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  1. [Answered] RAF grantable levels question

    yeah thats what I wanted to know thanks for reply, again ^^
  2. Vanilla Replica gear

    Yeah I am not sure either how it is now on retail, or how it was during Cataclysm. Anyway thanks for answer, I already got over it :)
  3. If my recruited friend got two level 85 characters in Alliance, is it possible for him to grant levels for my level 1 Horde character somehow? Also it is said that "Recruit characters gain one grantable level for every two levels earned", so if my friend have two level 85 characters, could he instantly level one of my characters from 1 to 85?
  4. Account level

    Tbh vote shop prices should be lowered without any "gold account" thing. Its ridiciolous that you need to vote for 52 days just to get a faction change, or vote for 150 days to get T3 transmog.
  5. Vanilla Replica gear

    I noticed that you cannot talk to NPC with Vanilla pvp gear in Area 52 (as Alliance), you cannot even open the vendor window. Any other way to obtain Replica Marshall gear?
  6. Blacksmithing 515+ ?

    Hm, don't you know which exact Bloodthirsty recipes should give me skill above 515? I do have Vicious Pyrium Bracers and those are grey'ed. Kinda don't want to waste another Elementium Bars to buy every single recipe until I find right one.
  7. Blacksmithing 515+ ?

    How am I supposted to get higher skill in Blacksmithing if crafting Bloodthirsty items are grey (no skill gain). I literally have nothing to craft that could give me some skill. Any tips?
  8. Assassination/Combat PvE question

    I see, thanks for reply, Assassination it is then for me. I wonder, will you go Combat for Dragon Soul? Since there is few cleave fights like: Zon'ozz, Blackhorn, Madness of DW. And one last thing, just to be sure: do you go 17% hit or just get 8% and whatever with rest? Also any expertise?
  9. Assassination/Combat PvE question

    How does Assassination work here on Atlantiss? I know that most rogues on retail used Combat in FL/DS, but I would like to play Assa because it seems more fun. Do you think I am going to outstand much with Assa?