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  1. [Answered] Server rule Question.

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the author has been able to solve the problem. Because of this, the support topic has been closed and moved.If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  2. [Answered] Server rule Question.

    1:Was wondering what's this rule about? Answer - This is about bug abuse. 2:What actions in exactly what situations should i take? Answer - Don't bug abuse/take an advantage of bug, if you notice there's a bug you should avoid using it and report it to us. 3:What does it mean to bug with premeditation? Answer - the action of planning something (especially a crime) beforehand. the defendant said there was no planning or premeditation מילים נרדפות:(advance) planning, forethought, preplanning, (criminal) intent, malice aforethought .
  3. PvP season rewards

    Guys please stop posting off topic and insult other players so that we could solve this issue properly.
  4. PvP season rewards

    Are you aware that this rogue was already banned and was disqualified from any rewards? Him and his team which participated in the abuse were disqualified as you can see. So what's the issue now exactly?
  5. Thank you!!! <3 The new 4.3.4 HoT dungeons!!!

    Thank you.
  6. [H] "anders hart" stellt sich vor.

    Willkommen bei Atlantis, Stipendiaten.
  7. Kirraq > Kovex confirmed

    Closing topic due to the request of the author !
  8. Kirraq > Kovex confirmed

    I agree dont sell your account xd
  9. Kirraq > Kovex confirmed

    dont sell the account >.<
  10. 3v3 Arenas

    Hello Jabasta, yes there are quiet enough arena teams though since season just ended people dont do arenas yet
  11. [A] [PvE/PL] Immortal Legion

    I think all guilds should prepare for DS realm first :P
  12. "Auto-Complete Request"

    https://kotaku.com/years-later-blizzard-finally-fixes-obnoxious-world-of-1688099219 some bugs that took 4 years and more for blizzard to fix them. i also know of alot more bugs and bugs that still havent been fixed in blizzard. anyways an answer will be given after we will further discuss it among the team meanwhile closing the topic.
  13. "Auto-Complete Request"

    I've seen bugs existing for few years in blizzard.
  14. Hello Assukka, you don't have to create a new account or delete this one in order to recruit someone else and use the raf option.
  15. Hello everyone!

    Hello KingThorn and welcome to Atlantiss !