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  1. Don_viktorio

    Goodbye Atlantiss

  2. Totally agree with you ! But if there is something like this created.. It will be hard to manage.. For instance : I entered ET with 4 premade people. Super geared healer. 2 DPS were like 4-8k DPS (no items, str+intelect+agi+resilience) items just for itm lvl, one of them had arround my dps(im the damn tank, barely 355 itm lvl and had like 12k). No mobs, straight to boss (ET stuff) The problem is that the healer was super geared. I was a good tank for the boss and we could not die with him healing me. I too had 2 items quiped for itm lvl only. BUT the dps was so little of their side( I had like 12 k and I was first in dps), 2nd had like 10k. Other 2 had 4-6k. 12k>10k>~6k>~5k dps ... Problem is that It took ages and ages and... maybe eternity for the first boss to fall. And I wrote/ left after that. They raged at me. They were really mean and all. I went to do my buisness, locked on ET for the day. Should I be punished in this situation for leaving? I mean if they 4 report me - ill get that punishment, but did I deserve it ? 2 hours ban or something? . But how can I prouve it that they are the ones who need to get punished. PS. Totally agree with you, but no idea how this will happen.
  3. Don_viktorio

    One propose to the team of Atlantis

    Hello. If I understand correctly - you are speaking of something like this? Satchel of Exotic Mysteries This is ACC BOND, gives like 50 g~, gives 1 random item. You usually get almost nothing ,but in rare occasions expensive items. You can get sometimes rare mount drop, minor chance I think). I am a tank played and of what I have seen - this is for random heroics, where the role which is most needed to be filled - you get this item for finishing a dungeon by playing that role (usually tanks/healers). So this kind of "improves" the rate of tanks and healers, but I myself do not find it for a big motivation to roll RDF more. If there is another thing like this added , depending what it is, it could be a huge motivation. Now I usually go for dungeons when people ask me or beg in world chat if I have time ( I don't get anything out of dungeons now on my main tank, so just helping random people as you guess it is not so motivational , with all the toxic stuff / behavour). So: I think a bonus would make more healers/tanks queue more often for sure. Definitely.
  4. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    Well for this specific occasion - this method that you chose - is definitely the wisest one. I myself started playing from 1 to 3 total alts. I will use the same method. As far as I know -we can not exactly say how many people are playing like us currently, rather than having 1 main , which they invest in. I have a few friends currently doing just that, 1 and I guess from their point of view - this is the most important manner, so they are able to progress furthermore. So I guess it comes down to : these many people, who lack the 1 or 2 items like most - which methods do they prefer. And if they invest in 1 or more alts like us. Of the rage I have seen quite a lot of my short time here, I guess either they really invest in 1 and feel the excitement of every drop, even from heroics, or just like most people from where I come from - they are used to the basic raid principle : you are playing ms, dps - you roll it. Exactly the moral point is the problem. I'm a referee + other type of arbiter in real life and like always - I'm really trying to think of other peoples perspective. Like why do they get so upset, so often. I guess it is because from the majority of people's point of view - a person can not know another ones intentions . For instance - if another one is having like us many alts, and is being happy of getting that 1 long drop item need,(lets say playing as tank, rolling heal), or he doesn't really care, or he needs for gold or anything. Like he may get satisfaction from a heroic item drop in fl. But for a person, new one, or just oriented to 1 alt - the only thing he has is the progress he gets for that main alt. And that progress stomped by another one, which as we know - a lot of people agree with, a lot of do not and do not understand. Okay, another idea - usually it is easy with set, written rules, with specific details for such manners. Of my experience with life - it doesn't matter the details. If lets say your point of view, and all can need all every time. Or my point of view, only by the played spec. But now it is just not understood... I do not understand . I mean I udnerstand you, I understand them. Both sides are right. But one is hurt.
  5. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    Hello. I am happy I got an answer like this. Again - my point is not to insult , cause pain. But to resolve future one, that everybody can daily observe in the server. - The system offering something - doesn't mean the system is correct. If this argument is valid - Things would have stayed the same as vanilla wow, but they have changed just because they can be improved. It is what it is, but in this occasion it can be changed. - I have always been a tank player. But when I am gearing my DPS spec - If I go with DPS in dung, and wait 5-20 minutes. If I go tank -I think it is not considered evil, if people say like I always do with tank-" hey guys, ill need that gear , is it okay?"( so there are no suprises for them at the last moment) ( I do not get always yes for an answer)?... But just because so many people actually think like this (and suffered more from this) - shows that a lot of people want the other way around. In all my cata dungeon life it happened only 2 times to me. I get for a bit mad, but not a big problem for me personally* - Not sure that the activity will go down - where I saw the system you get ninja's really rare. Like really. But when someone wants for OS spec or even for mog (Indeed I almost never saw it, not sure if I did*) - they always ask politely before that.> Because of that ninja marks they are actually polite for this manner and you almost never see conflict, which now is present. - Me... I\m over the dungeon items. But again - it is not aimed for me. I play a lot anyway -if it happens now and I wait "2 more weeks" for my item -yes, I will feel bad, but for a bit- I will always do anything in that time. But with a lot of people is different. And I think they have a right. This is a small thing - that can be implemented and conflicts, which you all can see are currently present can be avoided in the future ! For the other agrument - I think you are just right. Евала ! Thank you for the detailed explanation. This type actually changes people point of view, even it twerked mine a bit.
