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  1. Vlx

    Whats up with shadow priests?

    Ok, to revive this topic a bit (and hopefully stay on topic), here's an update. DS content was up, and few major bugs that Spriests have are: Spine trinket not proccing on DOTs, and our pet/apparations not always finding way to hit the boss. Even without these bugs, Spriest's DPS would be in "medium" range, thus making them absolute garbage on many of the encounters. That being said, Zonoz, Hagara and Warmaster HC are places where we shine! I am talking about Multidotting and being able to absorb Hour of Twilight or Ice Shards with dispersion. We still won't top DPS charts but we can be damn close. Now if raid leader don't mind swapping classes mid raid, go for it. Or you can get 3-4 DPS classes that do 50k+ and invite Spriests as a UTILITY class for whole raid. Bottom line: Spriests are not TOP dps classes, so raid leaders who only care about dps won't give them a chance. Leaders who prefer having 1-2 utility classes in raid, and have Ultraxx enrage timer covered, will give them a chance.
  2. Vlx

    XP rate optimization

    The key point is: you don't enter a pharmacy and tell them they should change business! You don't enter grocery store and tell them how to make more money! You enter those places to BUY GOODS (healthy or unhealthy it's your own decision). You come to this server to play by the exp. rates that are predesignated by the staff. You don't go to the private server and then tell them how to do their business. You either like it or don't.
  3. Vlx

    XP rate optimization

    Sorry to barge in to this post, but I'd like to give my 5 cents......... no complaints? Here I go! Whining about x1 server rates on Atlantiss to me seems like whining about not being able to buy computer components at the grocery store! Will grocery store make more money by selling computers? Hell YEAH! But grocery store doesn't care! Grocery store is here to sell you healthy broccoli and unhealthy soy beans... because owners know what their goal in life is! Do you know why you entered wrong store? Are you telling the owner that he should change his business because more money is gained by selling different product? Food for thought...
  4. In friendly zones such as Elvynn Forest, Dun Morogh... (you can see if't friendly territory when entering it, or by a green name above the minimap), you can type /pvp to turn off PvP. That means you will be "blue" for the opposing faction, and they can't hit you or damage you with any spell or ability. In other zones, unfortunately, you are on your own. That's how PvP realms work. I cannot tell if staff could implement such a feature - to turn off PvP for all zones, but I am 100% sure it would not be blizzlike...
  5. Vlx

    add ons

    My choice would be: wowace.com, then wow.curse.com, then wowinterface.com In each of these sites, you can find an addon, then click "other files"/"earlier versions" and see if there is 4.3.4 version.
  6. Vlx

    Is warrior worth it?

    Zodio my man, internet rule #14... If I were you, I would just leave it be, and use my energy (read: rage) elsewhere ;)
  7. Vlx

    Is warrior worth it?

    For me, Protection is the most enjoyable and fun spec to play for both PvP and PvE... For tanking in instances/raids you can make quite effective 1 button rotation macro, and then you can enjoy watching boss encounters and awesome scripts from up close, and make your primary focus on correct positioning and even who is doing what in your raid/party. For BG, you bring solid CC and tanking which is needed for carrying flags or defending a base from being captured. Most of the time, you will be the last man standing, as enemy will focus nuking down everyone else around you, but if you survive even longer, you will quite often see new reinforcements arriving so you don't even get killed. This is awesome for honor farming as well :)
  8. Vlx

    Is the Fury Mastery Bugged?

    I'd like to give my 2 cents... I honestly believe that being "in the middle" on DPS charts does not mean talent spec should not be played or isn't viable. On retail (especially in 10 mans) we often used to take classes/specs that have utility or are good for certain job. For example, disc priest has really low HPS in raids, but on Halfus, after the boss recieves %dmg taken increase, he would smite the crap out of him, topping tank to full HP with every cast. Even if there was no good use for fury in raids, it is still fun spec to play. And WoW is all about fun :)
  9. Vlx

    Does allys ever win a random bg?

    It may also happen that, during the play hours of the OP, most of the ally PvP junkies were asleep, since we got international server here with lots of different time zones.
  10. Hello guys! I recently started playing here, and started leveling Blacksmithing/Mining. Found this useful guide, so if anyone needs it feel free to download it and use it. It may not be 100% accurate, since this is private server after all :P, but you can use it as a baseline at least. Cheers Blacksmith 4.3.4.pdf
  11. Vlx

    Gdje ste forumaši, imali li Vas ?

    Pozz, evo na Ally ima guild "Balkanci", kreiran pre par dana i puni se ko pošta na dan penzija... Ne znam da li su sve te pridošlice "naši" ljudi, ali ima ih dosta! :)