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  1. Hi! I have been a hardcore player in warmane farming LK 25hc with end game guilds but now i am bored with wotlk and am trying Catacylysm and this server has been the best ive seen so far. I want to trade two of my alts from Warmane for those who, like me, want to try another expansion of WoW especially the gold ole days of Wrath of the Lich King. Here are my toon's specs 6.4 Resto Tauren Druid (M) -Donor -Premium Member -Highest achieve FWH 25hc -Enchanting Max lvl -Inscription Max lvl -2 T10 hc pcs - Dragon Mounts - with 6k balance spec for dps -In one of the best end game guilds of warmane Icecrown server. -one extra lvl 80 toon on the account 6.2 Resto Troll Shaman (F) -Highest achieve FWH 25hc -2 t10 hc items -Alchemy Max lvl -Transmutation Master -Tailoring Max lvl -Kaelthas Bird Mount -Has 2 extra lvl 80 with no gear toons on the account What I want to trade for: - Pref Alliance account - Any lvl 85 Class - Gear must be good for Firelands normal atleast. - Profs are maxed - Has an aesthetically pleasant mount (not just stormwind birds) PM me and I will give more details when the deal is going good.
  2. What I did was the opposite I installed the latest drivers for my GPU and now its working like a charm! I even posted my new UI on the forums ,Thanks again!
  3. My UI for my Hunter
  4. Oh so thats how it is, i have been frustrated for days with the random freezes making me unable to finish a raid or instance. Might as well reinstall using the CD the gpu came with then. Thanks for the help really appreciate it.
  5. Hi! I have been having problems with my version of Elv UI that I downloaded from different sources (since their main website doesnt support previous game patches). My ElvUI causes my computer to freeze at random times forcing me to do a hard reboot. I was wondering if anyone can share their version of Elv UI or Tuk UI for me to download and use instead because i think the version i found are all corrupted or incompatible with 4.3.4. Cheers! P.S. Please dont suggest not to use any UI or addon since 5+years of playing this game with addons made the game unplayable without addons, for me :))
  6. Hey I came from wrath and still new to cata survival hutner and focus. I just want to ask if is it wise to macro Kill Command to some shots like kill shot and arcane since it has 6 sec CD and if not when is a good time to use it? or should i not use it at all since it costs way too much focus (40 focus). Thanks and Good day!