  6. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    I explained it in detail. I guess I can not reason with you - just when I red : " If I can need it, it is for me" . Or I do not care about randoms. Good times we are living in, that people can not need items in raids for not their classes or that there is someone who distributes them. (seen that, SAME arguments like yours. Why would they seek reason?) Like someone said - sometimes these items take a looong time to acquire. Like I am waiting for 15th day playing in ET for 1 head item. But when it happens finally, it drops - I must be okay with a guy needing for his OS, who because he won roll when he played as healer? Are you kidding me? WHY DO PEOPLE IN RAIDS NEED FOR WHAT THE ARE PLAYING WITH? WHY? Because its weekly ? You get it "slower? And after that I must wait like half a month more for my head? Where I know a guy, warrior - who waited 4 weeks for it (head dps player) as dps, 4 weeks - his people want him geared for FL - I mean when I met him - he waited 4 weeks, it dropped and a tank (or heal ) needed it for his OS. BECAUSE he did not want to wait AGES for both specs. (But it does not take time for others, but for you it takes) And the warrior now waits maybe 4 more because you guys just need for OS? Because he doesn't wait much for a daily, but the guy who needed waits too much? The war got super mad, that is his problem indeed.<<< (Explanation : You do not change some items that fast obviously, farming them for a looooong time. Explanation end.) Make my own dungeon group? Please, follow the logic of the topic, please, I beg you. I am really not trying to insult you, that is not my goal, but If you can not read this or understand it(the problem that I am writing about) - don't bother to write that stuff: "who cares for dungeons", "who cares for randoms", "who cares for daily stuff that you may wait a long time", "or that you can do whatever you want like you do, because game allows it" , " make a dungeon group", "deal with it", "nobody cares". TOO MANY PEOPLE CARE, but they are not any of you. Don't, please. Its like repeating something that has no meaning but it serves your not logical , greed point of view , because it suits you in your position. Not the others that from woltk ninja mark thingy had NO problems with this at all. Here, obviously when you see people complain - there is a problem. They have all rights like you, but again - it does not affect you in a negative way, why should you care and say: good idea, guys. This is the last explanation I write.
  7. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    Okay, that is your opinion. And a lot of people will back your point of view -that is why it is a problem. Because too many think otherwise, and your type just doesn't give a copper for the part of people where they get upset. If you actually think (again) only dungeon loot, like SAY what you MEAN really - then WHY don't you be the ones who back up and because its a daily dungeon - need only when you are playing with the spec. Like do what I suggested. No, people because its a daliy dungeon don't care and as everybody knows gets some people upset(too many). I saw 2 more of this yesterday. Again, not me. Like almost every day there is a high chance of seeing someone complaining of the problem. Like getting really upset(this still has happened to me only 2 times for the 3 special dungeons). Because of people thinking like you. And imagine- this is only the people who complain in world/ main city. I guess there are more that say nothing, they just get upset. So for some it is a problem. For you it is not, you are not getting upset. Why should you care, if by doing something - that you think its right, others too, - upsetting a majority of people ? Well you shouldn't, because you can just need everything and you won't be in the OTHER side where you are feeling bad. And they can not do anything about it.
  8. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    Yeah, so lets punish as you said - the shitty people. Those that need to be punished.
  9. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    After I did this topic, from day to day(I stood a lot in server) I see every day people complaining about ninjas. Just now - in world chat, guys, this guy healer got my tank item, bla bla.. Normal stuff that its normal for people to get upset about. Seen people trash talking to each other, offending, threatening , everything. Even now (in world, he was tank) was upset, mad, really mad for farming an item for a heroic dungeon, ET I think(not sure), for weeks, and the tank item dropping, and the healer just needing it because he did not want to wait "all day" for a que as tank/healer. And then the arguments come and they attack each other, etc... A DK person, entering as tank in front of me in ET again needed a dps item (we had retry paladin) and he needed it and got it, where the dps paladin guy said he was farming for it only (he qued as dps and excpeted dps roll, ms dps). But the tank spec guy got it, because we would have waited all day for a tank ( I am ms tank, but went dps, I waited 15min que so I loot as dps warrior, but I waited 15min instead of making conflict) Sorry if it is too much, but Im just giving examples after I made this topic few days ago. Even if I am wrong, which I may be, people have tons of problems with this. And get angry/mad at the game. Upset. Which I think should not happen over something, that can be fixed.
  10. Don_viktorio

