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  1. obieke

    Legacy server Announced

    Damn no love for the almighty ATS. But i agree fully, If there were to be a blizzard-hosted cataclysm realm then i'd be fully up to it.
  2. obieke

    Dutch people v.2

    Zijn er nog wat nederlandse spelers levend op atlantiss die hun mening willen delen over de huidige staat van de server.
  3. obieke

    Best In Each Class (PVE)

    Who is the best prot warrior on the server? Kappa
  4. obieke

    Restoration shaman [4.3.4] FL tier

    I guess i'd have to go more into stat values itself and why i'd chose them instead of others. yet it's just my view on the class and maybe some tips into why you'd choose to use that ability instead of the other. it's your opinion after all, i tried to word it as best as i can and my only goal is to help people understand the shaman class. thanks for the critisism anyway it's helpful for future endeavors.
  5. Hey, a bit of a introduction first. I'm obieke (obi for shortsies) i've mained resto shaman for about 6 years now (jeez has it been that long) and it's in my opinion by far the most enjoyable healer due to the various ways you can play. I will write this guide with my ideals in mind, because healing is not like dps. there isn't any cookie-cutter build. You will have to find the way of healing that fits with you. 1. Basics (general idea of healing) 2. Talents / Glyphs 3. Spells / cooldowns 4. Stats / Reforges / Gems / Proffesions 5. Quick guide giving a helping hand on some encounters 6. My view on being BiS for Firelands 7. Conclusion 1. Basics (General idea of healing) What springs in mind when you first think of healing. In my opinion it's to help out our special friends who keep diving into every single patch of fire that exists in the game, Jokes aside it consists out of so many things, one moment you have to think quick and pop that deciding cooldown to save the raid from a possible wipe. The other time you are standing in the middle of a group and you pop a potion, bloodlust and go ham on those crisp aoe heals. Keep in mind that healing is mostly a 2 man job so coordination is key so it's most important you have a good connection with your 2nd half on the field. Other than just being good in clicking buttons and reacting quick. Healing consists mostly out of predicting damage income. those couple seconds before a damage spike are defining where you have to set-up your aoe healing potential by spreading riptide or precasting that greater healing wave that can crit over 100k+ Also i've talked and let people say to me noob, how can you be oom at the end of a fight. to where i say why would you need mana when the fight ended. that means i got the most out of my mana. so don't be ashamed to run out of mana when the fight ends. 2. Talents / Glyphs I'm going to link my current talent tree, going into some talent choices and why i choose them. once again this is MY choice. I'm just giving some guidance on what talents are worth taking in my opinion. - Skipping Focused insight and taking Telluric Currents: The reason why i'm currently using this is because i was never a big fan of the Shock using mid-fight anyway. Don't get me wrong it might be a great talent for low gear due to the mana saving possibilities and the increased healing but at 370+ i highly recommend using Telluric currents because there's alot of off-time moments in fights where you can use it to quickly regain your mana, especially on fights where bosses take X% increased damage it shines as a talent. Also at some point it's just not worth wasting that GCD on a shock when you can use a heal instead. - Taking Cleansing waters: The only reason why i take this is because we need the point to progress through our talent tree and takeing something else is just not worth it. It's still a nice talent on fights like alysrazor where you are actively dispelling if people mess up the interrupting. Also in dragon soul it becomes way more valuable due to fights like zon'ozz and spine of deathwing heroic. - Why not improved shields but 2 points in concussion and 1 point in Elemental precision: I take these talents because they have an amazing synergy with telluric currents. At a certain itemlevel your spirit will copy into enough hit with the talent you will almost never miss with lightning bolt anymore. And the increased damage for the Mana you regain. Most important factor is that Improved shield is just plain bad in Firelands. Only fights i know where they are to is beth'tilac on the first couple seconds and rhyolith throughout the fight. on the rest of the fights it nearly never procs. If you are lower gear and you are having a lot of trouble managing your mana think about taking the talent tree below which focus more on mana management than healing. Glyphs: Going over them real quick as the only different choice you can make is taking glyph of earth shield over glyph of water shield. personally i'd advise you against it because the increase of the heal is approximately only about a 500 heal increase which may sound alot but keep in mind it only procs about every 10 seconds. And the 50% increased passive mana regeneration is just better because more mana = more healing in the end. 3. Spells / cooldowns In this section i will go over the spells and cooldowns that you should use throughout any fight. Healing wave: a slow cast-time spell that heals for low but also uses low mana, which becomes a medium/fast cast-time spell when you have the Tidal Wave proc up. Use this if someone is taking mediocre damage and you don't want to waste alot of mana. It also refunds