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  1. Tak, proszę czekać
  2. There are some problems with deleting characters from a perma banned account. Look at the bright side, people who care about specific character/s name will think twice before cheating =)
  3. Not possible i believe.
  4. Do you still have an issue GoldenSteven2006 ?
  5. perma ban will be lifted only if your ban was unjustified, and for that we have a place where players can complain. will it accomplish anything by sending a complain in your specific case? well if you deserved a ban theres no point to complain, the only one you should complain to is yourself if you deserved the ban .
  6. The server is up, sorry for the inconvenience. We are serious and do the best we can do so that our players will be able to enjoy 24/7 and have the best possible game experience. We respect every player in our community and treat them all as equal. Servers can sometimes go down for a short period of time and sometimes even a few hours, it happens even in blizzard, i had to wait more than 10 hours not just once in blizzard servers and not just in wow. Sorry if the answer was not good enough for you i am currently not at home and i am busy but i still wanted to give you an answer and not keep you waiting.
  7. Please be patient, server will be online as soon as possible.
  8. No you are not !
  9. Not that im the one who banned you but which hacker ask what kind of hack he got banned for ? xd
  10. hacker

    Our policy is very clear, if you get caught hacking you will be perma banned and you will NEVER be unbanned, and just for the record you cant get away with hacking in atlantiss, the moment you use it even if for 1 moment it means you got caught already xd.
  11. hacker

    Actually i havent logged for a while i am busy and dont have time to log in but gearte enraya and paradoja are doing a great job !
  12. hacker

    The banlist dont lie !
  13. First of all welcome to Atlantiss, and welcome to wow ! I agree with Paradoja, tailoring and enchanting is good for pve mage specialy if thats your first character as you can disenchant items you create by tailoring and it gives great bonuses to any dps caster in pve such as mage. I hope you will enjoy !
  14. Jpegx pls avoid using such language.