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    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    Hello, Instead of having a race for heroic, I would like to suggest an "Atlantiss-mode" which is basically mythic mode but better! because it is cataclysm. Very simply, after a guild defeats Heroic Madness of Deathwing they will be tasked to the raid again but on a new mode (Atlantiss mode). In Atlantiss mode all the bosses are prefixed with heroic mechanics and stats except extra difficulties would be added on. The bosses would look something like this: Morchok: Splits into 3 bosses. (“Morchok,” “Kohcrom,” and “Regigigas” from Pokemon) Yorsahj: All oozes come out, raids must kill 2. Zon’ozz: 2 balls will appear, and if both hit at the same time, the boss enters a new phase where a d.i.s.c.o. ball goes off in the middle of the room and the boss has x2 haste. Hagara: The adds for the lightning phase are spawned during the frost phase, they can not be killed or else they can not be used for lightning phase. Ultraxion: Ultraxion summons a mirror image of any raid member that phase shifts. Blackhorn: 5 sets of adds and sappers still spawn in phase 2. Spine: Amalgamations cannot be thrown off of Spine. (Have fun) Madness: After Deathwing dies, a custom Emtec character (possibly with Nefarian’s human form avatar) comes out and tries to defeat you. Emtec will have the same mechanics of Baleroc, Ultraxion, and Morchok; with a 6 minute berserk timer.
  3. This thread is concerning the fairness of the following Atlantiss event: https://atlantiss.eu/pages/31 It is considered common knowledge that three different forms of players exist in wow. These are players that perform tasks to show their dominance in PvP, PvE, and Roleplay/General Lore. Concerns of equality have been brought to my attention by several event competitors in the Atlantiss event. We do acknowledge that many players are talented in multiple aspects in wow and we have categorized our concerns into biases amongst the three main player-types of the event. We can not control natural biases. These are the biases that are not controllable without an excessive amount of force or without permissive force. This would include the ratio of horde and alliance players and their activity during specific times of the day. Other natural biases include real life activity that can dismiss a player from their playtime. These biases should not be controlled because they are simply a part of life. Controlled biases can be fixed and may skew into becoming fair or unfair depending on a player’s resources and abilities. General wow score, composed of achievements and leveling score, is what most people base the fairness of the other two scoring playstyles by. This is because General wow score is accessible to everyone with equal or similar amounts of skill requirements. The biases I will list show a skew amongst the PvE and PvP scores that promote one playstyle over the other simply by the number of points earned. In this list, I will identify the details that may fail to meet the “how it should work” mentality of each playstyle. General Time it takes to reach level 85 The difference between first place and last place can be made up by winning four battlegrounds. Amount of completed quests This does not account for Daily Quests Amount of completed achievements This does not consider Feats of Str. PVP Overall amount of Honor Points Honor Points are only obtainable in Battlegrounds. The amount of PvP points earned were ridiculously skewed until becoming fixed approximately 3-4 weeks ago. For every victorious battleground. We'll investigate how much did a character contribute to every battleground, the higher the contribution, the more points earned Since PvP players are able to group up in battlegrounds, there may exist a Large Skill gap between two teams in a random battleground. Victorious battlegrounds can allow players to obtain 15 points by winning a 10-minute battleground. According to the suggested scoring system, an FL (N) 7/7 would grant a similar amount of points (21) but may take up to 2 hours, and an additional 1 hour to find raid members. Upcoming PvP season. After the event ends, we'll award additional points depending on character's placement in ongoing PvP season - just as we mentioned, only the characters created during the event will be taken into consideration Not Applicable (action will not be taken until end of event) PVE For every successfully completed RDF. Signing up for RDFs in a group won't be taken into account Dungeons usually do not grant PvE points. The only way to tell if dungeons grant PvE points is by making sure you have done the following: Enter the dungeon fresh (no bosses down) Attacked every boss, or have some form of aggro on the boss. Kill every boss in the dungeon Nobody leaves or gets kicked from the dungeon The dungeon Must be on Heroic difficulty (rhc) If all these conditions are followed, a player may still not be rewarded with PvE points; this is seen as an incredibly inefficient way of making points. For every T11/T12 boss kill (Heroic kills doesn't count) T11/T12 Boss kills Do NOT reward points on heroic or normal. For the shortest amount of time it took you to finish a raid for every week For the shortest amount of time it took you to complete a dungeon Unsure if these two accreditations are recorded. The purpose of this post is to inquire a change in the scoring system; thus promoting fairness amongst people’s playstyles.