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  1. superkoeky

    PvP season rewards

    https://go.twitch.tv/dnbx/videos/all there you go all my vods from last month(30 days) keep in mind before posting "WHY ONLY 30 DAYS" Twitch doesn't save older vods then 30 days. Gl with the search.
  2. superkoeky

    PvP season rewards

    Find me that one. and I'll gladly take the consequences. as far as i'm concert, right now there are non. But hey Please find me some evidence.
  3. superkoeky

    PvP season rewards

    may be interesting to point out. it's not just on his rogue. on his hunter he exploits aswel. After pointing out he is abusing it results into: "I can't disarm your traps so its ok if we abuse" - demonlord 2k17 https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusDreamyRadicchioDancingBanana Notice how the hunter uses Hunters Mark to get rid of Camo, into sap. :Thinking:
  4. superkoeky

    [spell][hunter] Hunter's Mark removes camouflage

  5. Hunters mark is currently breaking camo, when you shoudln't be able to use it while the other hunter is in camo Example: https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusDreamyRadicchioDancingBanana this was happening to me last night on stream. So i decided to write an condition for it: INSERT INTO conditions (SourceTypeOrReferenceId, SourceEntry, ConditionTypeOrReference, ConditionTarget, ConditionValue1, NegativeCondition, ScriptName, Comment) VALUES ('17', '1130', '1', '1', '51755', '1', '0', 'Made by Sctr_camo_Hunters Mark'); 51755 Camo spell ID 1130 Hunter's Mark spell ID I've made it where you can't use Hunter's Mark on camo, but as soon Camo is over. the ability can be used again. And, if the hunter gets marked before he uses camo. Camo DOES *NOT* remove the mark. Kind regards Sctr.