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  1. PvE Feral Dps

    well, idk, whats wrong with either my simulation with simcraft or with atlantiss, but however i do the simulation, i get better statvalues for mastery than for haste with t12 hc 391gear, (its actually mastery>crit>exp=hit>haste) although the difference is rly small (everything between 1.28 and 1.36). might be, that there are bigger spikes in dps with haste/crit (40k+ at bale for example), but in average mastery should be still better, if i didnt miss sth. (tried both reforges and didnt rly see a difference in dps at bale/rag) for offtanking, i NEVER had issues with a full haste reforge in FL, healers were only complaining about dks/paladins getting so much dmg, eventho they sometimes had full defensive gear. --> wouldnt recommend that for DS tho, saw a lot of tanks already dieing there, eventho it wasnt to the physical part of the dmg, but still: everything helps.
  2. Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

    Nice guide, but i would want to know your opinion about theralions mirror as a possible BiS-trinket at least for baleroc/other benchmark-encounters. had 3 or 4 raids with it now and it seems pretty strong to me, because the cooldown is almost everytime up, when i get my meta back... (not possible in rag-fight tho). its a little bit of a gamble but this trinket should be far better than DM:V and chalice by stats and ilvl, if you can pull it of with your meta.