mana on crit because of the Resurgence talent Greater Healing wave: a slow cast-time spell that heals for a lot when the person is low health, which becomes a medium/fast cast-time spell when you have the Tidal Wave proc up. I use this as my to-go healing spell when i'm singletarget healing. It also refunds mana on crit because of the Resurgence talent Healing Surge: a fast cast-time spell that heals for a low amount. When the tidal wave proc is up it has a increased crit chance. Oke i'm very biased when it comes to never using this crappy spell. It costs alot of mana, the highest crit heal i've seen is about 30k and when you have a tidal wave proc up a greater healing wave and healing wave is as fast as healing surge. Once again if you are regularly using it. Go for it but personally i highly suggest skipping this spell entirely. Riptide: The bread and butter spell for setting up aoe healing, becomes even stronger with firelands 4 set due to it not consuming your riptide on a chain heal cast. The instant heal can instantly crit for like a 15k heal and is a good Heal over time in general and when a chain heal is used on a target with riptide the chain heal itself becomes exponentially stronger. spread this around on cooldown. Chain Heal: This is why you play restoration shaman, there's nothing more satisfying than seeing this beam go around and be a destructive force of healing. it has a medium cast-time and heals for a fair amount when you take into account it heals 4 targets. keep in mind it diminishes every time it bounces and when you have firelands 4 set prioritize casting it on targets with riptide up due to the 25% increased healing Healing rain: This itself is a godlike aoe healing spell because of it's ability to proc earthliving (more on that later) and it's scaling with mastery. yet sadly in firelands i refrain of using it because on most fights it's not worth spending 11k mana on it when everyone is spread. it's a great asset to use on cooldown on fights where people are stacked regularly and are taking aoe damage like beth'tilac rhyloth and majordomo. Healing stream totem: This is blizzards way of saying here have an ability that let's you heal while afking, why not? but aside of that it's a spell you should always have up. Just make sure that you know it heals people in YOUR party not the entire raid. also i noticed that when you have an elemental shaman or other restoration shaman in your party it kinda messes up your healing stream totem so spread the shamans over the groups. it's also nice to have the main tank in the same group as the healing shaman so it actively heals the tank. Spirit Link totem: Aka Communism totem. It's one of the strongest healing cooldown there is in cataclysm. it grants a active 10% damage reduction for everyone in range and every second it shares every raiders in range % remaining health and distributes it so every person standing in range has a equal amount of % health. This can prevent consecutive killing blows on tank. can save some1 from heavy ticking damage, overall it's so situational you can use it in so many ways. Mana tide totem: Other healers will praise you for this small loveable thing. It grants 300% spirit from your current spirit (excluding temporary buffs like core of ripeness) and gives it to everyone in the raid. Use it when you and your comrade are running on uncomfortable levels of mana and see it rises up again. Combined with a priests hymn of hope i've never seen my mana skyrocket back up faster. Nature's Swiftness: This is what we call a clutch spell. basically i use it whenever in that split second i see someone to drop below 5% health and he needs 0.1 second to get healed up you are able to with this gorgeous spell. I often combine it with a greater healing wave. Potions: I can't stress it enough, use your potions you see dps use potions. even tanks started using potions. then why can't you! a 1600 intellect boost for 30 second is a major healing increase on those moments where you need to spam those chain heals like your life depends on it. it's a valued cooldown in my opinion and shared with bloodlust will top your raid in no-time. Lightning bolt: Use this whenever you need some mana (only if you took telluric currents) for me it averagly returns 4k mana. and i find it a valuable spell when there's nothing to heal and you can do some damage and regain some mana at the same time. it's basically a win-win situation nobody can lose. 4. Stats / Reforges / Gems / Professions This is a touchy subject for me. i've messed around so much with theorycrafting and the utmost best hastecaps reforges etc. till i came to the conclussion that you just have to be comfortable with what you have. if you have 5% haste and you can still top the raid and it won't cause any problems then go ahead you are free to do so. if you stack haste and ignore mastery go for it. I will link the reforges and ways i live by, but as i said healing isn't a cookie-cutter build, if you wanna perfect your healing game it's so important that you are comfortable with what you have. Also i think Spirit is by far the best secondary stat. I generally think getting passive mana to cast another spell is better to oom because you can cast faster bigger heals. Stat Priorities: Intellect > spirit > Haste (in firelands i feel i'm comfortable with the 12.5% haste cap) > Mastery > Haste > crit haste rating you need for 12.5% Gems: Gemming is pretty straightforward other than the Meta Gem. There's not much to change than the orange gems depending on what you build first. mastery or haste. Meta Socket: My pick is Ember Shadowspirit Diamond Which