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  1. Atlantiss survey

    Dont wanna put myself on any side or anything, but everyone complained about Naril editing and deleting posts and no one did shit against it, was really annoying. just some random searching can link you around 20 more of those. (all from Atlantiss discord btw) But as you already said, Narilrave is gone now (thank god) so I guess no point discussing that.
  2. THUG requires a high skill cap

    Playing THUG on Atlantiss requires a high skill cap, awarness, flawless gameplay, coordination and communication with your teammates - AND MOST IMPORTANT TONS OF PVE GEAR.
  3. The Best Of Each Class

    well somehow I have the random urge to correct my post. In case of rogues I wanted to clear up that I think hatedlol is the best rogue of Atlantiss, soulywoof follows on 2nd, still really good tho! I hope we will see hatedlol 2 soon since hatedlol 1 was sick. Way too underrated, if you havent seen it - watch it - like it - share it on facebook with your friends and family
  4. [WTS] Guild - level 25 - Alliance - all bank tabs

    I like kaspii
  5. Do you work on mails @support ?

    depends whcih email, pretty sure no one is taking a look @ complaints, send a complaint around 6 month ago still no reply :D
  6. quick warlock questions

    yo, got a question aswell and cba opening up a new thread. Shouldn't Immolate provide the buffs when applied even when those buffs already faded? Is it only about spellpower or also %-damage increase? (aka demon form) I just tried with Soulshifter + moonwell into demon form apply of immolate, cancel those buffs and keep them up with fel flame and did less/same damage when appling without. Is that a bug or is it only about spellpower? Ty in advance