think ilvl and current CTC is 94.6%. If you didnt come across CTC what it means is combat table coverage (or also known as avoidance). This is the combination between your miss + dodge + parry + block (mastery). Getting that cap means you will never get hit by the full damage of the mele swing because it either gonna be missed dodged blocked or parried. These 4 the most important is mastery (block) so the calculations or decisions you have to do - have mastery = upg, donest have mastery = no good item. After that dodge and parry are kinda equal but it is generally better to have more parry. What i wrote is just basic stuff so for more detailed stuff you should find some tanks mains to ask. Good luck.
  12. Anata likes to live dangerously
  13. He probably using HoR and CW! Kappa
  14. ZA and ZG are 4.1 content while T11 is 4.0.6 content its completely different patch mate. ZA and ZG also play the role of catch up dungeons for people who are joining later on during expansion. MF have the same role... Its like saying "Here you have FL 378 gear get FL hc also with 390 gear but wait wait we have a surprise for nubs get MF dailies which are useless for gearing but we still have some items there to make it interesting"... Doesnt make sense you know. HoT dungeons are with the same catch up idea + lore wise dungeons lead up to DS soo ye no reason for blizz to release them after actual raid. Since we are in private server ofc there is a chance for dungeons to be released later due to scripting and all that but if devs have the option to release them together with DS they will.