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  1. Pretty much friendly for noobs yes. Welcome to Atlantiss tbh
  2. Its pretty much that the attackers always win horde/alliance doesnt matter, people just have no clue about how to defend . Other than that adding dmg to a faction is just completely not blizzlike therefor thats pretty much no...
  3. I would like to ask also to respect other players in this topic and in forum in general, do not go off topic and do not insult other players.
  4. I called it "not participating".
  5. Hello everyone, i wish to tell you that Atlantiss care for both pve and pvp including RBG, we do want our players to have a good expirience while playing both pve and pvp. For quiet a long time, we've been inspecting random battlegrounds and arenas, abusers hackers were and are being instantly punished. As for not participating in a RBG theres an option to report player afk(please note that in order to flag player as afk atleast arond 5 players have to report him within short time)in case player try to avoid being flagged as afk or all of sudden "isnt afk" or contantly repeating it we do get involved, after all you join a RBG in order to play and not afk and must consider other people who wish to play. In order to have a valid report you must take screenshots(best is record/video) and send it by PM or via ticket in game to us or by contacting us at .
  6. The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the author has been able to solve the problem. Because of this, the support topic has been closed and moved.If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  7. In order to be eligable for a loot player must be inside the range within range and have the same ID when the boss die and the loot gets picked up. If a player that isnt eligable for the loot joins the raid and the loot is changed from masterloot to ffa so that this player will loot the item/s and player is able to loot the item it means that is an exploit and if done on purpose thats a bug exploit and we do punish for that.
  8. Hi Nurinn, still have the same issue?
  9. Good idea about the tournament but -1 for quiting !
  10. Hello Slovenayan, we will speak in PM in order to keep your privacy.
  11. Hey Jarvis1 , thank you for contacting us, could you send me a PM please
  12. Did you /join world ?
  13. Welcome to Atlantiss and good luck !
  14. Hello this is not the place for ban appeals, please contact .