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  1. Narilrave

    Probem with sending gold to friend

    They can be found at starting zones.
  2. Narilrave

    Disconnected from server

    After speaking to the player in private he was able to solve his issue on his own therefore closing the topic.
  3. Narilrave

    Disconnected from server

    Hello, can you provide us with a screenshot (without to show account information)? Also at the same time please tell me what's in the realmlist and at which point exactly it says "disconnected from the server" ?
  4. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    22:03:13 [Quódan] whispers: 15 min que 22:03:14 [Quódan] whispers: bg 22:03:15 [Quódan] whispers: lovely perhaps its luck, i dont say that there isnt a problem, sure i agree there's a place to improve i just disagree on the change faction solution for many reasons .
  5. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    I just queued and waited 12 minutes :P
  6. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    Enabling crossfaction is easy thing to do the question if it should be done, like i said my opinion is that it shouldnt be, i encourage more people and staff members to give their opinions however i believe that we should find more effective solutions such as for example like quodan said assigning a pvp GM who will most of the time just focus on proper solutions to improve queue expirience for both bgs and arenas and plan some pvp events etc.
  7. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    Enabling crossfaction is easy.
  8. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    you guys just want to be with bloodyboo in the same team admit it :P
  9. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    That's a better solution already, but then again like i said trying to make custom ideas such as crossfaction is being in denial and ignoring the main issue which is population, in order to have more healthy amount of queues you need higher population and therefor i believe making some changes such as crossfactions are not only unblizzlike but might be only a temporary solution .
  10. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    Crossfaction is not a solution in my opinion, if you want to reduce queue time then i believe you should find other suggestions to come up with, but i believe that the only way to properly improve queue expirience/reduce queue time is to increase population or perhaps encourage people who usually dont queue to bgs to start doing so.
  11. Narilrave

    Crossfaction BG's

    So you tried to queue once (i dont know at what hour) and assumed that its always like that? I've queued recently couple of times and had instant queues or had to wait up to 10 minutes, was couple AVS (that were also full btw [40vs40]) and had couple wsg's BFG's and ABS. If you queue in the morning there's a good chance that it might take more time to get into queue, if you do that at normal hours it usually wont let you wait long. Also welcome to private servers where queue isnt always instant.
  12. Narilrave

    Who are you in real life?!

    So that's how a true leader looks like in real life .
  13. Narilrave

    GIT GUTs first RBG video

    My hero <3
  14. Narilrave

    Great day for PvP

    Finally some quality world pvp good work !
  15. Narilrave

    Who are you in real life?!

    So you are the dk that gangs me in rbgs all the time...