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  1. INTERVIEW WITH ARTY, THE WINNER OF THE 1v1 TOURNAMENT Hello there, I’m Yggr, and I’m here with the winner of our 1v1 tournament. Wastedtalent, why don’t you go ahead and introduce yourself. - Arty here, however in addition to the interview you’ll tell me a secret, later on, deal? Sure thing, let’s jump right into. - Hey, I’m Arty, I come from Sweden and I’ve been playing the server for 3 years. That’s actually a pretty long time. Have you played in any other World of Warcraft tournaments? - Yes, I’ve played in the first events, back when Ranor was a PvP GM and I’ve won them both. Have you played any tournaments outside of Atlantiss? - No, I haven’t. I started playing Cataclysm after retail servers moved on from MoP to WoD, right then I began searching for private servers and since I’m mainly a PvP player I’ve been looking for a server with a focus on this part of the game and the first server I stumbled upon was the Ar*na Tournament. I hanged out there for a few months but since I didn’t have any consistent partners I ended up quitting it and right then I switched to M*lten or as some of the people know it as Warm*ne and right after that I’ve finally found Atlantiss and here I am. So you’ve experienced a few of the private servers before joining Atlantiss, was there anything in particular that made you remain here? - Yes, the people here, they were far nicer than in any other server, it was the end of the Vicious season back then, I felt that things were balanced and I got along with most of the people. Do you still keep in touch with people you first started out with? - With most of them, yes. What were your impressions of the 1v1 Tournament? - Overall it was pretty good and very fun, despite that I had some connection issues. What did you think about your opponents? Were they any good? - I can’t really say that I’ve faced that great of the opponents, it might be rude to put it this way but I didn’t face anyone good, they weren’t so experienced apart from one Blood Death Knight who gave me some trouble, but after all he was a Blood DK, he couldn’t really do much when I was kiting him. What about the finals? What were your impressions of the mage you faced. - He wasn’t really experienced as well. I mean at first I kind of knew I would win so I underestimated him a lot, so in the first match I used my cooldowns very poorly and played overall poorly, I noticed right away he was capable of doing the basic stuff so I was more careful and won afterwards, but overall that’s pretty much why I lost the first match, and I think it's pretty much the same with my old arena partners, who I thought I would face in the finals but they probably underestimated their enemy and lost, if this wasn't the finals I would be knocked out too. What do you personally think is the best thing about Atlantiss, and what should it improve on? - I started on a RaF with a friend here, we were impressed with how good the quests were working all the way up to 85 compared to other servers and we were really impressed with the PvE part of this server. My first impressions of the server were quite positive, the gameplay was very satisfying the 2v2 queues were decent, the 3v3 was also decent but they needed improvement, and still, some class fixes and resilience which is not working as it should. Overall improving the PvP activity even more. The PvE side is really great, I enjoy it a lot. Is there anything else you would like to say to the community of Atlantiss? - Of course, a shoutout to all my guildmates from Immortal Legion, especially my brother Efrel, they taught me a lot about the PvE and I thank them for it. The PvE is great as I mentioned and the PvP is certainly going towards a good direction, Catchme did a great job with the events, the 3v3 weekly or the queue announcer and I hope the new PvP GM can follow his footsteps. Before we end the interview, you made me promise to tell you a secret, what is it? - Yes, who is the new PvP Game Master? Haha, I can assure you he is an active player on Atlantiss, and you surely fought against him in the arenas or the battlegrounds as well as maybe in a pug raid. He has been here for a long time and it’s not Ranor, however, he prefers to remain anonymous. - Haha, okay. Thank you very much for having me and good luck! Likewise, good luck to you as well and it was great having to talk to you.
  2. Yggr

    Atlantiss 1v1 Tournament

    There will be a tournament, no worries. Everything will go as scheduled
  3. Yggr

    [A] [ENG] [PVE/PVP/GYM] Fitness Models

    Is there a minimum deadlift or squat 1RM required to be accepted into the ranks?
  4. Yggr

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    https://atlantiss.eu/pages/19 However, guys, I'll need you all to add a thumbnail of your choice to your streams to make the page more friendly, until the end of the weekend
  5. Yggr

