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  1. Lethiz

    WTS account 5x 85

    it's not my main acc 😉
  2. Lethiz

    WTS account 5x 85

    still active
  3. Lethiz

    A goodbye

    I know that feeling bro 😞
  4. Lethiz

    WTS account 5x 85

    I want to sell this account, because as you can see in "Recent Activity" of these characters i don't play on them at all. https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1330194#view-page 384 ilvl PvP balance 377 ilvl PvE balance 379 ilvl PvP feral druid https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1410974#view-page 381 ilvl PvP Holy 387 ilvl PvP Retribution https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1240240#view-page 381 ilvl PvP Restoration 381 ilvl PvP Elemental https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1244891#view-page 367 ilvl PvP Discipline https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1238658#view-page 356 ilvl PvP Subtlety https://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1248222#view-page 332 ilvl Twink Blood Death Knight (84 lvl) + 81 lvl hunter All characters on one account, coming without email because it's my private email. I am waiting for the offers here or PM cheers 😉
  5. wtt 3x transfered characters for mount named Heart of the Aspects from ats shop http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1670732#view-page http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1670976#view-page http://atlantiss.eu/armory/character/1670812#view-page every char on single email
  6. Lethiz

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    Literally i have no idea what do you mean 😕
  7. Lethiz

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    God damn, this guy Novikz is such a good player! O.O
  8. Lethiz


    everything, but please.. not fuckin crossfaction pvp!
  9. Lethiz


    Can we expect any news even today?