increases your total mana by 3% above the Burning shadowspirit diamond which increases crit healing by another 3%. As a shaman you generally don't build crit so the bonus becomes neglectible over the amount you actually crit. And when your mana pool becomes around 5k more mana that means 1 more greater healing wave which builds up to around 40/50k. Red Socket: Brilliant inferno ruby, mandatory 40 intellect. Yellow Socket: Artful ember topaz which grants 20 intellect and 20 mastery or reckless ember topaz which grants 20 intellect and 20 haste. choose one depending on what stat you lack at that moment. Blue Socket: Purified Demonseye which grants 20 intellect and 20 spirit. Professions: Professions are a huge stat-gain other than also the bonus of a steady gold income if you put in some work. 5. Quick guide giving a helping hand on some encounters I will go over some fights and some tips throughout the fights. Beth'tilac: beth'tilac is your general conserve mana in first phase so you can burn it all in the second phase kind've fight. on the first couple seconds there will be some consistent aoe healing to perform. try to let your raid group stack up and use a healing cooldown because for the first phase there's generally not a moment that where you actively want to use Spirit link. After that it's just a trick to manage your mana. don't be afraid to ask for external cooldowns like a boomkins innervate or a shadowpriests hymn of hope. and help your 2nd healer when he needs Mana Tide Totem even if you are full mana. If you managed correctly you should start 2nd phase with 80% or more mana. then it'll be a fight where you have to focus on hard aoe healing and managing your mana so you don't oom before the fight is over. at around 40% i call use bloodlust and i will suggest you pop your potion at arround 20%. and after that to just chain raid defensive cooldowns. Baleroc: Baleroc is a bit trickier. What you want to do optimaly is have a person take the first shard alone. at the first 10 stacks you will spam Healing Wave and riptide on cd. after 10 stacks you want to spam healing surge to get those stacks up as fast as you can. On decimation blade if i don't have enough stacks yet. i Pop a potion and make use of my Nature's swiftness. Also as a shaman you have to make sure you NEVER cast a heal on the tank right before decimation blade due to the bugged way ancestral vigour works with deci blade. If you get the timing correct your tank will never die again. Alysrazor: What you want to make sure of on alysrazor. Is that you on all times have an overview of the group you are healing. Where they are standing and if they are about to get roasted by a worm so you can try to save their asses. Getting a left-over feather helps alot with that. being able to cast while moving is mandatory on that fight. Save your spirit link for when you are stacking behind the meteors on heroic and someone isn't paying attention. In my group i managed to save alot of lives that way. Also dispelling the debuff instead of overhealing will also save you alot of mana in the long run. Rhyolith: This fight relies on RNG due to the volcanoes. so one try you might have nothing to heal, and the other you want to chain cooldowns because your raid is being virtually raped by fire. What i suggest is that you make ranged dps stack on you so it makes casting healing rain + chain heal alot easier. Smart use of Spirit Link makes the fight alot easier too. mainly surviving the first stomp in 2nd phase is a cakewalk with spirit link up. Shannox: Well. there's not much to add than not getting hit by ice traps. The healing to do on that fight is a joke if people do what they are supposed to. The only thing to heal is the tanks and rageface's target when he jumps on someone. Majordomo Staghelm: This is a how much can i burst heal over a certain time kind of fight. if you have 4 set firelands make good use of riptide. Use healing rain on cooldown and make use of your potion and raid cooldowns. Ragnaros: For such a giant of a fight the healing aspect of this fight is kind've dissapointing. Other than the intermissions there's not much to heal other than the tank. so i suggest if you are progressing it on heroic and you are lacking dps. You get a hybrid heal/dps spec so you can assist the group in the 3rd phase when you are dps pushing. 6. My view on being BiS for Firelands Headpiece: Crown of flame + 60 intellect/35 crit head enchant neck: Hearthstone of Rhyolith Shoulders: Erupting volcanic Mantle + 50 intellect/25haste Back: Wings of Flame + 50 intellect Chest: Erupting volcanic Tunic + 20 stats Wrists: Lava Line Wristguards + 50 intellect Main Hand: Ko'gun, Hammer of the firelord + Powertorrent Off-Hand: Ward of the Red widow + 40 intellect Gloves: erupting volcanic Handwraps + 65 Mastery or 50 haste Belt: Chain of the Demon Hunter Leggings: Erupting Volcanic Legwraps + 95 intellect/80 spirit boots: treads of implicit obedience + 50 mastery or 50 haste Ring 1: Crystal prison band Ring 2: Quicksilver signet of the avengers trinket 1: Foul Gift of the demonlord trinket 2: Darkmoon card: tsunami 7: conclusion If you read through this guide you can see that i left alot of things open to your own imagination. This guide is only a guideline not a way to live by. Healing is something you have to do on your own way. I've played with alot of healers over the year and each and everyone had their own tweaks, habits and ways to play. It's important you learn to seek ur own and perfect it. P.S. I Kind've ripped the images for proffesions and the haste cap from tauri-veins.
  6. it's 2017, but i'm still running in the 90's

