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  1. Tbh that would be nice, if permanently banned account character names would open up... Im personally sometimes sad about seeing the character name I wish for a new toon to be used by a toon which hasnt logged since the beginning of Bronze Age and is still something in the levels of 20sh. Those ye, could eventually come back but a... perma ban? logging again?....
  2. English language is a victim here for sure, though.
  3. Want to buy 250xStacks of Azsharas Veil. 150 gold per stack, C.o.D please. Toon which does the trading is Ecchimono. If the price is acceptable, feel free to send with C.o.D of 150, anything above that will be ignored. Any mail which has anything that is not a 20xAzsharas veil in it, will be ignored. Will respond to mails appoximately 22.30 PM Server time during the upcoming weekend. Alliance side. Sorry for being a bit rude about it, but those are the terms
  4. Just go roll some T11, theyre fun as hell Or get an alt or few, but that will result in rather quickly getting bored of Firelands. Speaking of experience, running approximately 10 FL a week for a few months made it feel numb after a while.
  5. YES! thank you <3 much love.
  6. Basically just wishing to know if Alizabal is planned to be released before the actual T13 raid (DS)? Scripted 4.3 content boss Alizabal (enabled only on PTR, please test it and send me bug reports) - this got me quite wondering about it. PS - Personally I hope just the loot table will be closed until DS itself is out .
  7. We are currently in need of a Dwarf Warrior and Death Knight from whom we would ask to grind guild reputation to Honored. The effort will be compensated with gold, or perhaps some other arrangement. Once the deal is done the person may stay around as a social or leave the guild, both options are absolutely acceptable for us. For details feel free to contact us on Discord or in-game.
  8. I wonder if in the world of Pontos, there exists anything other than whining...
  9. Welcome to the club dont forget to bring friends with ya.
  10. We are in 4.2 content with 4.3 client. T13 dungeons are to be expected quite soon. From zones - Vashjir is not scripted. And Twilight Highlands questchain is not totally finished. But if you take a look at the changelogs, then work is in progress Hope we get the Raid soon also! :1
  11. Would like to add that we also have quite many people with 7/7 currently as fillers or alts with 6/7 etc. So odds are great that well have multiple altrun 6/7 clearings a week, depending how much energy and time we have at our disposal the given week. Or T11 HC, depending on what people find more interesting. Also, unlike what we have been asked for a few days now - Being a worgen is not guild requirement xD
  12. Sorry but I think you might have made a small Typo or I am just sad at counting. ODS, Magmaw, Chimaeron, Atramedes, Maloriak, Neffy... 6? Or Forgetting something
  13. Well, pug raids generally do have higher standards than guildruns. LFR does not work (personally I hope it never will, but meh wont die if it starts to work at some point). Just find a guild Or if you find other people with same problem form one. Its just risky to form a pug group without having a bit higher requirements (Although, 375 is more than enough to manage Firelands Normal, and a vast majority of Heroic bosses, if the group performs well) But yes, sadly all the meddling with HC FL is relatively harsh on the people who are new to the server and have no friends here before them to get the first steps done. And you can not have over 380 ilvl (PvE gear) without having any Firelands HC loot. Since Raidleads generally are a little bit prejudiced to take a stranger into raid who is in PvP gear, even to normal (even though yes, you can easily manage FL NM in PvP gear of 380). Basically - Find a guild. One which does frequent guildruns on NM (and perhaps some HC also) would probably be the best course of action. Might not get into a run the first week, but the chances of getting into a guildrun are way better than a pugrun. Anyway, cheers, hope you find a place like that
  14. Would recommend Shadowbolt until Dragon Soul. With DS gear, Inci (Probably, unless some unexpected weirdness happens) Shadowbolt is moar fun also.. More buttons to smash.
  15. SO TRUE! There is nothing more important in this world!