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  1. Who are you in real life?!

    hahaha, calladin is the real mvp in this thread
  2. Unfinished project.

    please no hate in this thread, kk ty bb.
  3. Unfinished project.

    Thank you Hadralt :)
  4. Unfinished project.

  5. Unfinished project.

    Haha wow dude, thank you a lot :) Always enjoyed playing 2s with you.
  6. Unfinished project.

    sure I am always up for fortnite just write on discord
  7. Unfinished project.

    Yeah, was always fun qing with you and against you :) Thank you, glad you liked it :) haha thank you mr. best mod :D
  8. Unfinished project.

    Hello guys, I just realised I still have a small montage, which I wanted to finish but never managed to do so. No idea If there is any even interested in such things since its DK pov and I know everyone hates Dks, thats why I put some Priest clips in it. :D All games were taken from the stream, sadly this results in bad quality in some of the games, sorry for that. (espacially last game, but didnt want to cut it out since gameplay and music fit so perfect :P) Anyways, I hope you still enjoy it somehow. Also Thank you for playing with me @Slly, @Hatedlol, @Calladin, @Champk and @Quodan + super special thank you @Hatedlol for editing that shit haha :D Greetings Dkgodx
  9. [EN/PVP]Resurrected - is recruiting

    All hail god Kapsii
  10. [EN/PVP]Resurrected - is recruiting

    Kirra can you please stop dodging all the dates we set. Thank you.