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  1. PW:Shield scales with lvl, scales with SP, scales with mastery, and I think if you have buffs that increase healing done like on Baleroc PW:S also scales with it. Almost all buffs scale with level to prevent a player on lvl 1 running around with buffs from lvl 85.
  2. Is the Fury Mastery Bugged?

    Aethas is is a blizzlike nerf. Normally I think every class starts with 8 mastery, but Blizzard decided to nerf Warriors Fury and Mages Frost giving them I think like 2 Mastery to start with. Also if you check the % bonuses from your enrages you'll see that they do increase with your mastery values (sometimes buffs can show wrong values, the best is to check your character page and see by how much % your Weapon DMG goes up).
  3. Arena season rewards discussion.

    We just checked to be sure - the same players win every season. Those players not only get Ruthless, but because they win the season multiple times they get additional WoTLK / TBC titles and WoTLK / TBC Mounts that noone else on the whole server has. I think that's a bit too much and we made this way to exclusive and unreachable for more than 5 players on the whole server.
  4. Arena season rewards discussion.

    Why would rewarding say 3 more ppl with Ruthless kill PvP? Especially when one or two teams win each season and its the same and same ppl winning 3v3 rewards.
  5. Arena season rewards discussion.

    I'm sorry guys but if you want to create a shitshow here than noone is gonna take you serious. Also about the 20-30% of total matches restriction - I do not know why it was removed, we would need to think about the pros and cons and decide if it should be brought back or not.
  6. Arena season rewards discussion.

    Ok I understand that Ruthless for 5v5 might be too much, but I think that there should be some kind of rewards. Rank 1 Gladiator, Rank 2-5 other titles. Since 5v5 no longer will be getting Ruthless, I think that Ruthless for 2v2 can stay, the title is still exclusive, also every season we see almost the same players get the titles + for winning more than one season players get additional rewards (older titles / mounts that noone else can get making them even more exclusive). Adding a rating restriction just won't work, if you have only a few teams playing 5v5 and Rated BG adding a 1800-2000 rate like some suggested will only make it impossible to get that rating, meaning that nothing changes.
  7. Arena season rewards discussion.

    Champk - keeping rewards the same will only kill Rated BG. Last season we listened to players and we announced that there will be no rewards for Rated BG and we saw the effect, 2 guilds said they will no longer be as active as they were in Rated BG. We just made the situation worse. This season we will be rewarding Rated BG.
  8. Arena season rewards discussion.

    1. Ruthless Title It will be only 10 players out of 1500. 1490 players will never get this title even if they tried. It's not like only other PvP players can see your title and mount. Everyone out of those 1490 will see the mount, see the title and know that you won rank one this season. 2. 5v5 bracket For the last 5 seasons (maybe more) we didnt reward 5v5, we thought that more players will mean more 5v5 teams and someday when we have alot of teams we'll turn on the rewards. However the effect was the other way around, no matter how many players, with no rewards noone plays the 5v5 bracket. We had 2x less online and we had more 5v5 teams with higher ratings than we do now. I think the only way to try and get 5v5 more active is start rewarding it like every other bracket. If it doesn't work we can remove it, but if we don't try we'll never know. We can eventually reduce the rewards to make Ruthless Gladiator more exclusive, but not rewarding will have the same effect it had till now - noone plays it. 3. 3v3 bracket I think the current rewards are ok. If we have more teams in the future we can add more rewards, but for now I think it's ok. 4. 2v2 bracket I think 2v2 is the most active bracket with the most games in it and because of that I think the amount of rewards should be larger. Ruthless Gladiator for 2v2? Why not. It's only 2 more players on the server that will get the title, it's not like suddenly 50% of the server will have a title. 5. Rated BG In my opinion atleast 3-5 players should get the title. Not rewarding this bracket like we did last season due to a PvP War was a bad thing, we only made less guilds want to play this bracket and that's not what we want. Adding rewards, and adding rewards for more players will make more ppl try. If Rated BG gets more active in the next seasons I think the rewards can be farther increased. 6. MMR System With the old blizzlike MMR system it was almost impossible for teams to get rating that allowed them to buy better weapons / new gear. We aren't blizzard, we don't have 100000 of players playing PvP. The MMR system had to be changed, we had a discussion on forum with PvP players and the current MMR system is a system we came up with together with the players and a system that made many PvP players happy. We cannot have the blizzlike MMR system cause it just doesn't work on a private server that has 10-20 teams playing. We can't be blizzlike when it comes to PvP, Blizzlike works for Blizzard which has thousands of players plating PvP, we have 100? A system created to be good for thousands of players will never work on a server with 100 PvP players. This is my opinion on this whole situation.
  9. Developer Update #6 - 


    1. Kaspi


      Everyone go and visit it!!!111111!