    Stream section on Atlantiss.eu

    We already had a stream section a long time ago, today or tomorrow I'll try to refresh it and add it to our website. I'll add streams that lately promoted themselves on our Discord in the #streams section if I miss any active streamer hit me up on private on our Discord.
  6. Due to some of our usual players' arguments for and against Realm First to be available only for 25m mode, we want to gather your opinion on how would you prefer this achievement to be available once Heroic mode launches. Explanation: On Retail, the 10 man mode was way too hard to be completed before the 25 man since it required an enormous amount of DPS compared to 25 man, however, it would be unfair for many guilds for it to be available only in 25 man as many of you raid only in 10 man, hence the dilemma and hence this is where you, our community raise their voice. "where 10m will be equally tough as 25m" - the 10 man mode would receive a % debuff so the race would be fair to everyone. "however 10 man will be as tough as on Retail" - the 10 man mode would receive no debuff whatsoever (same as on Retail) Our goal is to find a solution that would be fair
  7. Yggr

    Interview with Emil, winner of the 3v3 tournament

    I think it's kind of nice to wrap your whole legacy on our Atlantiss realm. Thanks for coming here and participating! Wish you all the best!
  8. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    Thanks to everyone who spoke their mind openly here. With some very observant and accurate opinions, we've gathered what we wanted to. We'll keep the whole topic as an archive to work upon in the future. For now, nothing will change in terms of Dragonwrath's realm type. We'll leave it as it is since there's no significant majority that supports one side of it. Once again, I appreciate all the comments and I am thankful for them. Meanwhile, take a moment to decide how Dragon Soul should be released, if you didn't yet - http://bit.ly/2Jowhf9 If we, Atlantiss team ever decide to resume this topic if we gather some fresh data we'll surely inform the community about it. The topic is now closed.
  9. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    The reason for my curiosity are private messages with fresh players asking whether the server is PvE type and people leaving complaints to notorious hours long campings by high level players. The vast majority, over 500 players voted in our survey that they prefer a PvE type realm, hence this discussion. Nothing in this matter is being implemented right now, notice that the part where we want your opinion on it first is completely neglected. It's good to know your point of view, that was my goal after all.
  10. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    @Quodan I and the rest of Atlantiss staff are not your enemies. We both want the best for the server. We do see your points and if anyone else manages to provide reasonable arguments about any other topic, whoever that may be, we'll listen, that's just logical and most sensible approach. Just because we don't act on it immediately doesn't mean we ignore it, we do take it into consideration whether you want to believe it or not. There may simply be some reason for it to be delayed that you as a player are not able to see since it can take place within the Atlantiss team. However, once again this topic is not about Battlegrounds nor Arenas state. It's about people who prefer to level up differently. You prefer a PvP type, that's fine, you are able to vote in favour of it, and leave a constructive comment since this is what we want to gather, constructive comments, based on peoples experiences, not to drift away on other things. Once again, we're not your enemy here.
  11. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    New members can now vote
  12. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    Crossfaction is something we're still considering seriously and we notice the benefits that could come out of this. This topic is however about something completely else. Crossfaction requires some scripting, whereas switch in realm type can be done in few seconds.
  13. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    Just to clarify, this change would only affect world PvP. Everyone who would still want to fight someone from the other faction could do so by turning the PvP on. IT DOES NOT MEAN ARENAS AND BGS WOULD BE TURNED OFF! This topic is to raise serious discussion and ask the opinion of the players before the administration makes any major decision. Keep it civil guys
  14. Yggr

    About PvP or Normal server type

    Due to forum changes, new members can't vote in polls. You need at least 5 posts to become a Member EDIT: New members can vote now
  15. For quite some time now, after reviewing data and comments made throughout many months it seems as most Atlantiss players prefer a PvE server type, as to make their levelling experience less frustrating. The only difference between a PvP and a Normal server type is that PvP can be turned off in Contested Zones on a Normal server type making unbalanced brawls while levelling less troublesome. It does not mean that Battlegrounds or Arenas would be turned off! PvE (Normal) server types are also a majority of Retail realms. This switch concerns Dragonwrath and seems like it changes nothing for majority of the players, but I still wanted to start a discussion to perhaps gather some interesting thoughts. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Realm Here's a graph from our latest survey.