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  1. ZeroCoolRO

    [Addon Request] Auto Guild Inviter

    @FeralGod, I keep doing that. I try to "spam" (notice the quotes) .. the world chat daily, alot ... but no one seems to care. I even try to whisper guildless players, most simply ignore the whisper. @Slave I know thats annoying, but those idiots spam alot with that addon they simply abuse it. I wanted to use it like once every 30 - 60minutes. Not 200 times a minute like others ;) Then ill keep typing and asking if they wanna join. I saw many players inviting me alot in their guild, while I was guildless, so somehow the addon still works, i guess.
  2. Hello everyone, I write this message in hope that the forum ain't completely dead, and maybe someone will help me. I made a new guild yesterday, and it is pretty hard to give /w to everyone and ask them if they wanna join you. Someone on world chat, recommended me some Auto Guild Inviter addon, but I didnt found anything that works. I had found 2, one was outdated and at the other said something like "change version" or something like that. Can anyone give me a link for some good Cataclysm (Atlantiss) version of a Auto Guild Inviter? Thank you!
  3. ZeroCoolRO

    Issues with Gatherer and Gathermate

    uhm @Seperest i think that I know whats the problem, but I dont remember exactly what to do. All I can say is that /gathermate2 and look on settings, check / uncheck boxes until those ghost nodes that follow you disappear. I did the same :D If i remember you, when ill log in again in like 2 hours ill check gathermate and give you exactly what you should do. :) **EDIT: I looked on GatherMate2 options, but really can't find that little thing about you say. Sorry!
  4. ZeroCoolRO

    WoW 4.3.4 Addons + links

    Good evening folks. Is there any good Auto Guild Invite for 4.3.4 , Cataclysm version? Really searched for atlantis cuz I made my own guild and is very hard to message players. So with a auto-invite, once every 30 minutes - 60 minutes, is not that much spam I guess :) Can anyone help me? Please put @ZeroCoolRO in front, in this way ill receive notification :P
  5. Hello folks. I have 2 questions, if anyone can help me with some answers ill be more than happy. 1. Is guild finder broken? I just left some foreign guild with some strange language, and wanted to join my newly guild, I set exactly the req for my guild BROWSE GUILDS -> NOTHING. Whats the thing? I was happy that i can bring the alt to my guild. 2. Is there any way to report some broken quests on forum, and again IS THERE ANY CHANCES for devs to fix them? Report bug seems to be invisible for devs, sent like 2-3 for bugged quests like 1 month ago, still nothing, those are still broken. Thank you for reading and aswering (in case that you replied).
  6. ZeroCoolRO

    Exploration Achievements

    Almost 3 days ... and still didnt got my achiev. Now I can fly .. ill try the crazy way to go mid air how much far i can in OGRIMMAR maybe somehow ill the achiev. I saw today on other map that appeared "zone x explored" and nothing. I went waaaay way way far inside and BOOM achiev poped up :D Sometimes the exploration point where you unlock the area and the exploration point where you get the achiev is very strange. You need to advance alot from the point when you received "x zone explored" till you get the achiev. At some maps when you explored the last zone, instantly you get achiev, at some maps you need to advance more .. ill try this, hopefully in ogrimar mid air wont be to many flying guards. I know that those most of time are way way up above city. EDIT 20.10.2017
  7. Hello everyone. In the past days I stumbled upon some annoying .. lets call it ANNOYING BUG. Probably im not the only crazy guy that really want to have the EXPLORATION ACHIEVEMENTS ... Im on my way to explore all Kalimdor, and after that I plan to move to Eastern Kingdoms, BUT ... until now I had found this bug multiple times. Probably you say " just say the bug stop saying nonsens :D " The bug is that, on my screen appear lets say " OGRIMMAR " ... on chat appear that OGRIMMAR was explored but, on my achiev track the OGRIMMAR is still there and I dont get the achiev. OFC ALL MAP EXPLORED.. OGRIMMAR being the last locaton. When I go to explore a map, I like to TRACK IT like a quest. Most of times when I explore a zone, she disappear from that list, but many times doesnt .. Like now, I have all DUROTAR map explored (OGRIMMAR included) but still no achiev. Yesterday with Northern Barrens, happend the same, all map visible, but still had 2-3 zone on my tracking and still no achiev. I had the briliant idea to logout / login .. and worked, but now with DUROTAR is not working. So the question is that if the devs can fix the exploration achievements. I know that this thing is the smallest thing ever in game, given fact that there at low mid and probably high level are still tons of bugged quests, but still ... come on, you guys scripted from scrath everything probably, so how hard can be to make functionable quests and functionable achievements? Thank you for reading all my message, and looking forward for idea, suggestions and why not some GM response. I wish you a great day / or a good night , depends :P