      I did play on another server with no updates at all, so I honestly appreciate those updates very much.
      It tells people about the direction and future of this server, which is very nice to see.


  10. Rated BG situation

    Hello Players. First of all I would ask you to calm down a little bit, no need to attack eachother. Please do not say someone was wintrading if you are not sure. Also last season we announced no rewards for Rated BG just before the ending of the season. We thought that the ratings and amount of players playing was too low. We now know that was a mistake. Second of all I would like to ask players to tell me when do players not lose rating for Rated BG. I would need you to check: 1. Not entering Battleground 2. Leaving Rated BG when the gates are still closed 3. Leaving Rated BG while it is still in progress. I need a 100% answer to be able to fix this problem. Thank you for your help Last but not least - We are currently talking about increasing the end season rewards. We hope to shortly announce a few changes to who gets rewarded.
  11. Developer Update #6

    Hello Atlantiss Players! Welcome to the 6th Developer Update. Many changes, many fixes, not all related to 4.3.4, but I will try to list as much of them as possible (and as much as I remember). So let’s get to it. Server / Security / Managment: We spent a lot of time last month on upgrading our servers, increasing their security and upgrading our backup system. This is the reason why the forum was off for so long. Here is a list of some of the things that were done: 1. We migrated to new machines. The spec of the machines are the same, but all the hardware is new. We updated the systems and all the software that we use. From now on we plan to update the systems and software every month (or sooner if any important updates are released). 2. We configured the kernel and firewalls on all of the servers. This will increase our security. 3. We created a private network between our servers. All data exchange between our servers is encrypted. You need to login via VPN to access the private network. All public traffic has been blocked (more security updates). 4. We bought a new machine in a totally different location than our production machine. This machine is used to keep backups. We improved the security of all our data. The main database is replicated in real-time. In case of a machine failure no data will be lost. All your progress and chars are safe. An additional full database copy is made every 6h. In case of a database malfunction, we can always rollback to the nearest working copy. 5. All static files - website, forum, logs also follow the rules above. 6. We also purchased another new machine (the same specs as the main machine) specially for PTR. We decided to divide them to make sure that any work done on the PTR won’t effect our main realm in any way. 7. We setup a few tools and an internal Bugtracker for Developers / some CFs. We hope this will help us with managing our work and make sure everyone within the team knows how our projects are going. T13 Content: 1. Well of Eternity It is currently still in development and test are done internally. We will try to hopefully within a week release it to the PTR. 2. Hour of Twilight Is available on the PTR. Our testers reported a few bugs, but overall the dungeon works pretty well. We hope to finish Hour of Twilight very shortly. 3. Dragon Soul Is currently in Development. Jenova and Herkor are working on bosses, Piklo and Trance are working with NPCs / text / sound effects and so on. Morchok - Herkor is currently scripting Morchok. He wasn’t available for a week or two but he is slowly getting back to work. We hope to add Morchok on the PTR within the next week or two. Warlord Zonozz - Jenova is responsible for this boss. He has almost finished all versions (10 / 25 / 10HC / 25HC). He is currently testing him internally, if everything goes well Warlord Zonozz will be available on the PTR next week. Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Jenova is also responsible for this boss. For now he has been gathering data about the boss. He made sniffs from retail and made a video of the encounter (We hope this will speed up the Development process). For now only the basics are done. NPCs - Piklo is working with all the NPCs, making sure they have proper DMG, proper HP values, are targetable and so on. He has almost finished and soon his fixes will be available on PTR. Boss Texts / Boss sound effects - Trance is making sure that all the boss texts and boss sound effects are in the database. He is also creating a document that will later help Developers make the bosses say and play the right sound effect and the right time. 4. Darkmoon Faire Pelekon and Krecik tried to sniff as much data as possible on retail during the last Darkmoon Faire event. They also recorded the whole event and every single quest that they did. Pelekon has done around 75% of all the visuals / npcs and so on. Krecik is slowly working on the quests. Others: Many other fixes have been done. I think the most important one was fixing a bug that caused players killed in Ring of Valor to sometimes resurrect in the middle of the arena. A few quests have been fixed, some improvements were made to our BAI system (a tool that allows to script without having any programming knowledge, you only need to learn the tool and rules). If anyone is interested please have a look at our changelog - https://atlantiss.eu/changelog. That would be all for this Update. Have a nice day everyone and hope to see on Atlantiss. Cheers.
  12. Raid icons are getting better and better

