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  1. farana

    I have trouble

    I've lost 14400 gold on main char for mount ,which can't be sentable. Because it's soulbound. I've 95276 gold for now. Please, can u turn back this gold?
  2. Happy New Year!

  3. farana


    Happy New Year 2019. This note is wishing . Keep DragonWrath up how long u can . I know it is hard.
  4. farana

    4.3.4 Full game client

    Hello one of mister gm/developers. What have u already fixed on server? Changelog doesn't exist so I don't know what did u fix. Please reply as fast u can. Greetings. I'm Farana,Destroyer's End in game.
  5. farana

    [A][ENG][PVE] Dragon Descendant

    hello mate .
  6. Hello all. Dragon Hc came today on Dragonwrath realm. But how many differents are between dragon soul nm vs hc. And my female character won't be able on it because i can't do correct dps on my ilvl. Help
  7. Thanks . I didn't expect about that archelology is a little bit hard profession. Because of many fragments to collect.
  8. farana

    Without rest quests of chain from Woe

    I do not know why the Handmaiden from Woe can't be archived in quest "Documenting the Timeways" or it's call like that . Someday the quest will done . For now ,goodnight.
  9. Hello all I have a little trouble with archelology. I had finished Outland atrifacts .For doing Outland's atrifacts i needed 130 Draenei /Orc Archelology Fragment. If i had 130 fragments to do in Outland then How much will i need on Northrend? And on Uldum? Help please
  10. Hello all ppl. I heard about that Dragon Soul is scripted fully now. Deathwing has got 2 parts -spine and madness . How much health will he have ? Please tell me -will he be easy to kill? in %? Greetings .Farana
  11. farana

    Does Vashj'ir ''work''?

    Hello Bjeffwolf . Yashjir does not work correctly .You can just fly and explore that. It's all about Yashjir. Twilight Highlands is working but you can do 94/96 quests. Greetings.
  12. farana

    Cinematics for 4.3.4 mini client

    Thank you very much.
  13. farana

    server off again

    hello atlantiss staff i would please you about fast and nice answer : How long I need to wait for connect?