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  1. ichirou

    Hunter Q&A.

    Is there a guide containing the current bugs of hunters on this server? so we who play as hunters would directly know what talents to avoid and etc. I know there is bugtracker but i find it hard to use it and some reports are duplicates of the same thing. A list would be very helpful.
  2. ichirou

    Elv UI / Tuk UI Problems

    What I did was the opposite I installed the latest drivers for my GPU and now its working like a charm! I even posted my new UI on the forums ,Thanks again!
  3. ichirou

    Show me ur UI :)

    My UI for my Hunter
  4. ichirou

    Elv UI / Tuk UI Problems

    Oh so thats how it is, i have been frustrated for days with the random freezes making me unable to finish a raid or instance. Might as well reinstall using the CD the gpu came with then. Thanks for the help really appreciate it.
  5. Hi! I have been having problems with my version of Elv UI that I downloaded from different sources (since their main website doesnt support previous game patches). My ElvUI causes my computer to freeze at random times forcing me to do a hard reboot. I was wondering if anyone can share their version of Elv UI or Tuk UI for me to download and use instead because i think the version i found are all corrupted or incompatible with 4.3.4. Cheers! P.S. Please dont suggest not to use any UI or addon since 5+years of playing this game with addons made the game unplayable without addons, for me :))
  6. ichirou

    Hunter Q&A.

    Hey I came from wrath and still new to cata survival hutner and focus. I just want to ask if is it wise to macro Kill Command to some shots like kill shot and arcane since it has 6 sec CD and if not when is a good time to use it? or should i not use it at all since it costs way too much focus (40 focus). Thanks and Good day!