    Edge004: The solution for your problem is as stated above: 1. Use an addon 2. Report on bugtracker and wait. Closing topic.
  13. Developer Update #5

    Welcome to the 5th Developer Update. The last Developer Update was 1 month ago. I think that we will be doing Developer Updates at the end or start of each month. If a month is really really busy I might do 2 in a month (we’ll see). Many of our Devs / CFs are still students and are currently busy with their exams, so some of them are less active, let’s wish them luck with all their exams. Developer Team: Let’s start by saying Hello to our new Developer - Pelekon. Pelekon started as a CF on our Cata Realm, we later gave him a few tasks on our TBC Realm, now he is a Developer on our Cata Realm. Some of you may know him as the Developer that fixed “Only the Penitent...”. He recently fixed many exploits and improved Ragnaros to make him killable on 25HC. Let’s wish him bug free code. Development Management: I am currently responsible for the Development of our 4.3 Content. I try to manage the work of our Developers and CFs. Developers that are currently working on 4.3 are - Pelekon, Herkor, Bildo, Krecik, Jenova. Content Fixers that are currently working on 4.3 are - Trance, Piklo. Content Fixers that are active can “advance” to be part of this “4.3 Development Team” and later hopefully become Cata Developers. T12 Content: In the last month we decided to spend a week or two on improving Ragnaros both Normal and HC. We decided do this because we saw many guilds fighting to get the realm first Ragnaros 25HC Kill. We fixed a few exploits, we tried to make killing / managing meteors easier, we also improved Dreadflames. Thanks Pelekon for your hard work, I think all the guilds trying to kill Ragnaros 25HC are grateful. I would also like to congratulate Immortal Legion for their Realm First Ragnaros 25 HC kill and WSI for their Realm Second kill. I hope to see both guilds fighting for Dragon Soul Realm First kills once it’s released. T13 Content: 1. End Time Available on PTR with all bosses. End Time is currently finished. We will be doing some last tests and we hope to release End Time soon on our main realm. 2. Well of Eternity The Developers / CFs currently working on WoE are - Herkor, Piklo, Jenova. Herkor is responsible for scripting the whole Illidan Event. Piklo is responsible for checking all NPCs and making sure they have proper stats and scripts. I (Jenova) am responsible for scripting the bosses. The current progress is we almost have the first boss an Illidan Event working, Piklo has done around half of the dungeon NPCs. 3. Hour of Twilight Bildo wasnt available for a while, but he returned last weekend and started working on HoT again. We hope to finish HoT within the next weeks and also have it open on our PTR for testing. 4. Baradin Hold Alizabal Pelekon spent some time on Alizabal. The boss is pretty much finished, we are currently testing it and fixing any bugs found by our testers. Good job Pelekon! 5. Darkmoon Faire Pelekon and Krecik are responsible for scripting Darkmoon Faire. They just started, they are currently sniffing the data that we need to script the zone. The whole zone is empty so we have a lot of work to do, from setting spawns, waypoints, stats to actually adding any scripts and quests. I hope I didn’t forget about anything (if I did I’ll add it in the next Developer Update). I would like to thank all the Developers, CFs and Testers for their hard work. Thank you for your attention and I hope to see you soon in-game. Cheers.
  14. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

  15. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Thread cleaned up. Don't make me do this again. Cheers.