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  1. Eh, unless those "some" are literally robots online 24/7 it will still be biased. Sadly thats how things are. Be it strict or extremely free, unless same judgement is slammed 24/7 it just will never be 100% fair and there will always be complaints by QQ-ers. So meh, its internet, if someone gets offended by every small little word - Recommend the person not to join World chat (lo and behold, nobody is forcing anyone to join World chat!!!!) Having an auto-ban-bot vs Spammers would be much appreciated though.. Seeing someone spam those "Flashbang @@@@@" and things of similar level of information in tens and tens of lines of "text" are annoying. But luckily can be ignored.
  2. Have to agree here 100%. Well, even if defenders were organized, Tol Barad is designed so that attackers have a significant advantage.
  3. Oh wait, in TB, then no competitive scene. Disregard that was too hasty to respond. But still... Artificially buffing one side or the other is not the solution. There was a time where Alliance won like what, 1 out of 10 Tol Barads which lasted a few weeks.... Due to some bug I think or?? Cant really remember why. The given rates are not half as bad as they were back then Just muster up, get some organized atmosphere in and go ham, hehe.
  4. Would probably end up with everyone whos main goal is victory to transfer over lel. And tip the scale towards the other side. Such buffs cant, by no means bring anything good. Sorry but thats the truth. Best you can do is somehow bring in more playerbase towards the faction side. But not by giving them an unfair advantage. Like idk, get your IRL friends to join in? Promote the server somehow? (PS, Playermade promotions being rewarded miiight help in this case? Like - ingame gold or Votepoints to account, whatnot?) Since if you do give a direct buff to either side which either gives them extra damage, or makes them take less damage... It will just ruin the gameplay on competitive high levels.
  5. Fire damage should Heal, not damage Ragnaros anyway! That would make things fair Yes yes, and Frost Mage/Frost DK should do 200% damage in Firelands (Obviously spitting out nonsense here) Personally though, I think that something of this small game impact should not be prioritized. Like, if having to choose, between minor things like these, or more content? IoC/T13, Whatnot? Which one would you prefer... Like yeah, even smallest things getting fixed is all cool. But... Atlantiss dev group is a liiiitle bit smaller than the one Blizzard had at hand during Cata development. So eh, take a chill bill and just enjoy the game. Would understand if there is something that makes, for example.... Combustion CD instantly be refreshed out of nowhere. Or Locks being able to summon multiple Doomguards simultaneously. Or anything crazy like that . Let all things come when theyre all ready. Whether we like it or not. We cant have everything by today, so every now and then X or Y will be waiting in line for A or B being done. PS, I honestly do not even care if the damage buff is Blizz-like or not. Since the impact is just so minor it does not ruin any boss encounter. It just makes mages even crazier on DPS charts when you do BH or Baleroc. It does not, though - provide you more or greater loot (Gold or item-wise). And saying that "Baleroc Rage timer"... well by this time nearly every guild group has the DPS for it, even the more casual ones, why? Legestaffs, thats why, which can be obtained by doing only FL Normal, even. And taken the period of the release of the quest, even chill casual groups have 1-3 of them in their Guilds core raiding group. Not saying that bugs should be overlooked when they are of extremely minor impact. But that those minor things might not be the best choice for prioritizing .
  6. Step 1 - Gather up friends. Step 2 - Get them to level a character on Horde. Step 3 - Get them to perform PvP well (If they already did not before). Step 4 - Join BG with them. Step 5 - Enjoy. Now, gave you solution, fix it with your resources, not cry on forums hoping someone does your dirty work for you.
  7. My question is, how can you play with SO FEW KEYBINDS. I need more keybinds just to AFK. But yes, all forms of "RANDOM" means you have high chances of major skill gap differences. Be it in PvP, PvE or even outside WoW. The RANDOM element is the same risk factor everyone...
  8. Thanks.
  9. Do notify that a vast majority of PvE players have their main raiding toon(s) geared way over EoT dungeon gear drops (With a small exceptions of Plater back slots, etc) which T12 Does not really provide much options for. Those dungeons becoming locked would only prevent the flow of new players to catch up. And I dont know how majority here thinks, but personally, I would not recommend trying to land more obstacles to new players who wish to join in to play. The current population is by far from being overpopulated. As Hadralt also mentioned, T13 PvE gear is a little out of hand powerful even for PvP. Giving extra restrictions to PvP-ers who do not enjoy PvE part of the game would give another negative blow. Restricting freedom of choice in games has never been a successful move. One of the trump cards of open world MMORPG is the ability to CHOOSE. Yes, T11 and T12 loot table will become quite a joke. But there will still be lower raids done by those people who enjoy it. Not to mention for Transmog, by some who prefer Cata older tier appearances. Personally, I sometimes join random pug T11 Normals for fun on toons which are above 385. Point is, those who enjoy T11 and T12 will now and then do them regardless of loot. But having some player iniative to compete versus one another might help revitalize T11, and with the opening of T13 to keep T12 alive as well. Also a thing that would bring a small spark back to the value of T11 would be if Guild achievements would be fixed . But this would still only reward a one-time-go. I mean I would even pay guildies for the Dark Pheonix guild achievement if that is what it takes - Being quite a fan of Pheonix mount (Not the Ragnaros one). But yes, small things to bump up rewards from older tiers, at least in my eyes would be far more efficient. It could even be small things. Like otherwise unobtainable Transmog pieces. Boss dropping more gold? Whatever of the sort - I honestly suck in terms of thinking of rewards... So my ideas usually are, in a word, pathetic.
  10. Are you still selling PremiumPoint items? Would require a Racechange if yes. PM your price/terms if still selling. Thanks
  11. Its quite nice that people respond, but would appreciate someone from the staff to state a direct Yes or No. Not why or if or when. If one thing I have learned is, never trust a single word players here say x).
  12. So I have often seen people join a raid with one character, then something drops which they need on an alt, they then log another toon, enter the group and instance, FFA the item and pick it up on a toon. Honestly, not much bothered about it, but would like to know if it is an acceptable action to take in terms of server rules here or not? Having a ton of alts myself, and never really managing to do raids on all of them every ID it slightly peaked my interest, if I may do that or may not? Would rather be sure about it before doing it . As it would help gearing alts but not worth a ban if its a "no no". PS. Question is how the server looks at it, not about "blizz-like or not". And would appreciate just a direct answer from a staff member who covers this aspect. Sorry if it has been asked already before, kind of hard to find all the necessary information without being around since day 1 of the forums creation
  13. By the logic of entering next T normal only if last Tier HC is completed we would have very very few Firelands around Id love to see how many groups could manage T11 HC without boost from T12 gear. Like honestly, T11 HC with T12 gear, even half HC geaerd is still quite a fine challenge to tackle for most people (And really enjoyable, must say)
  14. For the idea to at least theoretically work, it will require bigger playerbase. Splitting up the current numbers is quite suicidal. If population would peak over 2500 per faction then the idea would become reliable perhaps. It would require a strong flow of new players, otherwise what it does is - New player joins, they try to do T11 or T12 content, but not enough people need it. Unless they have friends among older members helping out the odds are high that they will just not find sufficient people to actually go and try to clear it. And those who have friends around already will just be carried through that by Dragon soul geared people (once Dragon soul is accessible) Forcefully splitting up players between tiers of content will greatly hinder the population, unless there will be a big simultaneous flow of new players. Personally, I think that Devs do not have infinite time on their hands, and thus should not be burdened with extra, unnecessary requests.
  15. Thanks everyone, we found the missing link :).