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  1. Exploration Achievements

    Exploration achievements sometimes did happen... With delay for me as well. SO do not be amazed if that hapens. you Explore Deepholm? Go RHC? random X mins into it, you get the achi. Happens...
  2. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    For NA times on Horde, I believe looking into Zero Status is the only option?
  3. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    I would not say that nobody is giving a chance. When we went to Alliance to rebuild Crimson Wolves, the Warlock we had with us, Frostbitten, was wearing blue items (He even had 1 or 2 blue items on him on his first kill, which was 6th pull, if I recall correctly). Only experience we had with him before was a really enjoyable "Pug" Normal and 1 6/7 HC on Horde. Just be enjoyable companion as well as a good raider. PS- First kill is now regarding Rag HC. And he is currently only Non-Orc Warlock that Ive seen to do over 48k on Bale. Without PI/another DI/FM/ToT overbuffing him.
  4. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    I propose 1 rag 25 per day? Life and stuff is overrated.
  5. LF PvE Guild with Raidspot

    My advice is to start off in a social PvE oriented, take it step by step. You wont get into a Rag HC Farm group on your first weeks. But, once you can show some results it becomes a lot easier. Or, try to hook some IRL friends and build up your own :p Thats also fun tbf.
  6. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    I propose T11 25 man with everyone starting 346 ilvl the first get-go. XD But Im slightly crazy also
  7. Active NA guild

    I think on Alliance side the only one which can be considered NA, or closest to it is Stormrage. Cheers.
  8. [Answered] Rewarding Hosters.

    In general, it requires playerbase. Which has not seen much increase for a long time.
  9. Is warrior worth it?

    Must agree with Edge004. Healing a BDK during farm is like being afk. Healing a BDK during progression is a so-so (totally depends on the DK and the group) Healing a Prot Warr durin FL HC progression on ATS, was a tough challenge must say, yet still easier than healing half the BDK-s of ATS.
  10. [A][EN/PvE]Crimson Wolves

    So, with the return of interest, and a little break from a few people, it looks like we might be rebuilding in the week or few to come :). Personally a bit hyped and hope the people who returned stick around :1

    Be it what it is but I would like to point this out - Server Administration can demand a player to change the nickname of his character if it doesn't respect character naming rules or does not meet community standards. If the player does not comply, his character's nickname will be changed to a random one, and the player will receive a 7 day ban. Copy pasted from the rules. / Unless TS has some hidden more strict rules XD
  12. Is warrior worth it?

    Enjoyable and profitable are quite often different though. While I must agree with Cybercaptain that Prot Warr is enjoyable. Have to also admit the fact that it is currently the worst tank spec you can roll on Atlantiss. Perhaps T13 will change it xd ? (Up until we see it, we can just assume, you know - private server special features will have an impact in comparison to blizz-like ness one way or another :p )
  13. Kas leidub siin teisi eestlaseidki?

    Koos endaga tean et Alliance poolel hetkel vähemalt kolm eestlast :).
  14. Frost DK DW PVE Guide for Firelands Patch

    Well, from personal experience, can say you are able to have what it takes to have enough numbers to carry your own weight, but it just is not optimal. Getting 2x HC Cleavers is way harder than getting 1x Heroic Zoids. and 1x Heroic Zoid on an UH is already higher performance than 2x HC Cleavers on a Frost... I just love the lottery jackpot feeling the Frost spec gives so I still occasionally kek around with it. And really a chill spec for a beginner player to learn the base mechanics of the raid with. Since even if you dont follow your procs (HoR, or others if youre still a bit lower on gear), use Pillar on CD and just smash what shines without a thought you will be doing more than enough to break all damage requirements of Normal Raid. Question is, why to work more on something that is less efficient?
  15. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    Everyone lvl 40 would be cool :D Ups, 60 I mean, FML, read 40 wrote 40.