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  1. how long server off?

    shouldnt be long, nice avatar btw
  2. Probem with sending gold to friend

    They can be found at starting zones.
  3. Disconnected from server

    After speaking to the player in private he was able to solve his issue on his own therefore closing the topic.
  4. Disconnected from server

    Hello, can you provide us with a screenshot (without to show account information)? Also at the same time please tell me what's in the realmlist and at which point exactly it says "disconnected from the server" ?
  5. Hi

  6. Richiesta informazioni community

    Benvenuti all'atlantiss Skretch.
  7. [H] "anders hart" stellt sich vor.

    Willkommen bei Atlantis, Stipendiaten.
  8. Hello everyone!

    Hello KingThorn and welcome to Atlantiss !
  9. Open PVP

    This is a pvp server, however it is also possible to pve here.
  10. Power Torrent and Lightweave

    Its bad fps actually xd
  11. Saba7o

    salam alekom ya habibi
  12. Modelswaps

    There are addons that can make a tauren look like undead for example only to you and you dont need to pay 300 euro for that not even 1 euro its free... Cant remember the name though.
  13. Czat

    Hello Czesiek and welcome back, world is pretty much the main channel, you could ask for more in there !
  14. Developer Update #3

    Hint: alot of bans for wintrading incoming.