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    One propose to the team of Atlantis

    It seems more like a community problem than a server problem to me. You couldn't pay me to join a PUG as a tank or a healer, even though I normally like those roles. If you really hate playing tanks or healers at max level, think about why that is. If you really don't want to do it yourself, make some friends. If you can't, maybe it's your attitude toward tanks and healers that needs to improve.
  2. paperling

    Mass Loot and Cataclysm

    I really like mass looting on servers that have it. It's a fairly small convenience, but the cumulative effect is significant. However, even though I like mass looting, I can understand why others wouldn't. Since it has the potential to alter people's behavior or the economy, maybe it's worth considering if it could be harmful to the server before I fully support the idea. Also, if it became a feature that you couldn't turn off, then that could be a huge turn off for a lot of players who want to feel like they're playing a not-overly-customized Cataclysm server. Though, in general, there are some features in the later expansions that would fit well on any server imo (xmog collections).