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    Single Minded Fury Sheet Dps

    It seems precision talent (3% hit and 40% autoattack damage is not added in the damage calculation). By mouseovering over damage it seems it gets multiplied by 132%. This is due to 10% increase from berserker stance and 20% increase from Single Minded-Fury, that is 110% * 120% = 132%. The question remains though, how can a T11 Heroic Geared Single-Minded Fury warrior output 18-22k dps on target dummy, whilst I do around 15k (pretty much the same gear and stats).
  2. kinkysa

    Single Minded Fury Sheet Dps

    Hello there. I have been doing a little research on the single minded fury spec and I've stumbled across some videos from patch 4.1 and 4.2. In the image of the left you can see my stats and gear. In the second image you will see the stats and gear from another single minded fury warrior. The wierd part is that we both have around the same stats but his damage and dps on weapons are 50% higher than mine. Also by watching his dps on dummy (85 dummy) the damage he outputs is much higher. I checked that patch notes between patch 4.2.x and 4.3.x and the only weapon related damage change is the 5% loss on auto-attacks from dual-wield specialized which was replaced with 25% bonus damage on off-hand. The question is do I miss anything about patch 4.3 or there is a visual/class bug regarding the spec's damage ? Thanks in advance. The video you can find here: