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  1. farana

    Time to say goodbye

    Dragonwrath will be shutdown on 29.01.2019 so today I create my last post here. Thank u for every adventures . I hope for not forget too fast. Good luck on Tauri everyone (does not matter Horde/Alliance) Farana(399 ilvl Death Knight)
  2. farana

    I have trouble

    I've lost 14400 gold on main char for mount ,which can't be sentable. Because it's soulbound. I've 95276 gold for now. Please, can u turn back this gold?
  3. farana


    Happy New Year 2019. This note is wishing . Keep DragonWrath up how long u can . I know it is hard.
  4. farana

    4.3.4 Full game client

    Hello one of mister gm/developers. What have u already fixed on server? Changelog doesn't exist so I don't know what did u fix. Please reply as fast u can. Greetings. I'm Farana,Destroyer's End in game.
  5. farana

    [A][ENG][PVE] Dragon Descendant

    hello mate .
  6. Hello all. Dragon Hc came today on Dragonwrath realm. But how many differents are between dragon soul nm vs hc. And my female character won't be able on it because i can't do correct dps on my ilvl. Help
  7. Thanks . I didn't expect about that archelology is a little bit hard profession. Because of many fragments to collect.
  8. Hello all I have a little trouble with archelology. I had finished Outland atrifacts .For doing Outland's atrifacts i needed 130 Draenei /Orc Archelology Fragment. If i had 130 fragments to do in Outland then How much will i need on Northrend? And on Uldum? Help please
  9. I did End Time,Well of Eternity ,The Hour of Twilight dungeons and quests same names. But i haven't rest of chain ,why? Help
  10. farana

    Without rest quests of chain from Woe

    I do not know why the Handmaiden from Woe can't be archived in quest "Documenting the Timeways" or it's call like that . Someday the quest will done . For now ,goodnight.
  11. Hello all ppl. I heard about that Dragon Soul is scripted fully now. Deathwing has got 2 parts -spine and madness . How much health will he have ? Please tell me -will he be easy to kill? in %? Greetings .Farana
  12. farana

    Does Vashj'ir ''work''?

    Hello Bjeffwolf . Yashjir does not work correctly .You can just fly and explore that. It's all about Yashjir. Twilight Highlands is working but you can do 94/96 quests. Greetings.
  13. farana

    Cinematics for 4.3.4 mini client

    Thank you very much.
  14. farana

    server off again

    hello atlantiss staff i would please you about fast and nice answer : How long I need to wait for connect?
  15. farana

    Event Love in the Air

    16 Feburary is a correct date for end of event. Event started from 2nd Feburary (Friday) 2 weeks ,so 16th (too Friday) Greetings
  16. Hello Yesterday i wanted to learn appertience enchanter but i couldn't . Why? Maybe dks can't have enchanting? I can be found in game as Farana greetings
  17. First to all :Happy New Year I wish everything which is the best and do NOT stress. I will try. Second : That profession has not that choose which i wrote. So,please correct my mistake if I'm going to bad think.
  18. so when dragon soul and 391 ilvl items be available on server? First three months of 2018 or September 2018? Please answer
  19. dear gm alright ,players could do only 94/120 quests in Twilight Highlands. I do not know why .If maybe in the future developers are going to fix it then yashjir and th full script.
  20. farana

    Without rest quests of chain from Woe

    thank you very much . If it'll work on public test realm ,so I'll check it . I know in the rewards of chain will not have items for me ,but gold too I need. 4 And when 391 ilvl items will be available? Greetings
  21. farana

    Developer Update #4

    But when end time and 2 others instance enter to dragonwrath?? I just ask , u know my nickname in game is Farana ,if u want talk with me . And i know u have many work of that Farana-374 ilvl tank bdk(learn) 375 mdps fdk