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    Lot of times I had a trouble with an accidental leaving from RHC. When, after killing a certain boss, player is supposed to teleport out of dungeon and in. And instead of doing that I, lost in thoughts, have been clicking on portrait, and choosing the "Leave party" in dropped down menu. Wasting VP from dungeons and getting blocked for next 30 minutes, it is just horrible. This addon makes menuitem "Leave party" invisible, so I cannot click it at all. Only way to leave a party now is to type "/run LeaveParty()". It's possible to set it to the macro, but I know for sure that next time I will accidentally click that macro. So I added a little shorter command "/leavep", which makes me leave party, and I still have to type it. Since typing command requires a little of brain's effort, I most probably will notice that I am leaving instead of teleporting. Feel free to download that, if you have same butthurt. Link to the addon "AccidentalLeaver": https://github.com/scythae/AccidentalLeaver Thanks for reading. Triama.