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  1. Wolsken

    Settings Reset

    This is included in what I meant by “security steps.” It isn’t a new installation so all the properties are as they should be and were working with his morning, but I did go through them again to be sure. Thank you, though!
  2. Wolsken

    Settings Reset

    Today, out of nowhere, I ran my game and was met with the EULA prompt. This was strange since I've been playing on this server for a while (not long enough to know all the issues it seems). But when I logged in, none of my settings were the same. All my addons were reset along with anything else you wouldn't find on a fresh install (with the addons still installed and "working"). My first instinct was that it is an issue with permissions, so I ran through all of the security steps that I had gone through when I first installed the game to no avail. I had my settings backed up, and my original settings in the WTF folder were unchanged so I imagine it has to do with the WTF folder itself and the game not detecting it, but I would like some help in figuring this out from people who may have experienced this. Thank you!