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  1. The COMPLETE Arms Warrior Guide [4.3.4] _by sync

    Honestly, to prevent breeding utterly bad Warriors you should rather close it :D The level of inaccurate guidance this holds would even terrify Satan himself.
  2. Rule for afkers and avoiders of rdfs/rhcs/rbgs

    F2P game enforcing a specific groups desired atmosphere will lead to one thing and one alone - Less activity. Reading this made me just cry. I utterly dislike those who port into SW/OG if its a dung they dislike and wait for kick also, but this is not even close to a solution. But perhaps you people thought Stalins way of censorship was also a solution to prevent people from disliking him/disagreeing? But youve already proven irrationality and just yap until people either agree or stay silent.
  3. Ragnaros 25HC - Arms Warrior PoV

    You may theoretically have a little bit missing but its taking a risk - MS missing twice in a row/etc May occur and cause an overall big DPS loss. having perfect caps gives reliability, lacking by a little is a small risk. Which may or may not occasionally ruin your DPS. But do note, having like 0.1% chance to miss is relatively irrelevant to forge over.
  4. [A] [EN/PvE] Prophecy

    If you do consider absolute strictness let me know what class is required. Willing to play any DPS role outside of a Rogue, personal dislike towards the class.
  5. [A] [EN/PvE] Prophecy

    If T11 Raiding has no T12 gear/T13 gear and JP Useage is limited to 1k per week I would join the project on a fresh toon also.
  6. Question about a mute

    Well to be honest I was thinking of trying to get the Voldemort Blade (thats how I call it now) and asked for actual help in a serious manner and got 5 000 Minute mute for it also.... I came to the conclusion that when a specific person is online I do not ask for any help XD
  7. Rule for afkers and avoiders of rdfs/rhcs/rbgs

    My condolonces to you people :!
  8. Stuck in dungeon

    Worst case scenario on these is simple. Website, Log in, Webstore, Vote 5 times, get Unstuck <Yourrace> use it. Go on with the game.
  9. As a Fire Mage, do you need Cauterize?

    That quite much is how it goes. There are a few exceptions. Where it is legit REMOVE OR DIE on Atlantiss. *Chimaeron* In Atlantiss, there is no PvE encounter where mechanics of the encounter would recommend using that talent. It is legitimately a "if I fuck up it maaaay save me if I have good healers"
  10. As a Fire Mage, do you need Cauterize?

    In Firelands, its just silly, its like already preparing to fail. Idk about you but I can just close my eyes and run around if I want to fail, takes no preparations. It MAY save you if you fail though. in terms of T12, it is not obligatory. Not a DPS win, not a thing that procs in any "should happen" scenario
  11. Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Meh would love such a topic with somethng to back the opinions XD just to evaluate facts :D
  12. Axelito if you find too fun environment tell me, Im willing to transfer around 10 Fireturd toons in case. xd
  13. Be a decent Human, and A proud Murloc? Contradictiory! Best of luck though.
  14. Separating the hc/n

    I leave like.. 7-13 IDs unused weekly - Real life is a sad excuse of casuals XD? I keep repeating myself that in order to remain sane. And I guess I am not the only one who leaves IDs unused. So, in all honesty. Even if implemented Id see no merit in it :p
  15. Exploration Achievements

    Exploration achievements sometimes did happen... With delay for me as well. SO do not be amazed if that hapens. you Explore Deepholm? Go RHC? random X mins into it, you get the achi. Happens...