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  1. WTB Felfire Hawk

    I can up the price to 150k... Anyone?
  2. WTB Felfire Hawk

  3. Character purchasing/selling/trading

    Nah there is nothing in the store. People doing it via forum and personal messages I guess? Still my opinion is if you want something just level up one of your own. Ye boring and annoying but at least you know you will never lose it. If you buy acc and even if they give you the email for the acc they still can change the email password anytime they want.
  4. WTB Felfire Hawk

    As title says I want to buy Felfire Hawk. Paying 120k gold on Alliance side. As usual gold comes after I see the mount in my account.
  5. High Price Market Prices

    Its about how many ppl buying specific material vs how many people posting it in ah. If 100 people buying linen cloths and only one person is posting in AH ofc they will be expensive and that one person will keep posting for higher and higher untill people stop buying (its just an example). There are some materials that are rare to find but no one wants them and they are super cheap. It just depends on the day/week you buying it i guess.
  6. New Justicar in the Alliance

    Congratz mate! :)
  7. Ye ye i wasnt talking about total count i was talking per character. Even tho total count for shannox is kinda close to reality its something like 42-43 weeks maybe 44 since FL hc is out times 6 its close to 270 You are crazy anyway.
  8. Statistics for Shannox at least are a bit fucked up. Not possible to have more than around 40-45 kills on shannox since we have FL hc since September. I dont know about normal. Still impressive tho...
  9. compilation of people crying in bgs

    Good old BG chats. Nice. ^^

    You are just a retard im done good luck

    This screenshot doesnt show absolutely anything to be honest. Just shows 7 rolls on god knows what item. All we see is 7 rolls no item linked and you not being in group. How is that a proof of you being kicked or how it proves you didnt roll 3 times. Your claims are not proven at all here.
  12. Can the RDF kick be reported?

    Butthurt much? I would kick you too with that attitude
  13. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

  14. Firelands

    10 FL's per week? Dude i barely do 2 and i wanna kill myself what is wrong with you
  15. Professions for starting pve horde mage?

    He is new to the game even if he go engi+tailo he still wont know how to use it properly. As begining just get tailoring and enchanting. Yes it is a bit of a pain to level up and gold income from those proffs wont be that high but it is easier way to go like that. Keep in mind you can always change your professions later on when you get comfortable and learn more about the game. Myself for example on my main toon i started with alchemy and herb and few months later switched to ench+BS as main proffs.