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    Mainly Heroic Firelands Stream

    Hey guys, I'm Bisli, one of the regularly raiding members of Ensidia. We are trying out a new raiding schedule focused on farming heroic Firelands on Wednesdays: 7 p.m. Firelands 6/7 HC, no rag. I will probably raiding as feral druid, tank/dps depending on boss. 9 p.m. Firelands 7/7 HC, swapping in mains for rag. I will be playing disc priest here. We have been killing rag HC multiple times a week for quite some time, but not always cleanly, so the stream will show our strats for basically all bosses, as well as some (hopefully not too many) major mistakes you can do. We are german core, so some banter in voice will be in german, but we try to keep important stuff in english, as we have non-german members. You can find the stream here: www.twitch.tv/bislibur Feel free to ask/suggest anything to me via twitch chat or /w ingame during the raid or at any other time (I also love doing WoL analysis if you're interested). I will also stream the occasional FL/BoT/BH/BWL/rhc whenever i feel like it. Looking forward to seeing someone in twitch chat. Have a nice one! Yours, Bisli