    1. Vitcher


      so, how can u run internet&wow on old pc? :P

    2. Axelito
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    [H][EN][PvP] GIT GUT™

    as they say, pvp is for wankers but if you desperately want to. might aswell join these cucks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. obieke

    Subtlety Rogue 4.3.4 PVE Guide [ENG]

    Other than some spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It's a helpfull guide for people that want to play rogues but not the generic type/spec. as sub is often seen as the inferior spec, it's nice to see that people still play it and like to.
  9. obieke

    Fireland trash farming solo possible?

    It should be possible to do so if you can kite really good and your class allows you to. But if you want to do it for the trash drops. then i'll give you some advise, don't. it'll be faster to farm the gold yourself with quests or proffesions than you will ever see an epic drop.
  10. enhancement shaman > elemental shaman

    1. MVRCIN


      resto shaman > enh shaman

  11. obieke

    Where did you play before Atlantiss?

    Molten wow (wotlk realm) 2011-2013 Molten wow (cata realm) 2013 > 2016 Then did played on some multiple realms at the same time including atlantiss, warmane Wotlk and mop realms and even some tbc till around start 2017 and now full-time here.
  12. obieke

    4.3.4 Raid modes

    it'll cheese up the normal and heroic progression. because tanks will get 4 set bonuses and then ggezpz
  13. as PW:S isn't a heal but rather a damage mitigation effect aka Absorb, it probably shouldn't get increased by heal%+ effects. yet i'm not sure how it exactly works but Katholic might be right as he knows his shit.
  14. do you want to split the playerbase even more, because that's how you split the playerbase even more. if you want a custom channel for your fellow countrymen do so manually. there's a reason why it's added to the game.
  15. obieke

    [Answered] Normal Server

    PvE seems to be the main incentive of this server anyway due to it's reputation of supposedly being a horrible pvp server. So i'd like to see it be a PvE realm too.