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  1. xaviola

    Demonology Warlock Guide by Fafal

    what is the best way for snapshotting corruption? any addon ?
  2. xaviola

    Taco Wipefest - Guild Horda Hispana

    aguante DSWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. i buy faction change horde yo ally i will pay 60k pd: i cant post in market plz move =)
  4. xaviola

    [Answered] Trasmog

    http://www.wowhead.com/transmog-set=410/absolution-regalia-recolor this trasmog is enabled in this server? and how buy or how do i obtein this set? only black temple?
  5. xaviola

    [Answered] server?

    ahahhaha how test new dungueons?
  6. xaviola

    Grid and grid2 not working

    you can link for you download? i downloadcurser version 4.3.4 but not run
  7. i install grid and grid2 ofversion 4.3.4but not start in the game :(any have idea for not working? or have any grid work in this server plz!
  8. xaviola

    Busco Guild Hala Hispana

    Soy nuevo en el erver y ando en busca de guild de habla hispana para mi y 5 compañeros que arribamos al servidor