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  1. lostmyusername

    About Heroic Dragon Soul Realm First

    personally id say, RF only once but it doesnt matter if 10 or 25. dont nerf the one or the other, if guilds can make it to get 25 ppl for raiding, they should be rewarded in killing the arguably easier bosses and get their RF. smaller guilds can still try to get the RF on the harder 10m-bosses. if thats not an option for you, just set 2 RFs for 10 and 25. and pls buff both versions equally.
  2. lostmyusername

    A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    nice guide, only thing i would talk about, is talking socket-bonuses (at least as a demo). simcraft says 2 mastery>1 int (same for hit/haste, if you get better/even reforges with it), so in theory, you would also take a 10-int bonus with the rare-gems (i dont remember the exact numbers, so it could also be the same for epic gems). thx for the mastery-gear advise btw. else: whats your opinion about swapping chalice for insignia of the corrupted mind in a lot of fights, cuz your meta often has less than 2 minutes cd (sometimes it even goes down to 1 minute/1:15, average should be between 1:30 and 1:45 or sth like that) --> chalice has less effect there. either gamble for another quick reset of meta and delaying the second chalice+demon soul or delay the meta? --> better use a stronger trinket in general stats, than waiting for your cds to line up? i didnt do the math about it, maybe you did. later on: when that bug of trinket swapping gets fixed, how strong is chalice still, when you cant use it for your first meta? it has 30 secs cd, after popping the first meta with vortex+theralions mirror prefight. guess it depends on the fights, but id say as a rough guess, in that case chalice isnt worth anymore.
  3. lostmyusername

    Deutsche Gilden

    guck mal bei PUSH IT TO THE LIMIT, die fangen grad erst mitm content an. ich weiß aber nicht, ob sie t11 raiden möchten (der content lässt sich easy going über rhcs usw skippen).
  4. lostmyusername

    Spielerlebnis auf dem Server

    hcs funktionieren alle. ob die blizzlike sind, kann ich dir nicht sagen, da ich nie cata-offi gespielt habe. raids: funktionieren ebenfalls, grad der hc-raid-content ist, wenn du dich NICHT carrien lässt, durchaus noch ne kleine herausforderung (kp, t11 hc ist ziemlich hart, musst nur leute finden, die ihn mit dir spielen wollen, FL hc... naja bis auf raggy ist das eigentlich ziemlich schnell freeloot, OBWOHL die prenerf-instanz um 15% gebufft ist.) was rhcs betrifft: der server ist alt, hier haben viele gutes FL-gear, daher werden die meisten nur gerusht, weil die leute einfach nur ihre valor-points auf etlichen highgearten charakteren haben wollen. keiner hat groß lust auf za/zg/HoT-dungeons. auch deadmines wird meist nachm ersten boss rausgevotet, da sie zu lange dauert. man findet aber genug gruppen, auch da mittlerweile viele platten-dds als tanks melden, um die queue zu beschleunigen.
  5. lostmyusername

    PvE Feral Dps

    well, idk, whats wrong with either my simulation with simcraft or with atlantiss, but however i do the simulation, i get better statvalues for mastery than for haste with t12 hc 391gear, (its actually mastery>crit>exp=hit>haste) although the difference is rly small (everything between 1.28 and 1.36). might be, that there are bigger spikes in dps with haste/crit (40k+ at bale for example), but in average mastery should be still better, if i didnt miss sth. (tried both reforges and didnt rly see a difference in dps at bale/rag) for offtanking, i NEVER had issues with a full haste reforge in FL, healers were only complaining about dks/paladins getting so much dmg, eventho they sometimes had full defensive gear. --> wouldnt recommend that for DS tho, saw a lot of tanks already dieing there, eventho it wasnt to the physical part of the dmg, but still: everything helps.
  6. lostmyusername

    Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

    Nice guide, but i would want to know your opinion about theralions mirror as a possible BiS-trinket at least for baleroc/other benchmark-encounters. had 3 or 4 raids with it now and it seems pretty strong to me, because the cooldown is almost everytime up, when i get my meta back... (not possible in rag-fight tho). its a little bit of a gamble but this trinket should be far better than DM:V and chalice by stats and ilvl, if you can pull it of with your meta.