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  1. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    Well, then it is the same result as on bugtracker. You have anything to add to the topic though?
  2. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    I don't know why you keep posting off topic. The only reason for this thread was to inform ANYONE who might have an interest to improve this serevr that Tol Barad is bugged as fuck. You are trying to capture this thread for what reason I do not know and do not want to know. I made my point, bugtracker is useless, discord is useless, Forum is useless too (obviously with people like you capturing threads just for their own parasitic needs) and tickets have a random chance to be solved or not, depending on the GM who is online atm. So... go on derailing this thread, if you want to, I said my piece. You're not helping in any way, just showing the guys who are mostly reading in here why NOT to join this server in the long run.
  3. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    Was bored. And wanted to see the usual Atlantiss fanboys chime in with the usal apologies like "this doesn't belong here, you gotta do that, Devs are not there for this, GM cannot do that, ... " ofc. They never fail to entertain me. Just like you. /clap Oh and this is the usual way. No matter which way you chose. Any form of input is being ignored. Bugtracker? Open entries from 2015 with gambreaking bugs.... nothing happens Discord? The usual suspects making troll comments of everyone who has questions. Forum? Well you can see here what hapens. Comments completely out of context with no intention to improve anything Did I miss something? Ah ye! Tickets. No comment about that really. Waste of time mostly. But hey, all ok, right? Go on, make my day. 😄
  4. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    You are completely missing the point here, buddy. But it is not my job to point you in the right direction. Take care anyway.
  5. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    Then it will stay like this and the server will lose more players. dilligaf? 😄 It's been made public by this post, whoever is interested (and in charge) can choose to so something or ignore it. Most probably it will be ignored, but it's not my business anymore. Cya
  6. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    From your link: "The magic number is 5. You can have a 5 on zero "battle". The 6th player can't queue until a 6th player on the other side has queued (e.g. 5 players have entered already and it's 5 v 5, a sixth person can't enter until a sixth person on the other side has queued)." I have seen Raids with 2 Hordies and the 26th Allied joined. And bugtracker... Yeah. No. Thank you.
  7. Hippiegal

    Tol Barad Queue obviously bugged

    Hi. For some weeks now the Queue for Tol Barad apparantly is broken. The server allows an infinity numbers of Allies to join Tol Barad even if Hordies are already outnumbered. It seems to be the same problem like 2 years ago, when it was bugged for Allies. Check:
  8. Hippiegal

    About PvP or Normal server type

    World PvP 8which cannot be turned off) is the essence of trolls and wannabes, who cannot keep up in BG or Arena and have to compensate on low levels. Doesn't surprise me though that the likes of Quodan & alts immidiately chime in and try to slander those who vote against world pvp. lame
  9. Hippiegal

    About PvP or Normal server type

    and where, how can you choose an answer?
  10. Hippiegal


    Is there a window popping up after crash saying something along the lines of "ERROR #132 Fatal Exception" ? If so, there are like thousand suggestions of how to fix it. Deleting Cache folder, WTF folder, this and that... For me that problem was solved after i logged in from another Computer, logged out of the game properly and then connected again.