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  1. Whamio

    Leveling a warrior

    I see...so you understand how rage works for warriors? Then I suggest Arms if you are mainly questing or prot if you want to level by rdf! Personally when you get to 30 I would buy dual spec and take the other spec if you chose either prot or arms.
  2. Whamio

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    Yes they need to fix that! 😅 probably still focusing mostly on netherwing for now so it might be sometime before that is fixed. We must be patient I guess
  3. Whamio

    Ideas to get new PLayer on the Server

    How about making the vote panel easier to access & use on the website. When I first joined the server years ago it was in the top 5 of private servers on the private server ranking site..now it is what..30th? Only 11 people or so voted yesterday. Incentives to make people vote would be nice...something cosmetic ingame maybe?
  4. Whamio

    Leveling a warrior

    Good morning! What is your level of experience with warriors? First time ever playing one? Have you played a warrior before in older expansions of wow?
  5. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy New Year! Hope 2019 is better than 2018 for you! 😎