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  1. Is warrior worth it?

    "mastering" prot warrior means you know how to mash heroic strike no matter how well you play you can't pull defensives out of nowhere
  2. Is warrior worth it?

    only if you want to play arms notsomuch if you want to play the other specs
  3. Horrific side effects of forum bans

    yes, he's using the same transmog and the exact same name
  4. he used to be a happy little goblin now look what you people did to him
  5. World of Warcrafts Top Notch Players

    not gonna lie, this was pretty enjoyable
  6. A Warlock guide for Firelands

    firebound gorget :P
  7. [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUTâ„¢

    how are we supposed to continue pvping without the excellent meme quality that GIT GUTâ„¢ brought us?
  8. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    snip stands so far away that you need to single target heal him :^)
  9. [Eng][Pve]Symphony of War

    "Pick a healing circle of your choice, great options!"

  11. you lose almost all mastery when using DPS gear so having more shields is not a thing more selfhealing? yes, due to you taking more damage + more death strikes in total more shield? absolutely not, since you have less than half the amount of mastery you'd have in tank gear now, if all or almost all the damage coming in is magic, then sure, damage taken is going to be similar, since tank gear does not interact with magic damage, unless it's delivered by a melee strike (in which case avoidance may or may not be helpful)
  12. mango juice > orange juice



    you know that you can just scroll up messages don't get sucked into the void of nothingness, never to resurface again once they get pushed beyond the magical limit that is your chat box

    for a starter, you could screenshot the raid message saying "item X, roll MS" or whatever may have been said and if all the rolls don't fit on one screenshot, make multiple ones as it stands, you are expecting people to go digging for evidence which you yourself could easily have provided somehow i don't think that that's going to happen