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  1. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    First of all this is not retail. Second even if in retail when some random pleb (excuse my words nothing personal) spams the chat with "LF Raid/Guild" you would never be approached by decent guild leaders/officers. Me as player if i am looking for guild i would never join a guild that approaches me (considering im new in server and people dont know me yet) mostly because leaders that approach players in such a way well... Lets face it they are not even close to be good leaders (guild or raid wise). Me as raid leader (pug) or guild leader/officer I would never approach a player who spams in world "LF guild/raid". That just never gonna happen. If you are unable to find a group or guild by yourself and you end up spamming world chat that instantly sends negative message to me. Whatever the reasons might be i wouldnt get you in my guild that way. You might be really good player you also might be good person but the way you trying to get into guild / group is (for me) the worst way to do it. As Satus said before: If you looking for a guild you will find guild. No respected guild will go on world and look for "LF guild" spams. Just not how it works. If you want something you do not ask for it. You go out there and you work to get it. You never gonna get what you ask for you only get what you deserve. And now you ask yourself do you truly deserve being invited anywhere based on the "work" you did.
  2. [A] [ENG/PvE] [Purged]

    Also we still looking for raid leader/s. That nub Clemence sux at this!
  3. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    If you were able to piss of @Sathus that means you did something wrong when looking for guild... Even tho I left his guild few months ago his guild was the guild i started in Atlantiss and i played for almost 2 years there. He is proven to be good guild leader at least for the fact that his guild is probably the oldest still alive and active guild on Atlantiss so if he says you fucked up something then you should sit down and think it trough what you can do better.
  4. How da fuq

    If you are altoholic get 2 toons to level 80 on the "recruited" account just to be grant a level bots and make your "recruiter" account your main account. Since recruited account only can give levels to recruiter account. And with two level 80 toons you can grant a level from 1 to 40 from one toon switch to next and get from 41 to 80. And remember RaF is available 90 days per toon. That means as soon as you make a toon you have RaF features for the next 90days on that toon specifically. It is not account bound it is toon bound. After those 90 days you cant grant levels anymore basically. So bottom line if you want a lot of alts create them grant them levels to 80 and then start slowly playing w/e you feel like.
  5. Kirraq > Kovex confirmed

    @Catchme Your mage only by itself is priceless when it comes to ingame gold. You playing for long enough to not need that gold if you keep playing on a different account. Just keep your acc to yourself eventually you might want to start playing it again. Ye ingame accomplishments are nothing its worthless when it comes to real life. In the face of toon like that any kind of gold is even more worthless. And after all thats few years of your real life that you put in this toon and you gonna give them away for nothing. Since you playing that long im sure you love the game to some extend you will just regret if you give that acc to anyone and you want to come back to it after few months or year or two or whatever.
  6. Where to farm Books of Glyph Mastery?

    Its not like you can really farm them out since they are low drop rate as you might know I assume. Back in wrath people were farming them in Sholazar the goblins above "The Suntouched Pillar". You can also try in Icecrown at "The Conflagration" (Fallen Heroes location where people usually farm cloths). Basically any spot with high density of mobs and probably safer if mobs are 75+? (some comments in wowhead saying that dropchance is lower to non existent for lower lvl mobs). If you are into "I will complete the whole game" kinda of stuff just go in Northrend and start doing achieves dungeons quests etc and loot everything. I remember I sold about 6-7 of those just from doing Northrend Loremaster.
  7. Heirlooms in the Shop

    P2W is considered getting ingame advantage over other people. Having your very first toon loomed completely is unfair advantage towards people who dont want to or cant afford to spend money for game stuff (again as first toon). Anything that gives you some kind of ingame advantage is considered pay2win its not just endgame pvp or pve gear. You will never see stuff like looms, food, flask, potions, riding skill, gear, whatever custom buffs in cash shop.
  8. Heirlooms in the Shop

    Agree. The idea of the cash shop in ATS is for vanity non obtainable items. Pets mounts T3 mogs those kind of stuff.
  9. Bugged bosses solution.

    @Narilrave Dont want to sound disrespectful but really dude I am playing here for 3 years pretty much logging on every single day. KT was working only for one week during all those 3 years. Ye I do get it old raids are not that important but actual bosses being killable vs waiting years for proper script on old content... You know what i mean. Making them somewhat killable if its easier than proper scripting then ye I dont see an issue on that. In private servers the most important thing is for current expansion content to work perfectly. Everything before that is meh. Ulduar is broken af a lot of achieves dont work some bosses are fucked up (looking at Flame Leviathan) Trial of the crusader floor bugged Icecrown Citadel LK on heroic one of the phases bugged out (on top of all non working achieves) and lets not start with Lootship. But the thing those raids have in common is that you can actually kill the bosses one way or another. BWL first boss? Does anyone even think about him? But you still can pass him ye without loot but at least you can finish the raid. I know you guys are all about blizzlike and shit. Trust me i get it pretty much thats the reason why i am playing here and why i am still here but for older content tweak or two here and there doesnt matter at all. Well I guess thats my opinion :D
  10. What i thought i know rings and necks suppose to be 4.3 only but then I saw in wowhead that they were added in 4.2. Weird part is some people have them and even sell them and they are vicious quality not bloodthursty (aka377). Talked with GM or two they said they will look into it so now waitnig for an answer i guess. To your question no you cannot get them as of now.
  11. Server population

    Year and 9 months with FL + summer time. Population should go up after a month or two and even more when DS gets released. Thats my prediction
  12. I got stuck (I'm new)

    The suggestion above is good. Barrens or Azshara is also an option but he forgot to mention that in Cataclysm since big part of Azeroth was revamped quests in zones like Barrens Azshara and Silverpine are basically "go this camp do 5 quests go next do 5" untill you finish the zone where in Ghostlands its still the original pre-cata zone with oldschool questing where you have like 1-2 camps and quests are spread around the whole zone. It is a lot more running and time consuming. it just the oldschool questing experience. If you are into that yes Ghostlands is the best zone to go to. But if not as i said check bugtracker you will see in comments of the reports people saying that this quest is working just some orcs are not counted (thats if you wish to continue silverpine). Personally I leveled 2 undeads here on Atlantiss. Both in Silverpine and I do not recall any issues with this quest. Good luck.
  13. I got stuck (I'm new)

    A friendly tip. When you encounter something that seems to not work properly check the bugtracker. If the issue is reported and if there is workaround usually you can find that workaround in the comment section of the report. And if you dont find any report you can always make one of your own. Cheers. https://github.com/Atlantiss/BugTracker/issues
  14. Weird Behaviour

    Few hours ago I had same issue as Pantsless had. Thought it was funny and one time thing but later on me and a friend were flying around with 2 person mount and we were going trough phases where there shouldnt be any. Stormwind as an example. We were flying around Westfall Redrige Hellfire Shadowmoon... Same thing we just encounter phasing for no reason.
  15. Horde or Alliance? Resto Druid PVE

    Both factions have kinda equal amount of pve guilds for everybody's likes. Play what you have fun with and after all faction changes go for 40-50k if you dont like the faction you are in.