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  1. DS hc realm first available on both difficulties ?

    I recall a conversation with a friend who loved the idea of 25 man-only RF and told him the same thing. Having an additional small bonus for the achievement as a guild to RF 25man over 10man or, in general for first 25man HC kill would be cool addon to boost competition. But removing any chance of RF from guilds who do not wish to grow too large (yes there are those here also) would mean theyd probably quit before race begins. So, do we wish people to quit? Hell naw, wed lose people to play together with or against. Well luckily even if the RF would become 25man only... there are luckily enough people who do not care for it but yeaaaah. Not the best course of action if one would consider the general wellbeing of majority.
  2. [H][En/PvE]Celestial

    A small update on the matter, yesterday we reached our 3 month Bday (if my memory of the creation day is accurate?) and having 246 members. The start off has been quite a bit faster than we had imagined at first. Still in search of a bit more of playerbase though. Currently raiding DS25 man once, DS10mans randomly as the winds blow. T12 HCs as the winds blow and now and then occasional T11 HCs (would do the last more if we had more people interested in this part)
  3. A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    Well, did some tests also the other day and must conclude the same so far. Only would love to add. just going Cunning+Insignia for fun atm provides also enough potential to pull your weight+ carry extra on every encounter available currently.
  4. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    And I thought I spend gold as its mud... But basically you guys wasted a near mill for a tour on turtles to Onyxias place XD Nice and fun special event for yourselves though.
  5. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    May I just.. please.. see a screenshot of as for WHAT were 19 turtles required... I am still oblivious and curious XD So whenever theyre in use, please do share it.
  6. [H][En/PvE]Celestial

    As of now, we still do need a bit more players to ensure one of our policy - no obligations to log if you cant/dont feel like it on the day, without causing the raid to suffer. Also, for exceptional Players, Free Faction Changes are still offered, up to 10x per persona, if they live up to the expectations that is. :* Thanks for your hard work everyone during these 2 months and 20-ish days the guild has been alive. Would love to see where we get to when we are a year old guild :)
  7. Just a small thanks

    It is not just bosses, was just discussing similar matter with a few friends, and honestly, last months has been beyond marvelous. As a token of personal graditude spent nearly 600 euros on PP XD And probably going to continue. If the rate of fixes/updates that we are experiencing these times continue then..... Eh... Soon the playerbase will be so sad that there is nothing to complain about XD? All in all +1 from my side, great work has been done and its visible to people playing on the server and those who are looking for a server to play on.
  8. Unholy by Smite

    If memory serves from the preps I did for my DK, haste req is quite much same. More would not be required, yet cant say that is useless ( just youd scale more with other stats) And Mastery Statweight will rise a lot once you have Gurthalak in hands, unsure at this point due to lacking information to make a claim whether or not actually overpowers Crit/haste, but it will rise.
  9. [PvE] [EN] [Guide] [4.3.4] - Feral Tank / Hybrid

  10. Doomguard and haste.

    Was in a dilemma at it also so I just fished for some retail logs and conclusion 4.3.4 Doomguard should not scale with Haste. As well as things like Tricks do not matter.
  11. Azshara's Veil spots

    Chill out people, there is a lot more VISIBLE activity from devs in the few recent months than it was for the year previous to them :p Cant expect everyones wishes and priorities to be handled on the day they topic is made. Also just like Piklo mentioned, there was a word from dev team already :p As sad as it is, majority of information is still not shared to be seen and 90% of playerbase probably never knows anything what is going on. (If not more)
  12. Crossfaction BG's

    No and I hate it, since it kills the progression XD But life is not always what you want.
  13. Crossfaction BG's

    If they did that, they would have to remove any sign of "blizzlike" though. And the server would lose one of its trademarks. We all have our preferences, but without being considerate to each other... eeehhhh. Also, seeing least 1k logged per evening, itd mean 750+ upvotes would be required to your claim for "statistics" (Yaya, I know the online nr is iffy since I keep more than 1 on myself daily)
  14. A Warlock guide for Firelands and Dragon Soul

    171k BANE TICK? or Crit, since crit is meh, but 171k TICK IS SCARY
  15. I can sell you the turtle for the 50k-ish. If you do not find a seller before Friday contact me. I will not respond before Friday. Or late Thursday night.