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  1. Sphinx

    Mage raiding situation

    40k Pre Fireland... Well, with PI BL(perhaps Trix? DI?) in an encounter which ender before Bloodlust wore off.... Okay.
  2. Sphinx


    Must... like... Pelekons... post Because of avatar btw :3
  3. Sphinx


    Personally, Id just enable "XP Rate by choice". As I know quite a few people who love to feel the pain of leveling slowly, it is counterproductive if the aim is just getting playerbase.
  4. Sphinx


    Must say, using RaF and coming with a Friend or just soloing multibox youd be lvl 80 in no time 😄 most of the time would be spent on recovering your Achievements, Mounts, Tmogs etc.
  5. Sphinx

    Kas leidub siin teisi eestlaseidki?

    Kui aus olla siis RDF ei ole just kõige effektiivsem leveling tool 🙂 Kui sa just mingi sõbra või sõpradega koos ei kasuta RaF bonust. Siis suht hea lihtsalt läbi joosta, Dungeon Questid ära teha ja läheb mingi 1 päeva nolamine = lvl 80 käes
  6. Sphinx

    Kas leidub siin teisi eestlaseidki?

    Hetkel mängin Horde poolel. Kõvasti vähem kui tahaks kuna aega pole XD. Tean et Alliance poolel peaks ka veel üks eestlane olema kuid ei tea kui aktiivne ta enam on.
  7. Totally agree, but some open conversation never hurts as long as it remains civil :3
  8. 25 man is easier per persona by default (Taken itll be retail-like) Mistakes allowed per persona, the personal CD and Raid CD management per person are much more impactful in 10 man than it is in 25man. Sadly or luckily I dont even have time to join any core actually progressing due to work reasons as my schedule is more random than roulette these days. But reasonably speaking, if its stated to become 25man only its basically IL vs WSI. Nothing else. Any 10 man guild which cares for RF will probably be lost to us. Enabling both as it was on retail would just allow reliability. (PS personally already kind of sad for all the constant double exps and stuffs but meh, wont bother bitching about it) Just joined in the first place due to blizz-likeness among English Cataclysm servers (Was alrdy internaional when I joined). But yeah, if the aim is to move as far from blizzlike as possible XD go ahead, Id just recommend of considering the fact that if you want a reasonable poll result, force voting on loggin per IP adress ingame. Since honestly, compare the quantity of people daily on forums vs daily in the game. Or, if everyone wants to cry, why not disable the achievement in general and noooobody gets it XD?
  9. Must agree with the above, both is the fairest, as unless guilds are given a long ass time to prepare a 25 man group, there are only a handful, less than you can count on your one hand who would even bother. Which is quite likely to result in some guilds quitting and moving elsewhere (Dont wanna lose more friends xd) Or, just somehow rewards the RF25man as well in a different method of some sort (Perhaps similar to what happened with the first PvP tournament Lastguard made [sorry for misspelling ya there]) As I do believe, that people with 25 man RF do deserve some sort of reward, or spotlight also.
  10. Sphinx

    Goodbye friends!

    You shall be missed by many many people! :)
  11. Sphinx


    A small update on the matter, yesterday we reached our 3 month Bday (if my memory of the creation day is accurate?) and having 246 members. The start off has been quite a bit faster than we had imagined at first. Still in search of a bit more of playerbase though. Currently raiding DS25 man once, DS10mans randomly as the winds blow. T12 HCs as the winds blow and now and then occasional T11 HCs (would do the last more if we had more people interested in this part)
  12. Sphinx

    A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    Well, did some tests also the other day and must conclude the same so far. Only would love to add. just going Cunning+Insignia for fun atm provides also enough potential to pull your weight+ carry extra on every encounter available currently.
  13. Sphinx

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    And I thought I spend gold as its mud... But basically you guys wasted a near mill for a tour on turtles to Onyxias place XD Nice and fun special event for yourselves though.
  14. Sphinx

    [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    May I just.. please.. see a screenshot of as for WHAT were 19 turtles required... I am still oblivious and curious XD So whenever theyre in use, please do share it.
  15. Sphinx


    As of now, we still do need a bit more players to ensure one of our policy - no obligations to log if you cant/dont feel like it on the day, without causing the raid to suffer. Also, for exceptional Players, Free Faction Changes are still offered, up to 10x per persona, if they live up to the expectations that is. :* Thanks for your hard work everyone during these 2 months and 20-ish days the guild has been alive. Would love to see where we get to when we are a year old guild :)