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  1. Reisha

    Cinematics for 4.3.4 mini client

    Much appreciated, I was tired of seeing the "no cinematic message" sometimes.
  2. Reisha

    Where did you play before Atlantiss?

    I played in Astral wow when it closed down I moved to Monster wow, then Lolten before it got revamped into Warmane and finally Atlantiss.
  3. Reisha

    FACTION Change: how much?

    I've seen it for 30-40k you just have to know where to look mate.
  4. Reisha

    World chat toxicity today

    While I understand how some feel about this subject, you can't just simply say "hey it's the internet so w/e" it doesn't work like that, there are things that you shouldn't say in-game no matter how long have you been on the internet all that it makes you is an edgy kid if you call everyone a retard and curse non stop while trying to compel a sentence, those kind of players should be punished accordingly, I'm not saying you should be punished by anything you say, there is some leniency to it but don't take it too far, you have to remember that behind the monitor there are also people playing.
  5. I have to agree here, while everyone wants everything available to them, that shouldn't be the case, that way players who obtained them while they were available would have something special otherwise making everything available to everyone would just ruin the joy for old players who worked hard and are still on the server.
  6. Reisha

    Which new path wold be good for this server?

    I don't see why Atlantiss would need a MoP or WoD realm our cata server still holds it's own and better than other MoP and WoD servers
  7. Reisha

    WoW 4.3.4 Addons + links

    I would like to point out that ElvUI has a special developer site for Cataclysm at Githud where is not only updated constantly but also new implements/addons are being added to it, I suggest that everyone who uses it check it out : https://github.com/ElvUI-Cataclysm/ElvUI-4.3.4 The developer is also constantly fixing bugs and problems that happen a lot in ElvUI.
  8. Hello, I've been told that you're the only one who can help my problem, apparently I can't create any threads or comment in any posts, as for the reason I've no idea why, since I've never broke a forum rule, it just says my account doesn't have the permits to do so, please help.

  9. Reisha

    Hearthstone Tournament.

    remake but with the witchwood expansion
  10. Reisha

    Hello everyone!

    ugh Hi there
  11. This +1, hopefully Atlantiss actually implements some of the items OP suggested.
  12. Reisha

    Can't enter the realm?

    for whatever reason it got fixed after I posted this.
  13. Reisha

    Can't enter the realm?

    So I have been trying to join the game like usually after a long break I have my cata client exactly as I had when I was playing nothing changed, but it's been 2 days and when I logging I get the success screen but I can't connect to the server, it just freezes after "success" and that's been going on for 2 days.