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  1. You're on the Internet. What do you expect? Grow some balls and ignore them. Stop being a snowflake
  2. Do you consider English people? :3 Been after a 25man heroic guild
  3. You're missing the point
  4. Narilrave will tell you the same, if caught doing that act, then it will be dealt with accordingly. Which in this case, its a ban, but I don't know for how long. It is under exploit
  5. It is bannable
  6. Even if it's just the DS dungeons requiring FL NM? I just worry about the older content will be obsolete. Apart from casters who are after the legendary staff
  7. Always been a big believer that people have the right to do what they wish to do, so therefore hearing raidleaders not taking known PvP players is rather rediculous on their part. As long as you are aware of the tactics and the gear that you possess is viable then I don't see an issue taking someone who mainly enjoys PvP, its ludicrous. And what Clem said, PvP players are generally better at being more aware with their surroundings with quick reaction times. I just don't want these dungeons to ruin the incentive in doing old raids. As those who do not have the chance to obtain the legendary, or simply can't be bothered won't do the raid. Since EoT dungeon gives the same type of gear as FL NM
  8. Never knew slutmogs look so good on a tauren
  9. Hello all, lets have some fun shall we? Post your character's slutmog, one or more, entirely up to you Please refrain from posting your normal transmogs here, I will make another post for that Here is my Paladin and Shaman
  10. Hello all, lets have some fun shall we? Post your character's transmog, one or more, entirely up to you Please refrain from posting your slutmogs here, I will make another post for that Here is my wanna-be transmog for my priest, and my mog for my druid
  11. Its good its Blizzlike, however, this aspect in my opinion is utter crap
  12. May I also point out one thing about the DS dungeons. These dungeons were introduced to allow new players to catch up with everyone else and raid the same content before the next expansion was released. In this instance, a private server. We are not being rushed because of a new expansion release, so it would be rather silly to make older Cataclysm raids inferior. However that is my opinion It won't affect existing players as much because the majority of us have cleared FL NM by now, if not HC. Or if the team at Atlantiss wishes, they could make T11 clears required to step foot into T12. It is up to them at the end of the day, and I'd hate to see raids being made obsolete for those who are only after Ilvl. And if they did that, I'l have to do them on all characters lol xD But anything to keep old content alive, even though FL will be in the picture still, but only for those who wish to obtain the legendary staff.
  13. That suggestion is more counter productive more then anything
  14. Would make account selling more risk free if you're able to sell a character via the site
  15. Indeed, I agree, however its always best to look at options to try and preserve the content that the server has to offer. To only have T13 content worth running will make that drought come sooner then anticipated. Could always have the DS dungeons to require this such attunement, that way those who are unlucky with item drops are able to gear up as well with their comrades Thank you for your input, I do appreciate it I do urge the server to come forward and give their view onto this suggestion via poll or comments