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  1. I agree, people who just have full T6 for an example is rather boring, to me my personal opinion, a good transmog comes from combining different pieces of gear to making an amazing look
  2. Hehe I can just imagine having A vs H BG/Arena and H gets their arses whooped as they don't queue but A is able to have matches still
  3. Anyone can write a post slating someone unless they have evidence I'll pay no attention until some does come through such as a simple screens hot.
  4. Only troll here is you
  5. Awww shit the forum police squad is here /facepalm Freedom of speech dude. It's still at the top of the druid thread therefore many new potential Rdruids are reading this. So in fact it's quite helpful to say that Rdruids aren't crap. Begone troll
  6. I wish that was the case After linking 7/7hc with my firelord character who's legitimately done Rag hc several times they still pull the card of "You don't know how to play a Holy Paladin" despite having the capability of hauling a weak healer in normal :'(
  7. I am If I can't do FL HC on my paladin because people want 380 then I'm bored
  8. Don't tell Kaminya that the duration isn't 90 days
  9. Firelands was brand new content to me when I joined. Now I'm bored lawl
  10. Trust me.. Resto druids aren't shit..
  11. Hello guysI would just like to come on here and share with you all the guild that is perfect for just starting players.LEVIATHANIf you have just started playing or even in the middle of your adventures, Leviathan is a guild that is wanting to help you in your travels.Ranging from a large social community that you will be able to group with for dungeons and have a little banter with, gear to help you fight off those big grisly monsters. Being able to not get burdened with a load of Sh*t that you get along your way by having access to 16 slot bags and the most loved.. Gold, to allow you to buy your first mount as soon as you hit 20! And of course, the dreaded skill cost! In a way preventing people from begging in SW which does get rather annoying We are a very friendly guild that is open arms to everyone. Even if you're a young soul or a very wise being. Hehe Every member has the ability to invite all of his friends and even strangers.This guild isn't trying to buy its members, but to try and help them to the best of its ability to allow our population as a server grow and become more enjoyable for those who have just started out. We care about your experience on the server and we strive to improve the first impressions that you may have received. The guild was made very recently and we're leveling at a fast rate. We also hold fun events with cash prizes. If you're interested in joining, /w any member of the guild, and I will be on at least once a day to promote you out of the filter that prevents guild bank abuse. Hoping to see you soon!
  12. Though.. It allows you more time to yourself in terms of not having huge raiding schedules or have more time to raid with your alts. In a way it's a positive also. Depends how you take the change. It's confusing at first though
  13. You know what that reminds me of? People reserving all items from FL doing big mob farm. Those who join them are bloody idiots
  14. It does suck. But you won't have to endure it as much when max level. I always wave at horde unless they killed my alt
  15. Don't forget those large guilds are also used for personal gain Such as cash flow