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  1. Not_Dkgodx

    Announcer 3vs3, 5vs5, RBG. Vote Poll.

    Do you have enough IQ to once explain your point of view on why its a bad idea and how it hurts your gameplay? All you do is reply with xdd like a true 4th grader. Oh fuck I missed that juicy drama back in the days. Dampening in 2s would be sick tho, got your back Champ
  2. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    May Elune bless you!
  3. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    Okay, thank you for your reply. Good luck with your exmams.
  4. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    @Pelekon_dev @Jenova @Piklo19 Sorry for borthering you guys, but can we get a comment from the DEV-Team? As you may noticed this thread has received a lot of interest from the Atlantiss community with 2,2k Views & over 100 replies in only 4 days. Thank you in advance and have a nice day :) Greetings Dkgodx
  5. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    100% right imo. Thank you for that post :) Yeah, feelsbadman :(
  6. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    i think so ;d
  7. Not_Dkgodx

    The Best Of Each Class

    Disc: Braha > Methampeth... > rest Spriest: Playson, Braha (never met Necroxx but I heard he was supposed to be the best shadowpriest) warrior: Galko, Nymz Ret: Wing Holy: watchmewog (rip :( ), Imperius Hunter: Sctr Rogue: Soulywood (best rogue in case of peels) Hatedlol (best rogue in case of plays aka sap bomb etc) Dk: Valrath is good, well and there is some worgen dk on alliance which is really good, forgot the name tho something like hated be strong or so Resto Shaman: Champk by far Enhancer: none Elemental: sayonara, qayb Fire: Quodan I guess Frost: Blink Lock: Perîa, also there is some new lock called Vashay seems like a god tbh Resto Druid: Wouti Feral: Sctr's feral was good (nerfcyclone), Saburo Balance: Kaspii, never met Boomkingx
  8. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    ty for the input. well its not that easy imo, even if you disable it, there will still be horde players in your team (even if you wont be switched to horde). If you get those people a special q (only disabled players vs each other) would make the problem even worse I guess (results in even longer queues if not talking about no queues for those people) Imo the best decision would be to just add AvA, HvH and (as it is used right now) AvH. Because I do understnad that some players wont accept playing with Hordes (as alliance) in their faction cause of RP factor etc. AvA and HvH would help the Queue a lot tho.
  9. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

  10. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    stop fucking drama please, if you wanna prove yourself do a rated bg challange and make a new thread, thanks. I dont wanna get this thread closed. Can we get any Devs opinion about crossfaction BG's is it possible, whats your opinion? PS. Kaspii is gay xd
  11. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    28 Mins into BG q - 6 pm thursday (peak hours) Playsons gets wow error, gonna have to requeue again. never lucky.
  12. Not_Dkgodx

    Crossfaction BG's

    First of all, thank you for your reply, finally someone that actually gives a reason for his "no" vote. Well gotta admit thats a problem but there will always be players which you dont like and have to play with, for example I cant stand Kabash and Kaspii, but I am forced to play with them. (jk love you guys pls no gkick) Well would it be an option for you if there would be bgs only faction wise? aka Horde vs Alliance (as usal) + Horde vs Horde and Alliance vs Alliance?