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  1. srdjan23

    WTS Multiple Accounts

    Could work out some hunter and feral for a jungle combo
  2. srdjan23

    WTS Multiple Accounts

    In my desire to earn some gold, im trying to sell some account(s) For more info on account and your offers you can contact me ingame, on forum or discord Stega#7855 Account 1: Rogue: Mackitza Pvp 400 / PvE 397 Stage 1 Legendary daggers Druid: Klempo Feral Pvp 402 / Feral PvE 393 / Boomkin PvP 402 with DTR / Also a lot of boomkin PvE items not being used Dragonwarth, Teracgosa's Rest Shaman: Gimlixgodx PvP Resto 389 / PvE resto 390 Hunter: Sørry PvP 401 MM / PvE 396 Survival Vishanka NO Email (It's my personal RL mail) 184 Vote Points 180 Premium Points Account 2: Paladin: Stega Holy PvP 404 / Holy PvE 397 / Ret PvP 403 / Ret PvE 397 Titles: Catalysmic Gladiator, Ruthless Gladiator, Gladiator + 8 more Weapons: Elite Catalysmic Season 11, Holy & Ret Priest: Plavusha PvP Disci 399 / 20k Conquest points NO Email (It's my personal RL mail) 156 Vote points Account 3: Mage: Vushapla PvP 401 Fire/ PvE 397 Fire Title: Duelist NO Email (It's my personal RL mail) Account 4: Rogue: Nexxy PvP 400 / PvE 396 Stage 1 Legendary daggers NO Email (It's my personal RL mail) Account 5: Paladin: Overratedcow PvP 392 Holy Druid: Fresh Transfer 85 Warrior: Fresh Transfer 85 Email included Account 6: Rogue: PvP 382 Stage 1 Legendary daggers Death Knight: Fresh Transfer 85 Mage: Fresh Transfer 85 Email included Account 7: Paladin: Fresh Transfer 85 Email included
  3. srdjan23

    Regarding PvE items use in PvP (Only arenas)

    The people trying to make the Blizzlike argument, this is season where Blizzard fucked up big time, and it quickly became one of worst seasons ever. Thats the only reason people are asking to remove PvE, not because its benefiting anyone.
  4. srdjan23

    Gladiator mounts

    Imma go for nostalgic one https://www.wowhead.com/item=34092/merciless-nether-drake
  5. srdjan23

    Wingnanx 1 - Ret PvP

    Great movie, anyone knows when will they release BFA on atlantiss ?
  6. srdjan23

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    Ah ye, i love the fact that you sucidie and than heal your angel from 1% to full just to boost your healing stats, i finaly realise the reason behind the holy spec 😄 You play on atlantiss so long, you should know the visual, or just count how many horde there is, if you know how to count that is 😛
  7. srdjan23

    Post "Best RBG score" :D

    http://prntscr.com/k8kaa7 Pitter destroying the ladder
  8. srdjan23

    Show me ur UI :)

    Why bother using keyboard, might aswell click all spells...
  9. srdjan23

    [A] [ENG] [PVE/PVP/GYM] Fitness Models

    Hey, hey, dont you lie ! Satsuma did 45k.... On ptr ... With full bis gear ... On mop server ...
  10. srdjan23

    Gladiator mounts

    Deadly Gladiator's Frost Wyrm .additem 46708
  11. srdjan23

    1st ATS Cataclysmic Season winners + rules changes

    1) 20 to 30%, sure whatever, not a big change 2) Will kinda lower the amount of queues, because there isnt many PvPers queueing 3s, also when there is like 5 teams in queue, if you get your own team 1/15 of games its still the same ? 3) How the heck would you regulate that, especialy on server where selling characters is allowed 4) That bugg is rng, and probably, the more arenas you queue, the more chance you can get it. Your solution is: punish players who queue a lot of arenas because bad scripting of devs. Doesnt sound as a good solution to me. 5) Rank 1 in 2s glad or not, doesnt realy matter much 6) Gold, premium points, and a paid trip to Ibiza
  12. srdjan23

    About PvP or Normal server type

    @Herkor You disliking world pvp doesnt mean everyone else does, some people like world pvp for the same reason you dont... I feel like this change is suggested because some dev or gm probably got ganked while lvling on x4 week and he was like why should i learn to PvP id rather change server to PvE... This just feels like a completley random, not needed change, out of the blue... Also if you want to have some chill pvp on alliance your only way is world pvp because you wait like 1h 25m for a bg
  13. srdjan23

    About PvP or Normal server type

    Yggr i think you have missed the date, this kind of posts are meant for the start of april, not the end of april, you shouldve posted 1.4... In zones which you shouldnt be able to world pvp, you are already flagged off, and you cant atack enemies unless they are flagged, which they choose themself. In every other zone you should be able to PvP, i realise most of GMs and devs dont like PvP, but i dont know why are you slowly trying to kill it, there are players who play only because of PvP
  14. srdjan23

    About Legendary Daggers

    You should either go first part of quest only, aka 397 ilvl daggers, before DS HC. Or all together during DS HC
  15. srdjan23

    Show me ur UI :)

    Gonna be the one and only rogue UI, just gotta wait for Deatwing