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  1. Raid icons are getting better and better

    Use grid. No problems then
  2. Only Cata content is good on this server. Old raids don't have priority on the fix list
  3. It's time to say goodbye!

    Take care Paradoja Hoping you have a whale of a time playing TBC
  4. Faction Balance

    Damnit. Worth a try
  5. Finally. One more shift then a week off. This 6 days on and one day off in a week is so knackering.

    14 hour shifts mind you :o

    1. Kirraq


      this isnt facebook fam

    2. Kirraq


      jk post w/e you wish <3<3

    3. Aethyr


      People wonder where I am. WORKING lol

  6. Faction Balance

    If free faction changes do come. Please take Infected to your side. They're so god damn toxic
  7. Show Me Your Transmog

    I agree, people who just have full T6 for an example is rather boring, to me my personal opinion, a good transmog comes from combining different pieces of gear to making an amazing look
  8. Faction Balance

    Hehe I can just imagine having A vs H BG/Arena and H gets their arses whooped as they don't queue but A is able to have matches still
  9. dexamethazon the ninja looter

    Anyone can write a post slating someone unless they have evidence I'll pay no attention until some does come through such as a simple screens hot.
  10. Wish i'd known resto druids suck so bad.

    Only troll here is you
  11. Wish i'd known resto druids suck so bad.

    Awww shit the forum police squad is here /facepalm Freedom of speech dude. It's still at the top of the druid thread therefore many new potential Rdruids are reading this. So in fact it's quite helpful to say that Rdruids aren't crap. Begone troll
  12. Firelands

    I wish that was the case After linking 7/7hc with my firelord character who's legitimately done Rag hc several times they still pull the card of "You don't know how to play a Holy Paladin" despite having the capability of hauling a weak healer in normal :'(
  13. Firelands

    I am If I can't do FL HC on my paladin because people want 380 then I'm bored
  14. [Answered] Recruit a Friend used on multiple people

    Don't tell Kaminya that the duration isn't 90 days
  15. Firelands

    Firelands was brand new content to me when I joined. Now I'm bored lawl