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  1. wolves4ever

    One propose to the team of Atlantis

    The original idea was: Somehow to improve rates of tanks and healers for late game at level 85.. basically there is a long wait in que... Somehow... when i que .. alwaus miss tank or healer.. or when got tank no healer for long time... that ruin wow expiriance.. Or to do something about that que.. its really hard on high level to get gear or to do anything... I understand u u got some point ofc.. but that also happen to high game 85 etc... rare chance for tank in rdf or healer.. even all time on chat.. for raid is searched for tank or healer... Lets find some nice way :) To improve that .. so we can all enjoy in wow moments as atlantis gamers :)
  2. Hello world of atlantis greatings: Everytime i play in wow cata.. when i que there is no enough healers/tanks for rhc... longwait .. is 1h or more.. so i thinked about idea.. Why not to create some event.. or giveavay for character level 80... to be tank/healer and than to level 5 more. and to finaly increase playtime on server and got fun ofc.. I imagine ... then all would love to play first to level to level 85 than instant que in rhc etc.. and would be nice for all player to continue to get gear have fun and chill in your server.. U can do it as new year suprise , or to create some event in pvp pve .. to can get that char :) I belive in you :) Give your opinions or support if u want :) i think is nice idea Sincerely Wolves4ever Serbia :)