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    Wingnanx 1 - Ret PvP

    nearly as good as dkgodx1
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    [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUTâ„¢

    because of his beer belly
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    quick warlock questions

    Well mb, ty :D I checked the guide, 1. is clear 2. gonna check out the guide ty 3. I actually couldnt find that information in any guide yet, I got an explanation that I should use cooldowns before I pop Doomguard but I wanna know if I should ask for a Demonsoul aswell, or not? Does it scale with haste? Crit? what about %.dmg increase? Should I wait for demonform before using it again? 4. as far as I know i shouldnt do that but a friend just told me today he is doing it when playing (espacially when chalice and demon form comes off cd - so no idea)
  4. Astranos123

    quick warlock questions

    another quesiton, Do I swap pets midfight? I start with felguard pre fight and use demon soul then instant summon /w shoulshard my felhunter do I summon a new felgaurd when demon soul comes off cooldown and then swap back to fellhunter or is this a damage lose? ty
  5. Astranos123

    quick warlock questions

    Hello guys, I've recently started playing warlock on Cata, have only played warlock in wotlk before so everything is kinda new for me. I decided to play demo and rather happy with it just got few questions I hope you guys can answer me: 1. stat prio? Hit > Int > Mastery > Haste 1574 > Crit > Haste. Is that right? Just found a random source of that which I never found again. 2. How does immolate snapshotting work? If I get buffs and apply immolate and keep it up with hand of Gul'dan does it maintain the buffs? Whatbout debuffs I apply afterwards for example coe or shadow of flame talent (from incinerate). Do I have to apply them before Immolate or get they calculated in after applying? (was like this in wotlk) 3. I am not quite sure how Demonguard stacks, when is the best moment to use him? What stats do he provide? does he get my crit raiting / haste raitings aswell or only like spellpower? What about my %-damage increase from my demon form? Also does anyone found a version of a working rawr for 4.3.4? Has atlantiss maybe a working version with character important? only have one for 3.3.5 Thanks in advance :)