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  1. Thank you, Atlantiss!

    Thank you for the kind words. We try our best to give you guys the best server. I wish you both a long and happy adventure on Atlantiss. Cheers.
  2. [Gameobject] Gjalerbron cages

    So this fix should be rejected?
  3. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    The problem with Raid Finder is every boss in Raid Finder deals 25% less DMG and has 25% less HP, also half of the spells have lower base DMG, some effects are removed to make fights even easier, sometimes even whole spells / phases are removed just to make a fight as tank and spank as possible. Adding Raid Finder would be a lot of work and I personally think it will kill the beauty of Dragon Soul and the beauty of PVE and progressing. It turns DS into just another 5 man dungeon you do it in 30 mins and you just finished raiding for this week.
  4. 4.3.4 Raid modes

    The Raid Finder Mode will not be included. The first release will be Normal and Heroic, the Raid Finder difficulty is low priority.
  5. PvP season rewards

    To all the people that claim if something is true or not: 1. My fix from 1-2 years ago caused this exploit 2. We the Developers reproduced this exploit with a rogue + mage 3. We fixed the exploit so we know what the cause was So please don't tell me what you think is true or not. I don't care what you think is true, nor do I care that you have 5000 rating, I know what the exploit was and you don't end of story.
  6. PvP season rewards

    @Kaspi we have ONE video showing FOUR arenas where the bug happened. Do you or anyone have proof of this player abusing this bug more than these FOUR times? Also like I said all you need to get this bug is one arena vs a rogue/mage team, so I would bet that half of the high rate rogues / ferals had this bug, maybe not this severe, but for sure 20-30% more energy regen than they should have.
  7. PvP season rewards

    1. When was this? 2. Do you have any proof that he did the energy bug and sniped all day? 3. Why isn't the chat fully expanded? 4. The player banned claimed he has no idea how to reproduce the bug and that it happened randomly after playing many arenas, do you have proof that in this SS he wasnt shit talking? 5. Do you have any proof of him using this bug other than this one video showing 4 arenas with this bug? 6. Like I said this bug can easily happen to anyone that plays an arena vs a team with mage+rogue.
  8. PvP season rewards

    1. Why did we only ban one account? We never before "banned the player" for simple bugabusing nor hacking and in this situation we won't either. We punish the account that used the exploit, the account that used the hack, the account that was bugging FL and so on. This is how we worked for 5 years and we won't be suddenly changing this rule just because you don't like someone. 2. Why is "flying around Azeroth perma bannable and this not?!!!?!??!?!" Next time please read the rules before accepting them. All of you accepted our rules and our rules state: Bugging with premeditation or bugging without reporting will be SEVERELY punished. It is banned to use cheats (programs like fly hack, speed hack, teleport) or bots (programs which are helping you e.g. farming - autoclick, automove, fishbot). Addons are allowed. Breaking this rule will result with a permanent ban. The player got banned for 31 days + was removed from the PvP season rewards. That means he got SEVERELY punished. That is enough. Just because you guys don't like him doesn't mean we will break our own rules and perma ban him and all his accounts. Rules are rules they are the same for everyone if you like it or not. Why should we ban this and only this time with a perma ban and why all his accounts? How about we go back now and every player that ever abused any bug in PvP / PvE will get perma banned on all his accounts? 3. Why did his other account get R1? Why not? Different account, different character, no proof that this account did anything wrong, we don't punish the player we punish the account. If we start punishing the player half of you would be perma banned on forum and in-game for breaking the forums rules 100000 times already. You claim that this player has been abusing this bug for years and he does it all the time, yet we have no proof of that. All we have is one video of say 10 fights? No proof = no ban. Give us the proof that he used this bug over and over and over again and that these 10 fights aren't the only ones. Also getting a bug energy was easier than most of you think, by simply playing an arena vs rogue + mage there was a chance of energy bugging, so probably alot more players used this bug or had this bug, should we ban all rogues and druids feral? P.S - To the PvP Community. If you want changes do these two things. 1. More talking about the issues less personal attacks. 2. More proof less toxicity.
  9. Thank you!!! <3 The new 4.3.4 HoT dungeons!!!

    Thank you for the kind words. We're happy that players are having a nice time in the new dungeons. I wish you a nice day and thank you again. Cheers :)
  10. Petition to remove ROV map from atlantiss.

    Hello, Is there anywhere a full list of bugs on RoV? What seems to be the problem? If such a report exists can someone please send it to me, if it doesn't can someone leave a message here explaining all the problems. If the bugs are really gamebreaking we can turn it off, if they aren't gamebreaking and just some players don't like the arena we can think about reducing the % chance of it showing up. We are open to your feedback. We spent alot of time on RoV because PvP players wanted it very badly, and claimed that PvP is dead because not all arenas are avaialble, it's a bit sad that now it turns out that we just wasted our time.
  11. PW:Shield scales with lvl, scales with SP, scales with mastery, and I think if you have buffs that increase healing done like on Baleroc PW:S also scales with it. Almost all buffs scale with level to prevent a player on lvl 1 running around with buffs from lvl 85.
  12. Is the Fury Mastery Bugged?

    Aethas is is a blizzlike nerf. Normally I think every class starts with 8 mastery, but Blizzard decided to nerf Warriors Fury and Mages Frost giving them I think like 2 Mastery to start with. Also if you check the % bonuses from your enrages you'll see that they do increase with your mastery values (sometimes buffs can show wrong values, the best is to check your character page and see by how much % your Weapon DMG goes up).
  13. Arena season rewards discussion.

    We just checked to be sure - the same players win every season. Those players not only get Ruthless, but because they win the season multiple times they get additional WoTLK / TBC titles and WoTLK / TBC Mounts that noone else on the whole server has. I think that's a bit too much and we made this way to exclusive and unreachable for more than 5 players on the whole server.
  14. Arena season rewards discussion.

    Why would rewarding say 3 more ppl with Ruthless kill PvP? Especially when one or two teams win each season and its the same and same ppl winning 3v3 rewards.
  15. Arena season rewards discussion.

    I'm sorry guys but if you want to create a shitshow here than noone is gonna take you serious. Also about the 20-30% of total matches restriction - I do not know why it was removed, we would need to think about the pros and cons and decide if it should be brought back or not.