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  1. i have a problem with rep item drop Skystalker's shoulders --> <-- i try farm this for a week so i can kill summed mob for 100% drop as it said in the link ( Boots/Shoulders/Chest ) but instead i get Mistshroud and slatesteel shoulders ?? i farm rep for a week for nothing then ? t_t I can't EVEN wear or transmog those 2 droped shoulders ( mail/plate ) so i am wondering how can i get item if it doesn't drop in game as it says in the link site for rp ? Can you guys fixed the isue here or explain to me why does it happens ? p.s. i killed 10 mobs and i still did not get the required drop .. Should i continue farm rep for specific item i whant or will it be just waist of time ? can you give me any pointers what to do and what not ? P.s. thx for any replay
  2. I'll appreciate your effort . Cya in Rated BGs i guess
  3. Horde side - Mourkin. Ty
  4. Mine is Mourkin - Horde side. Ty
  5. I would love 2 join wih you for arena cap weekly. I need 2know if you still playing and LF partner?
  6. I am for cp weekly cap if you be able to help me out. And what kind of price are you talking about?
  7. Thanks ; )
  8. Surelly i join in Weekend. How can you miss this fun. Hope 2 see you too
  9. I am above 373 feral and i would like 2 join . Last time i tried they kicked me bcos they needed healer.
  10. Do you get conquest points from Ranked bg's ?
  11. Hello . I am pvp player and I am looking for partner to join in 2v2 arenas. I wasn't able to cap my char over 1 month because all randoms i join in with did not have atleast viciuos gear or comunication device.I play as feral druid, ilvl 373. I really enjoy playing PvP content, its fun for me, but all i am lacking at the moment is finding partner for arenas and gearing my char. The requirements are simple: 1) english language, 2) have working mic plus skype or teamspeak for comunication. 3) For me is very important that player would be friendly or/and maybe have some advices/cool stories 2 share with xD ( not neccessary ). 4) Plz have some possitive atitude even if we loses 4:0 . Don't abandom team or leave party or block me. The question is simple then, why did you join me in the first place? ( thats what happens when we get killed over same team over and over again or a better geared one ). 5) There is always time to go to alliance cities and have some action going or hunt some noobies. I love doing that sometimes when i am bored so if you like 2 join me aswell .Plz i'll be vey happy . Also que for Rbg's together aswell. P.s. in game nick ( Horde side - Mourkin ) or leave replay down below so i will tell you the scedule or more info.
  12. Let us know when u streaming here
  13. I would love 2 play
  14. I am looking for RP partner. And also who would like 2 explore this anormous and huge world with me
  15. Me 2