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  1. Addra

    Time to say goodbye

    Only chars will bet transfered which be exists for longer than 2 months! Was the leveling not hard enough with Dungeons?
  2. Addra

    Time to say goodbye

    This server stays online but without support and bugfixxes. Everyone who stay here dont have to fear that his/her Chars get deleted!
  3. Addra


    @Poggos first of all. The Streaming of the Client is not connected with Atlantiss. They can only offer a minimal-Client or a complete full-downloaded Client. The minimal-Client uses streaming(Download in the background when you play). This sort of download cannot be influenced by the server. Blizzard mades this function and only they knows which Fileserver is used. In this case of the problem some people know, that Blizzard shuts down a few of they fileservers. BTW: The reason is the same, why the kicked Activision! SAVE MONEY! Greetings
  4. Addra

    Auf Deutsch umstellen

    Ich arbeite daran. Leider dauert das noch ein wenig :-( Sobald der Gildenroot eingerichtet ist, wird der Download bereitstehen, momentan liegt der Minmal-Client auf nem alten Gildenwebspace Gruß Addra
  5. Addra


    This Issue is known! Blizzard shut down a few of the old downloadservers! I give you a version of mine, this version doesn´t download from old server. You can download it directly. Download: English (RAR-Archiv, FileSize: 11.576 KB (11,3 MB)) German (RAR-Archiv, FileSize: 11.576 KB (11,3 MB)) Atlantiss-Team you are allowed to use this mirror too!
  6. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    A fresh Cata-Realm is a good idea, but we need more to get now Players to ATL
  7. Addra

    Auf Deutsch umstellen

    So hier mal den deutschen Miniclient. Funktion geprüft und wird auch von mir gewährleistet! wow434DE-minimal.rar Größe des RAR-Archivs: 11.576 KB (11,3 MB)
  8. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    Okay thtas right. Reset is not an option, i know that. So the idead with new realm. But a new realm alone don´t bring new players to us. Let us collect some more new ideas!
  9. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    Why a fresh Cataclysm Realm? Explain yourself please, because i believe it has a reason, why you think that
  10. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    Its a mistake to put all resources in a new realm! The old realm is low populated and stell needs attention. But voting isnt all! Code giveaway´s as example would be a nice idea and a hight activity in the forum would be great too
  11. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    In my case i am not be able to vote. Allways get error 501
  12. Addra

    Leveling a warrior

    I played but its a very logn time ago! On Retail to vanilla times
  13. Addra

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    I dont say its easy! But the Projectleaders cannot do all and all Players should help them in this case! I only make the first step to try something good against a empty server. I know that not all Players here will help, but i know you never find another project with this well scripted realm! Why I should not trying to help? BTW: They making not only PvP, i saw enoght people looking for raid!
  14. Lets try to populate this server!

    1. Whamio


      Good luck! I hope it goes well 😊

    2. Addra
  15. Hi together, Let us collect some Ideas to get new players on the Cata realm. Please usefull ideas