    Ninja marks

    Hello. For the 4th day in a row I am being a witness of people getting items (by need) that they are not ment for them(what they are playing), and getting them from others in NM dungeons, HC dungeons and even now in the ET/HoT/WoE. I know Game Masters can not do anything in game - I called a GM for low LVL ninja looter, who looted everything for gold. But the gm explained to me on high level dungeons it is rare to be seen such things and I must not worry about it. 3 Days ago I witnessed (not for me) a person, who entered a dungeon (WoE) as DPS spec, looting both DPS and healing items for his class, because as he stated "I have only 1 of this per day, it drops super rare, if I can need - I need it, I won't wait 5 more days ,playing my other role for this, I do not care". This way he stole the item from our tank, who waited it for 6 or 7 days, farming the 1 day heroic dungeon. Yesterday same thing happened, but the person needing because he does not care. He did not explain why. If he can need it - he does. Nobody can tell him anything. And we kicked him, but still, heroic dungeons, 1 day reset, he got a rly good item... Today - I even saw a guy needing just for gold. Talking about hc dungeons again. And nobody ever looks at this. Only if it happens to them. Only if they get their role item stolen. PS. Seen lets say Warriors needing necks for casters and some sort. But needing them for 1 of the stats or item level. Against casters. ALL 3 CASES did not happen to me. I observed. However in the past I had problems with this. And for the past 4 weeks I saw in world chat/ infront of me people complaining for a ninja. People who ninja say - I can need, therefore it is not ninja. Doesnt matter if its ment for me. They juts do not understand that they are wrong. I DO not talk about when nobody needs it(only greeds),but when somebody who actually needs it and rolls for that class does not get it. And Game Masters asked me over and over again when I was writing to them - what can I suggest- here it is: A simple change, like in WOLTK private servers - where if you ninja an item you get branded/marked by reports . Really simple - working in game. After that when you enter a dungeon everybody gets a big warning on their screen: you re playing with a ninja - his name. >> From here you decide to kick him or not. PS [ Good idea if the mark stays for 1-3 months or something, like a punishment, so the player understands that he is wrong , then disappear (like a debuf) I understand that nobody cares for low LVL dungeons, or lets say even normals. But heroic ones and those 3 special ones, which you farm once per day, and have low drop chance - I do not understand how people do not talk about this. Hope you understand my point of view and try to help with this manner. Highchief .